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I am so sad bc i came to the realization that NozoNicoEli don’t have their parents or are missing one like!!! Nico??? She doesn’t have a dad. Nozomi??? Her parents left her in a tiny apartment all alone. Eli and Alisa??? Who knows where the fuck their parents are they probably left them in an apartment too and went back to Russia who knows Eli and Alisa’s grandma is probably DEAD too why not just ruin them even more will you, you horrible people

Haikyuu 199 (spoilers)



  • I’m Kuroo. Kuroo is me. I’m with you Shibayama ! Don’t let biting you by venemous snake !

  • ALISA ! I’m so in love with your cuteness. Please, don’t stop. You cutie pie.

  • LOOK AT THEM. If you say Kuroo doesn’t care about his team, I WILL PUNCH YOU WITH THIS PICTURE !
Iwaoi and Levyaku Fic Recommendations

Alrighty! So I had a request to do some fic recommendations and I though, why not this is all I do anyway, So let’s get started!

(A lot of these writers have tumblrs mentioned in the story not so be sure to check them out (ノ*゜▽゜*)! All of them are on AO3!)

Some NSFW and most fics have background pairs listed in the tags


Conquering the Great King by SuggestiveScribe

Iwaizumi blinked his gaze over to Oikawa, “Last time was supposed to be a one time thing,” he said, voice low, lacking some conviction.

Oikawa’s lips twitched into a smirk and he brought them hovering just over Iwaizumi’s, “One time thing, Two time thing, what’s it matter as long as it’s not a Relationship thing?”

Love Me Like You Do by crossbelladonna

Iwaizumi’s family line is cursed to die a year after they fall in love. Admittedly, he knows falling for his childhood friend may be a mistake. But he did and he passed and Death got what he wants that is until Oikawa makes a trade—his memories for Iwaizumi’s life.

Against All Odds by SharkbairSekki

Being a young parent is not easy, and newly-single fathers Daichi, Oikawa, Bokuto and Kuroo come to learn this the hard way through the daily challenges of raising children on their own. However, all is not hopeless, and when the four of them meet in a support group program, they will come to learn that together, they can get through anything, and fight despite the odds stacked against them.

A mostly light-hearted story about how even single parenthood is just another bump in the road if you have the right people around you to pick you up when you fall.

What Are the Chances? by jellyfish_kuchen

(main Bokuaka and background Iwaoi)

Akaashi Keiji is a figure skater, and has been skating since he was a child. However, due to family issues, he’s often tasked with taking care of his adorable nephew, Shouyou, and doesn’t really see himself as one that has the time or desire for relationships. But when Shouyou runs off and leads him to a hockey player named Bokuto Koutarou, for some reason his heart stops and he can’t keep himself from thinking about him.
Unfortunately, as he and Bokuto get closer, things get more and more complicated between Akaashi and his family. 

Electric Feel by falchion

“Hey there,” Iwaizumi said, giving Oikawa a wry smile. “I’m your new god.”

There were two things Oikawa could tell about this man at a glance. One, that this ‘Iwaizumi’ guy was an asshole, and that two, he wasn’t going to hide that fact. Feeling himself grow hot at the condescending tone this man was taking with him, Oikawa shot him a steely look before lowering himself into a half-assed bow. “I’m Oikawa Tooru, I’m looking forward to working together with you.”


–IwaOi model!AU, in which Oikawa is a model and Iwaizumi is his overbearing manager.

Try Me by princessbelle212 and thecaitsmeow

(minor non-con and some ushioi at one point but 100% Iwaoi)

Oikawa and Iwaizumi are college roommates. Oikawa sleeps his way through the entire university to make Iwaizumi jealous, but Iwaizumi has vast amounts of patience. How far does Oikawa have to push him before enough is enough, and they both finally get what they want?

The Price of Life by All_My_Characters_Are_Dead

Oikawa, a high-ranking vampire, trespasses onto human territory to watch them, only to run into vampire hunters, one of which is none other than the leader of a particularly deadly group, Iwaizumi.

