alis shitty art

And the drawing that took me way to long. The whole 205 roster. I actually really like the outcome and I may draw it digitally to. Idk for sure tho.

It`s still very VERY much a WIP… I dont know what I was doing with those hands, and the shading is still very much a base but here is it so far. 

As a fashion design student, my style is VERY fashion oriented, what better model for that then Kanaya right? To be honest though the main reason for using her (and my teacher loved the concept) was that the grey skin makes the clothes POP… I am still working with it, not a fan, not ready to hand in yet but here we go…

… This is huge for me, I usually dont share my art besides with my teacher and classmates, so posting this here is a huge “ERK OMG” moment for me ;m;… Either way, here is a dress I am working on for design class, being modeled by Kanaya