alisa scott


“My dream is that a day will come when animals no longer have to suffer an abusive and life-threatening environment that is the result of human ignorance”

-Natalie Westling

Models Lindsey Wixson, Amilna Estevao, Natalie Westling, Catherine McNeil, Annika Krijt and Alisa Ahmann shot by Scott MacDonough with makeup by Angie Parker with Altered Agency, hair by Ryan Mitchell, art director: Stephan Moskovic Interview by Steven Yatsko

Back Row: Alisa Znarok, Ksenia Anisimova, Jana Rozsival, Elina Hjalmarsson, Malin Molander, Dayna Seabeook, Amanda Grahovec, and Marth Buckley
Front Row: Nikola Panik, Jana Hossa, Jennifer Tootoo, Alexandra Stewart, Annie Shields, Mandy Desjardins, Lindsey Vecchione, and Kristy Muscolino