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Alisha Wainwright and Isaiah Mustafa talk Shadowhunters at NYCC 2017

I’ve seen a lot of excitement and expectations in Maia becoming a S3 regular. I love Maia and while I’m also ecstatic that she’s going to be a series regular I think some people are setting their expectations too high in regards to her becoming a series regular.

Being a series regular means you’ll be in all (or almost all) episodes in a season. It means the actor playing the character will be given a pay raise. It is a definite promotion for Alisha and it does mean we’ll be getting more screen time with Maia. It also means Maia will finally have a storyline outside of interacting with the other series regulars. Before Maia has almost always had a scene with either Simon, Luke or Jace. With Jordan coming in in S3 she’ll have her storyline with him and other separate storylines that may not connect or involve the other series regulars.

However (you can correct me if I’m wrong, but this is how I understand it) being a series regular doesn’t mean Maia will be a main character. In other shows I’ve seen in the past there seems to be a difference between being a main character and a series regular. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts of people excited to see Maia in the intro, having Maia in season 3 photos with the rest of the cast and season 3 photos of her by herself. And while it’s possible this could all happen I also see there being a chance that this won’t happen. Actually most likely the intro will remain the same as the S2 intro.

I just want people’s expectations to not be set so high so they’re disappointed come Season 3 promotional footage being released. It’s just best to manage your expectations so you’re not disappointed.

Yes, Maia will be in every (or almost every) episode. Yes, she will have storylines of her own with those outside the main cast. But I think it should be worthy of note that they said she’s going to be a series regular and not specifically saying she would be a member of the main cast. Maybe I’ll be completely wrong, and I honestly hope I am, and Maia is featured as of equal importance with the main seven (though Clary, Jace and Simon definitely are most heavily featured out of the main seven), but again I’m just saying this so people are not upset if when Season 3 comes along Alisha is not featured in main cast interviews, in the intro, or promotional cast photos. And I don’t want people expecting her to be getting the same amount of screentime as Clary, Jace or Simon.

Tldr; While Maia will be a series regular in S3 it’s best to manage expectations of how much she is featured in promotional material and how much additional screentime she’ll receive on the show to avoid future disappointment. I may be wrong and she’ll be just as strongly featured as the main cast, but it’s best not to set expectations too high.


I really love the last episode of TOZX season 1 (⑉꒦ິ^꒦ິ⑉) My tears burst out when Alisha smiled and Sorali are soooooooooooo precious ⁽⁽◞(༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ=͟͟͞͞ ༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ)◟⁾⁾⁽⁽◞(༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ=͟͟͞͞ ༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ)◟⁾⁾⁽⁽◞(༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ=͟͟͞͞ ༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ)◟⁾⁾⁽⁽◞(༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ=͟͟͞͞ ༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ)◟⁾⁾⁽⁽◞(༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ=͟͟͞͞ ༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ)◟⁾⁾ I really love them ((cries Looking forward to the second season in 2017!!! (⸝⸝⸝ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ⌑ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀⸝⸝⸝)

So, I am watching Alisha’s live chat from yesterday and did she really just said “… how the love triangles unfold”? As in plural? 

I am scared for the actual worst now. Please, no…

masculinity is so fragile
  • man: *enters my makeup department* hey i'm looking for this mascara
  • me: okay
  • man: *shows me empty tube* it's this one but i don't know where to look for it because i am never in this department
  • me: okay—
  • man: it's not for me or anything. and i don't know anything about makeup. so i need some help
  • me: okay it's this way—
  • man: it's for my girlfriend haha not me
  • me: okay
  • man: i don't wear makeup haha
  • me:
  • man: in case you thought that. i don't
  • me: okay

Listen, I know fake marriage is a fantastic fic trope, they’re secretly in love and they have to hide it while pretending to be pretending to be in love.


