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You're the National team coordinator. It's Olympic trials. You have to choose from 1992 Shannon Miller, Dominique Dawes, Laurie Hernandez, 2008 Nastia Liukin, 2012 Gabby Douglas, 2016 Aly Raisman, Aliya Mustafina, 2004 Cata Ponor, 1976 Nadia Comaneci, and 2012 Vika Komova. The team structure is 4 team members and, let's say 3 specialist spots, who goes to the Olympics and who doesn't?

Oh god this is gonna be hard… 

Team: Shannon, Gabby, Nastia, Vika

Shannon: VT, BB, FX

Gabby: VT, UB, FX

Nastia: UB, BB, FX

Vika: VT, UB, BB

And specialists:

Aliya (UB), Cata (BB + FX), Aly (BB + FX) 

I’m not completely sure how the new team format works and which gymnasts are allowed to try to qualify to AA finals and all that but assuming it’s 3 from the team, I’d choose Vika, Nastia, and Shannon

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create an Olympic team and TF lineup using any gymnast from any country from Rio and London :)

(This isn’t gonna make much sense bc it’s just gonna be a team of my faves but whatever)
Aly, Cata, Vika, He Kexin, Laurie (wasn’t sure if I wanted her over Kyla but I chose her for her fx lol)
Aly: VT, BB, FX (AA quals)
Cata: BB, FX
Vika: VT, UB, BB (AA quals)
He: UB
Laurie: VT, UB, FX (AA quals)

He and Vika could be able to make up for Laurie’s bars (which aren’t even that bad) and Aly is doing BB over Laurie bc I wouldn’t want anyone to do AA and #ReliableRaisman