You’re Looking Like You Fell in Love Tonight by anyadisee
 “So, let me see if I understood this correctly,” Hajime says, slow and careful like he’s still waiting for some kind of punchline.

“You want me to help Oikawa Tooru, a guy I barely know, because your boyfriend owes him a favor?”

“And you owe me a favor,” Hanamaki adds helpfully.

“That doesn’t even make any sense!”“Sure it does.” Hanamaki’s smile widens. “Issei and I are practically the same person by now, anyway, so whatever favor you owe me, you also owe him. And by repaying me, you are repaying him, and in turn he is repaying Oikawa. Think of it as, like, the transitive property of equality. A equals B equals C. A equals C.”

“I know what the transitive property of equality is,” Hajime snaps.

[in which iwaizumi pretends to be oikawa’s boyfriend.]

Do You Love Me? by loudjm

Iwaizumi Hajime and Oikawa Tooru have been dancing around each other’s feelings for a long time now. Bokuto Koutarou spills coffee on Akaashi Keiji and falls in love at first sight. And Kuroo Tetsurou is absolutely smitten with his longtime boyfriend, Kozume Kenma.

A story in which Kuroo decides to meddle in his friends’ affairs, Bokuto tries to court Akaashi, and Iwaizumi and Oikawa have communication problems.

Patterns by e1even


There were things they always came back to. Some of those things were each other.
Or, Oikawa gets hit by an early heat, Iwaizumi carries him home. Something changes for the both of them.

Heart(less) and Soul(full) by subverx

In which Oikawa is a demon whose job is contracting humans for their souls, and his next victim is Iwaizumi. Somehow, what is supposed to be a quick case turns into a two year long affair – and then some.                                              


Second Choice by villager_bxx

Things being as they are right now Lev can see he has two options. Either fess up and tell Yaku the truth, accepting the consequences and hopefully be able to gain his forgiveness or keep up the act Lev’s found himself cornered into and explain to Alisa why he needs to borrow her clothes.

Lost In Sin by BlackSourStar

“On a dark December night, a body slammed to the ground with such force that everything went black. In that moment he forgot what he was doing, forgot why he had stood there in the first place. He could just feel his arm, he wasn’t even sure which arm but it was burning like there was a fire disintegrating his entire body and soul. He passed out, no longer to sustain the pain that he felt,”

Where Yaku gets hurt and shatters his arms, but only never being able to play volleyball again, something else arises from a horrid situation. The monster that was born from such attack.

Touch by Mysecretfanmoments

After a twisted ankle and an uncomfortable realization, Yaku starts to see a different side of Lev—one he doesn’t want to kick at all. (Or, well… not often.)

Ode to Yaku-san by Fx_Vixen

While in the middle of writing a poem for his English class, Lev realizes his massive crush on Yaku-san.

You can see where this is going…

All the Time by sad_machine

Yaku’s fingers interlaced behind Lev’s neck, and he pulled Lev down until their lips were a few inches apart. With what little space they had between them, Lev managed to mumble out one last apology.


Whew! My Fingers hurt (There is like no long chaptered Levyaku ; - ;!) I hope you enjoyed some of my fic recommendations~ ( ´∀`)

Why do people not portray Keith and Hunk’s friendship more?? Its such a GOOD thing

The best thing about Pidge’s conflicts about leaving voltron is that its such a real thing someone would deal with, choosing between unknown others and your own family. No one is never selfish, and its not a made up idea that others cant see the justification behind it.

Bright  - Nozoeli Mermaid AU

Dedicated to my hardworking beta @pasdechat who has long suffered over Daemon au but now is Free. Thank you!

Summary: Some truths that Nozomi has always known: The sun rises in the East, the merfolk live alone, and gifts have a price. Enter Eli.
Word Count: 10625

Every night for the week up until Ayase Eli got on the boat, it rained like Heaven was falling and slick, expanding clouds draped the world in a shimmering grey.

The moment she puts her shoe on the gangplank, her first step into her consigned fate, the moon comes out from behind those thunderous clouds with a ghostly blue halo like the touch of worlds above, and there’s a purple shimmer on the horizon; a tiny sunset.

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