Platonic fake marriages with Rose. Mikleo getting hit on by some jerk so Rose pretends to be his wife. Sorry and Rose wondering why every innkeeper assumes they want one bedroom, but then realizing they can get couples discounts on stuff. Some rude dude talking to Alisha and she feels she has to be nice to him, Rose says screw that and walks in pretending to be her girlfriend just to scandalize this idiot and get him to leave.

For some reason I love this dearly. AU where Rose has been fake married to everyone on the journey for some reason or another.

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what pisses me off is the writers are probably going to use maia to make more clace drama 🙄 but the jaia scene was amazing & i really hope they stay together for a while

ok so i’m not really in the fandom anymore i think i stopped during the first few episodes of season 2 but i completely agree with you. theres no way the writers are going to drop clace for jacemaia because it would start ww3. but i did a little research just to answer this ask to the best of my abilities. 

so it turns out that the writers room actually likes jacemaia? jaia? idk what you guys are calling it. but dom and alisha apparently had so much chemistry (i checked out a few scenes and my god they’re so good together) that the writers wanted to see where it went. i doubt its going to go any farther bc the fandom loves clace way too much.

but personally i don’t care for clace. its pretty boring to me, especially after seeing that jacemaia scene. (dom and kat just… don’t have a lot of chemistry). shadowhunters would be a lot more interesting if jacemaia was endgame because i can see a lot of development for them especially since its literally enemies to friends to lovers and thats the best trope out there. 

jacemaia, sizzy, and malec are the best ships on shadowhunters right now and i don’t even have to watch it to know those are the facts. dom and alisha have so much chemistry its a shame the writers are so focused on trying to be like the books they don’t even care about acting or plot (which is one of the reasons i stopped watching).

i probably wont catch up for jacemaia i just watched 213 and it was the best episode like wow, props to whoever wrote it. but i wont catch up for it because i know clace is going to be endgame there’s just no way the writers would give up on it. 

but the way alisha talked about it in her interview she actually seemed to like it and i guess?? dom likes it too i mean their acting is just too good for both of them not to like the concept of jacemaia/jaia and that made the writers like it so i mean there’s always a possibility, but we all know they would never make a healthy interracial abusive surviving couple the main ship of a show when they have a nice white cishet ship waiting for them at the end of the finish line.

@pasdechat and I randomly did a collab about Ian giving Alisha some archery lessons

Alisha is a quick learner, easily following Ian’s instructions to the letter.  She carefully adjusts her stance before raising the bow and taking aim.  The arrow just barely misses the mark and Ian cannot help but feel impressed at how far she has come in such a short time.

“I knew you could do it, Princess!”  Ian’s eyes shine and she claps in excitement as she approaches Alisha’s side.  

“Perhaps.” Alisha rests the bow against her leg, staring at target with a pensive expression.  “Though I believe I can do much better.”

“I’m sure you can do anything you set your mind to!  Let me try showing you, maybe that will help.”  Ian is moving before she realizes it, hands pressing against Alisha’s hips until she is satisfied.  She motions for Alisha to raise the bow, stepping behind her and helping her to bring the arrow into position.  Her mind catches up with her actions and Ian suddenly realizes just how close they are.  And how nice it feels to hold the princess in her arms.  Clearing her throat and swallowing down the nervous feeling, Ian takes a steadying breath.  She assists Alisha in notching the arrow, fingers lingering slightly longer than necessary.  “Now try.”

Alisha takes a moment to study the target in front of her before letting the arrow loose.  This time, the arrow finds its mark without issue but Ian barely notices as Alisha turns to her with a brilliant smile.  “Thank you, Ian, you are a wonderful teacher.”

A blush rises along Ian’s cheeks and she giggles, trying to brush off the compliment.  “It was nothing.”

Alisha ignores her comment, setting the bow aside before enveloping Ian in a hug.  “Still, I thank you for your patience.”

All coherent thought escapes and Ian fidgets, unsure of just where to place her hands.  She settles for hesitantly placing them on Alisha’s back, allowing herself a moment of indulgence as she returns the gesture.  “Anything for you, Princess.”


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