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Cregan Stark picked up wife #2, Alysanne Blackwood, after the Dance of the Dragons.  She commanded archers during the war and agreed to marry Cregan Stark after some light hostage negotiation.  They had four daughters whose fates are unknown.

It’s the end of a year and the start of a new one. 

While 2016 has been an undeniably bad year in so many ways, this year on tumblr has been full of excitement as well as salt (lmao) and friendships. Thank you to all 4000+ of you who are following this blog - it blows my mind how many of you guys there are. You have all made my time on here very enjoyable!

To all my networks and kik chats, thank you for all the fun, even if I wake up in the morning and my phone is full of notifications. 

However, without these people and their blogs, my dash would have been a very empty place. 

absolutely fantastic angels that I’ve met on here and are proud to call my friends

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no bold or italics because I love you all and also because it’s a little hard to check with a sideblog

A - J

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I’m so sorry if I missed anyone - there have been many url changes and I probably lost some people in the process.

Thank you soooo much for this year and may you have a fantastic and happy 2017! I’m looking forward to seeing what next year brings.

I love you ♥♥♥