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And the bad week continues. One of my coworkers apparently told my boss I’m not doing my job. 

I work with exactly two people. One girl has missed her shift twice because she couldn’t make it, but hardly anyone ever comes in then anyway and she’s cool, I like her. The other girl has missed a ton of shifts as well, and for most of those times I’ve been left in there alone/had to open the center late. 

If I’m not going up to greet people first, it’s probably because you’ve been missing shifts and I’ve had to cover it for both of us. You know, just a thought.

One of the girls I work with already doesn’t like me. I don’t know what I did to her, but she just doesn’t like me. She doesn’t talk to me. Doesn’t smile. Nothing. It’s been like that since day one and I have no idea what the hell I did. I’m guessing she’s the one that talked to my boss, considering I work ¾ shifts with her. That, or it was the coworker that yelled at me last week, and that was a one time thing

Could they have not just talked to me themselves? Or brought it to the student manager? Really??? You had to go straight to the boss so that he could give me a stern talking to?

I like where I work. I like helping the people that come in. Absolutely don’t like who I work with right now. Hopefully, I can avoid have shifts with them next semester.


I really love the last episode of TOZX season 1 (⑉꒦ິ^꒦ິ⑉) My tears burst out when Alisha smiled and Sorali are soooooooooooo precious ⁽⁽◞(༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ=͟͟͞͞ ༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ)◟⁾⁾⁽⁽◞(༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ=͟͟͞͞ ༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ)◟⁾⁾⁽⁽◞(༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ=͟͟͞͞ ༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ)◟⁾⁾⁽⁽◞(༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ=͟͟͞͞ ༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ)◟⁾⁾⁽⁽◞(༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ=͟͟͞͞ ༎ຶᴗ̵̍༎ຶ)◟⁾⁾ I really love them ((cries Looking forward to the second season in 2017!!! (⸝⸝⸝ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ⌑ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀⸝⸝⸝)

Nobody is talking about this? Like, the powerful meaning in this part? She’s a princess, but not any princess, she’s a warrior princess.

A princess who was willing to give her life to save her people, to bring the peace without hurting any one but herself.

Her clothes are stained in blood, in her blood. Because she’s so willing to sacrifice herself to others, to save others. Even if the person who hurted her, stabbed her for the back.

She’s alive, because she’s that strong. Because she’s a warrior, a woman strong enough to save her people, even if that costs her life.

She’s was in the edge of death, and she asked if the war has been stopped, because that person is Alisha.

She’s a warrior with a pure heart made of gold.

I love Alisha so much, you don’t understand.

Real talk time. Don’t trust anyone that makes callout posts. Not big name blogs. Not popular fandom blogs. Not even your fandom friends. Frankly, most tumblr callout posts are BS and only meant to slander people.

People on this site know what callout posts can do. Callout posts are practically an invitation for people to harass someone else, mostly over differing opinions. People who make callout posts can swear up and down that they had good intentions or that they “can’t control what their followers do” but they knew damn well that they had followers that would take things too far. They knew damn well that things would spread and that the other person would be attacked for it. If they try to tell you they “didn’t know” it would happen, they’re a goddamn liar.

Don’t trust people that make callout posts. If you disagree with someone either just fcking talk to them like an adult or if you really feel the need vague about it. Don’t bring names into it. Don’t link them in a post. Just vague about. Talk to them. Ignore them. Block them.

In the long run, whatever they said is not going to have a lasting impact on you. Don’t fucking call them out for something stupid and insignificant when you know they’re going to be attacked for it. Maybe for a few days, maybe for months. 

Don’t trust people that make call out posts.

(some exceptions may apply. use common sense people)

Kat was immediately, she pulled me into a big hug and was just asking me a bunch of questions about how was my flight, how were my fittings, and things like that. It’s just so great. And I think, from that, and the months of being out here and working with her, It just made me feel really […] great.
—  Alisha Wainwright talks about her first time on set with Kat (Clary Fray) on season 2 of shadowhunters
He’s a wonderful little goof. I love the guy. He’s absolutely great. He makes everybody laugh, he’s so warm, he’s very generous, and he makes me feel super comfortable on set. I’m very very happy to work with him.
—  Alisha Wainwright talks about working with Alberto Rosende (Simon Lewis) on season 2 of Shadowhunters
I love that this show involves so many layers to social questions that people have, and making sure that everyone feels included, and that the story-line isn’t just about the fact that two men really care for each other. It goes beyond that. There is a deep connection, and I think that when stories explore more than just the taboo of having two men being in love on the show, and they make it more than just that, I fully support it. I think Malec is right.
—  Alisha Wainwright talks about Malec in season 2 of Shadowhunters
  • character: [has the same height, personality type, birthday, eye colour, etc. as me]
Friends AU: The One with the Closet Movie Junkie

So I’ve decided to get off my lazy behind and start a new mini-series of oneshots based on the old TV show that goes along with the title^. It’ll be a very laid back sort of thing, updated once every few weeks or so as more of a collection of writing warm-ups than anything. but whatever the case, I hope you all enjoy<3 

Natsu scoffed as he came across yet another stack of DVD’s that Gray had stuffed into the far corner of their entertainment center. The pink-haired man had spent the last half hour that he’d been awake creating a pile as he sifted through the assortment of titles, wondering when it would be the best time to contact that old show about hoarders that Levy had been addicted to back in high school.

Gray was currently out–practically living in his studio now that he was close to finishing up his latest sculpture–or else Natsu wouldn’t have dared go through his roommate’s ever-growing collection.

The young man snorted to himself as he sat cross-legged on their apartment floor, thinking that Gray was probably lying about the extra studio time. The loser was probably out buying more DVDs or raiding the dumpster of some rundown BlockBuster.

He paused only when there was a knock on the door.

“Come on in,” he called out, not bothering to get up and answer the door considering it could only be a handful of people knocking so early.

That, and because he was just feeling pretty lazy.

Part of him was actual hoping that it would be Gray at the door, who would probably flip his shit if he knew Natsu had come across his small stack of chick-flicks from the 90’s, such as Clueless and Emma–the best part was they weren’t exactly in mint condition either. Gray had watched the shit out of Clueless.

He heard the front door opening and his shoulders slumped briefly when he registered the sound of boots click-clacking over the tile. Definitely not his roommate, which would mean-

“Hey, Juvia.” He called over his shoulder, not bothering to check if he was right or not. Levy didn’t wear boots, and it was too early for Lucy to be ready for anything, which left only the dark blue-headed girl.

“Good morning, Natsu.” There was a rattling behind him as Juvia began to help herself in the kitchen, the rattling soon followed by a soft hiss as she began the coffee pot. “Is Gray here?”

“Nah,” Natsu shook his head, still concentrating as he went through the DVD’s. He had initially just wanted something to watch after being disappointed with what Netflix had to offer, but when he had discovered just how much of a movie junkie Gray was, he’d become intrigued.

He’d known the asshole since he was six, back when the only ice sculpting his friend was capable of was what came from an ice tray–though, Natsu had to admit that the batman ice cubes had been pretty cool back then…

They had both since moved on to greater things. Their ice was now in the shape of a shark fin, and floated to the top of whatever beverage like an actual shark would which was way cooler than any bat signal.

Did he mention they were both in their twenties?

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One time the waiter came back to our table and looks at me and goes, “I’m sorry miss, but what did you want to drink? I forgot.” Except I forgot too so I just stared at him for like a minute and a half trying to remember until my dad looks at me and says, “Water. Now stop giving the poor man a death glare.” and then I realized that the waiter was about to wet himself because my thinking/resting face looks like murder.