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DeanCas Wizarding World!AU
Note: While this does not contain spoilers for Fantastic Beasts, it does use an element of the Universe from the movie.

“Dean? Dean! Dean Michael Winchester, do not take one more step, young man!”

“I’ll be okay, Momma!” Dean barely slips through his mother’s fingers, lanky nine year-old body darting through the open door and into the open, overgrown yard. “I gotta go help!”

“Dean, don’t you dare—!”

He sprints through the cornfield.

Knowing his mom will take too long with Sammy to catch up—and have an even harder time finding him amongst the tall corn—Dean pushes himself until his Momma’s hollering is background noise to the yelling of the people at the Novak’s. There’s the fire car there, and men shouting at each other for more water, and the house burning up like on the fourth of July.

Dean throws himself into the fray.

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anonymous asked:

arranged marriage where one has feelings for the other but they are certain the other doesn't and they may or may not discover it's the opposite? thank you and i'm sure you've done this already

Hi Anon! Here are some fics that sound like what you requested:

I also suggest checking out the Salty Teens Masterlist as well as our Salty Teens Au and Arranged Marriage Au tags for lots of other great fics like what you might be booking for! Enjoy :) ~Alys

Modern AU, in which Alexander and Thomas are being hipsters in the streets of NYC, with their Light Up Skechers and Heelys.

inspiration (x) (@iwillgladlyjointhefight​, thank you for inspiring me !)

As usual, I’m going to make a little comic out of this, but this time I plan on colouring it, at least some parts of it. So since it’s going to take a little while, here is a little picture to give you guys an idea of what the first vignette will look like ! I hope you like it !

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Are there any Legally Blonde inspired fics?

Hi Anon! Here are the Legally Blonde Au’s I was able to find:

And here are some other Lawyer/Law School Au’s that you might like as well:

Enjoy :) ~Alys


Just imagine Genos singing Prince Ali from Aladdin changing it to fit Saitama just to show everyone how wonderful he is.

Click pictures to view captions! I really wanted to have the whole lyrics to fit sensei, but its not that much worth it without the music so I’ll just leave that to your imagination since i cant sing even if my life depended on it. ENJOY!

( ಠ◡ಠ ) im a damn genious


Pirates!Magi AU (I inspire myself from the costumes of Kaito in “Portrait of the Pirate F” (Vocaloid) for Kougyoku and Jack Sparrow for Ali Baba, btw), I really had fun drawing this ! ^^

Where Kougyoku is a very talented privateer engaged to catch Ali baba, a famous smuggler and captain of the ship “Labyrinth”.

But they learnt about a conspiracy and then, they had to cooperate with each other…


aos au: endless skye + ward “quake puns”  [4/?] [officially approved by brett dalton]

rocked, faults 


Just like that, the fight fades out of him. “Of course you aren’t.” Ward brushes the hair out of her face, achingly gentle as he reverently brushes a kiss to her forehead. “But that means you have to stop making rookie decisions based out of emotion and trust me to do my job.

I trust you.” Her voice is steady. He keeps his eyes on her until she sighs finally, laying her head against his chest. “I just don’t trust them.”

[GIF set adaption from the Skyeward prequel (pt 2) by @b-isforbombshell]

For @sorethpid <3 my part in our art trade!! (finally ><”) here’s things getting a little intimate between late taotu Alex and his favourite prof Miles during a particular visit to his office X) the idea came from our discussion around her lovely fic, please check it out if you haven’t already I promise you’ll love it!! <3