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Witnessing Your Daily Strip Down

Request: Whenever I come home and I know no one else is there I instinctively strip down (so I can put on comfys when I get to my room) could I have a reaction to each of the members seeing that? Like “he” came over to see if you wanted to do something so he let himself in to wait for you and you had no idea he was there and started to strip down? (If it’s not too much trouble, could you do a gif set with it?^_^) - got7-is-life

Mark: He’d be chillin on the couch waiting for you to come home and before he can even greet you, he’d be so surprised by your sudden strip down, not wanting to interrupt you while you’re in the zone ;)

Jaebum: He’d be fiddling on his phone just waiting for you and as soon as he heard the door open, he’d look up to find you starting to strip down and he’d hardly be able to contain himself.

Jackson: He’d be getting so impatient waiting for you he’d start counting the dots on the ceiling but when he looks over at the front door as you’re stripping, he’s suddenly not so impatient as he intently begins watching you.

Jinyoung: As soon as you start stripping down, he’d immediately start removing his clothes as well, thinking, “Damn, is it getting hot in here or is it just me?”

Youngjae: *typical blushing youngjae meltdown*

Bambam: Holy shit, is this really happening…

Yugyeom: *wills himself to be quiet so you can continue your little show uninterrupted*