alisha talks

One time the waiter came back to our table and looks at me and goes, “I’m sorry miss, but what did you want to drink? I forgot.” Except I forgot too so I just stared at him for like a minute and a half trying to remember until my dad looks at me and says, “Water. Now stop giving the poor man a death glare.” and then I realized that the waiter was about to wet himself because my thinking/resting face looks like murder.

  • character:[has the same height, personality type, birthday, eye colour, etc. as me]

today i’ve eaten:

  • 2 slices of toast with butter and strawberry spread
  • dark chocolate almonds
  • green tea
  • smoothie: avocado, cocoa, sugar, soy milk, frozen berry mix 

i slept in until two bc depression things, but now i feel okay. it’s too hot to work out outside, but i’ll probably do some weight lifting today

my goals are: 

  • to reach a healthy weight of about 150-160 pounds
  • eat vegan!!!
  • run a 5k (we’ll work on a 10k later)
  • more yoga!!! more ballet!!
  • weight lifting!!!

that’s my fitness goals and my goals for recovery are:

  • good sleeping schedule
  • accomplish at least THREE significant things a day (can be anything that requires a little effort, really)
  • practice piano, organ and voice
  • save money and be a wise spender
  • ummm??
  • organize everything i own, and also organize my music blog
Putting up a friends page!

Hey, if we are mutuals and you want to be on my friendlist just send me an ask with your name and what/who you want to be! c: 
I wanted to do something like that for ages but I never had time so,,

It will be a picture of whatever you choose to resemble you and a link to your blog !

ok so i want my shopping list to include:

  • avocados
  • fruits (especially peaches, since they are in season)
  • vegetables of any kind
  • beans and stuff
  • lentils
  • hummus
  • carrots
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • salads
  • whole grain breads
  • pita bread
  • ??? i don’t know 
  • more cocoa and organic sugar
  • frozen berries for my staple meals
  • pancake mix for pumpkin pancakes

2,000 calorie diet would include something like this stuff involved, and maybe some grilled chicken if i get too sick from no protein

i wonder if anyone sees me on their dash and gets all excited and goes “woah it’s them….. i can’t believe it!!!” and want to talk to me but think i’m too cool or something like i wonder if i’m anyone’s tumblr crush that they’re scared to approach

futomato asked:

You're totally 100% right. Nobody has ever attempted job reform. It's not like over the 20th century there were countless amounts of Women Equality acts put into power by, gee, males, because, gee, before that women weren't allowed in politics. Women weren't allowed to work whatsoever and to say men did nothing to help this is incredibly offensive. But, knowing White Knight Warriors, you're going to say that white cis males can never be offended. Have a good day, fucker.

This is so boring can you go away