♡ Its literally one more day until New Years so I just barely manage to get away with my last follow forever of the year! This year was a little different, I haven’t been as active here on my tumblr as i’ve been in the past. I’ve been very in and out simply because i’ve made my life outside of SM a priority (also its hella easier to be distracted on twitter during my work hours verses tumblr lol) HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have incredible moments online this year. I had plenty and now I need to appreciate all those who made that possible! 

So this list will mention the people who reached out to me, who fangirled with me, who gave me advice or invited me to be apart of their lives. In this list there will be the people who brightened up my dash with their presence, who encouraged positivity and kindness in the face of drama & negativity. In this list there will be people who i befriended on Twitter only to follow them here too. There will be people who don’t even know who I am but their talent and posts make my blog the fun amazing experience it is. To all of you, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for your presence in my life during this intense year. It was made all the better for having you in it. Let us hope 2017 has better things in store. I wish you all the best! Lets continue to be friends yes? Love, Alejandra 

a special thanks to my amazing RL bff Kell (@goreisforgirls) who made this gorgeous gifset for me. Like literally just right now, in less then an hour, BLESS YOU BESTIE!!!! They are gorgeous and I love them ❤

♛ wifeys & besties : talk about being near and dear to my heart, these girls are so remarkable and often times make me feel so special and loved, I know i can talk & fangirl with you guys about anything. Thank you for being you

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my lovelies:

I adore each and everyone of these blogs, you all make my dash so much brighter, so much better. So many of you are LOADS more talented than I could ever wish to be and I’m constantly in awe with all of what your passion can create. Thank you for being so sweet and a huuuge thanks & kisses to all my mutuals here, I love ya!

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quality blogs
would recommend that you follow them all really.

p.s: i’m like a hundred percent sure that i forgot some blogs, due to url changes and other such things! I’m so sorry! I love you guys dearly!


Jon Moxley vs Deja Vu Dog Collar Match

Credit to Kent Bang  on You Tube. 

sabrina1982 alisharay83 cravinsomeraven — Look what I found On You Tube!! 

alisharay83  asked:


3. Song

I have a lot of songs that I love, it usually changes every so often, but I guess right now the song I enjoy hearing the most is this


8. Candy


they are my heaven

10. Quote

Answered this before but I’ll add another quote

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.  Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”  

- Oscar Wilde.

18. Actress 

I already said NINA DOBREV in a previous post but I think I’ll also add CHLOE BENNETT from Agents of SHIELD just because she really reminds me of myself LOL

19. Actor

There are three that’s rather tied at this point


this crazy man just means a lot to me, though I am still not inclined to forgive him for leaving him stuck in a mud puddle damn him!


a true angel and inspiration and he gave me a lot of smiles growing up


sweet gentle man who is so kind, always greets me with a hug when we meet up, and oh so funny!

25. Band 


I just really love their songs, I love Ryan Tedder’s voice and I love that even in their live performance they always try to match the sound of their album version, and oh god the cello parts - I’m a violin player so I’m a bit biased to the strings