What have we learned from Javi’s takeover

  • Javier was a fan of the show before joining the cast
  • Lorenzo Rey is going to be some sort of nemesis to Magnus
  • Javier thinks we’ll love his charchter or love to hate him
  • Lorenzo’s from Spain and “he’s been voted…” He’s really good at magic 👀
  • Most of Javier’s scenes are with Harry
  • Lorenzo has some funny scenes, but Javi won’t tell with whom
  • We may hear some Spanish
  • Lorenzo’s going to make things interesting
  • Lorenzo’s not from the books
  • Javier’s favorite thing about the cast is that they are all loveble
  • The cast has pranked him
  • He’s doing Hamilton at the same time as Shadowhunters
  • Tip for actors: allow your journey to be your own
  • The cast was nervous to do the Hamilton videos with Javier
  • Javier thinks he’s Gryffindor
  • Most people from the cast have seen Hamilton
  • Javi was super excited to be on set and he wanted to work with the whole cast
  • Lorenzo is “worth waiting for”
  • Javier’s favorite episode was season 2 finale
  • Some of the Hamilton cast watches the show and have read the books
  • Javier did some cool stunts
  • Javi didn’t read the books
  • And he thanked for all the love and support

Again thanks to @shadowhuntersmarvel for helping me again to sort this out ❤

anonymous asked:

Why would a writer need personal experience/have talked to someone with experience to write about certain issues? I doubt that most writers have experience with the stuff they write about, e.g genocide, murder, kidnapping or something like that. As long as they treat the subject with the necessary respect I don’t think personal experience is important. I doubt we would have gotten some of the great literature we have if writers were limited personal experience 🤔

Yes, you don’t need experience with genocide, murder, etc to write about it, but when it comes to stories where the primary focus is on the mental health of a person you need to actually understand what you’re dealing with. That either means talking with people who have had X issue or doing outside research, because the people who don’t typically don’t end up writing the topic with respect. A lot of fics dealing with issues of EDs, rape, mental health either play into stereotypes or essentially butcher the topic.

Mental health is a very fine line and if you don’t do research, it’s going to show and it’s going to seem offensive. Writing about murder and writing about depression/EDs/etc are very different things. In one situation, you have one person hurting another, and in the other it’s an entirely internal conflict. Most people don’t need to research murder because it’s fairly straight forward. However, people should be doing research on mental health before trying to write about it.

Why is talking to people and doing research important? Because when it comes to eating disorders (which was my main focus), everyone likes to write about the pretty high school girl that starves herself because she’s sad because X,Y,Z. Usually a decently attractive male somehow helps her through this and she discovers she’s beautiful no matter what, blah, blah, blah. No one ever writes about the binge eating, or the self induced vomiting. No one mentions the hair loss, the shaking hands, or the black outs because you’ve become anemic.

People don’t want to talk about the “ugly” parts of eating disorders. And that is the most insulting thing that comes with people not knowing what the hell they’re writing about.

I feel like you didn’t actually read any of my posts besides the snarky first one I made. I explicitly stated that I’m fed up with the people who don’t do research and it shows the writing.

Also, most “great literature” about war was written by old white men that were war veterans themselves.

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So I saw that you started Tokyo Ghoul and you liked the idea of a fairy tail au. Do you have any ideas about which ft character should portay which tg character ? And also what do you think about the anime and the story as a whole? :)

I don’t do the whole X=Y character thing, but Lucy, Natsu, Gajeel, Laxus, Makarov, Mirajane,Elfman, and a few others are ghouls.

Erza and Gray are both members of the CCG!

So far I’m really enjoying the anime! Though, I think S2 is a little weird? Which is understandable considering it’s an anime only arc.

Shadowhunters NYCC Panel

Just a few things from the panel

 ( @alecbaene , @immortal-husbands )

  • Isaiah says that at the beginning of s3, Luke is suffereing from “one hell of a hangover”
  • After Ollie confronts Luke about being a werewolf, his protectiveness over the pack shows even more, especially with Maia.
  • Alisha said that Simon’s deal with the Seelie Queen will have a negative effect on his relationship with Maia. “She’s kind of obsessed with him.”
  • Alisha has more seasons with the other girls in s3
  • Matt is concerned for Alec, as Alec’s stress levels are growing higher, which is an issue because its just at a time where he is reaching the more complex parts of his relationship with Magnus.
  • The mortality/immortality issue will be explored
  • Kat is excited for the stunts, especially because theyve just filmed their first ever dual wire stunt
  • Izzy is the new weapons master at the NY institute
  • “Jace is a workaholic”
  • Lilth will be played by Ana Hopkins. She appears in the first few episodes.
  • Javier Munoz, from the broadway show Hamilton, will be joining the cast, as an adversary of Magnus Bane
  • Lilth is coming for Jace because he hurt Sebastian. Her blood runs through Sebastians veins and he is as good as her son
  • S3 will air on April 3rd
  • Alisha said that she loves how the realtionships are expanded upon and develop more fthan what is in  the books
  • Jordan will appear, but his story line will be different than in the books
  • If Matt were to give advice to Alec he’d tell him to “Relax and think things through.” 
  • Alisha would tell Maia all about forgiveness.
  • Matt and ALisha were discussing werewolf/vampire “relations” and how super speed can be handy ;)
  • Kat would tell Clary to “Trust her gut”
  • Isaiah would tell Luke to “buy some earmuffs and blindfolds because he doesnt want to see what goes on in that boathouse.”
  • We’ll get to see more of Luke’s backstory and the trauma of going form being a shadowhunter to a werewolf.
  • Cleophas will return
  • Matt gave his love is love shirt to a fan, he also signed it, thn the cast all came down to hug the fan
  • Alec’s individual journey will be explored. He starts off as having a lot of political capital and goes through his journey in the clave….and thats that
  • Isaiah said the fandom is like, “you guys are like a warm fuzzy blanket in front of a fire”