alioramus remotus

Alioramus remotus, A. altai

By Calum O’Halloran at @ridiculouslyphotogenicsinosaurus

NameAlioramus remotus, A. altai

Name Meaning: Different Branch

First Described: 1976

Described By: Kurzanov

ClassificationDinosauria, Theropoda, Neotheropoda, Averostra, Tetanurae, Orionides, Avetheropoda, Coelurosauria, Tyrannoraptora, Tyrannosauroidea, Tyrannosauridae, Tyrannosaurinae, Alioramini 

Alioramus was another tyrannosaurine from the Late Cretaceous, the Maastrichtian age this time, about 70 million years ago. It was a fairly small tyrannosaurine, only about 6 meters long, but probably larger as the only specimens found have been from sub-adults and juveniles. It was found in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia, and was a contemporary of Tarbosaurus, a larger tyrannosaur. It had a more long and narrow skull than other later tyrannosaurids, though given that we only know juvenlies, again, this might not be an indicative state. It was actually quite similar to Tarbosaurus, sharing several skull features, indicating that they might be closely related and share an Asian branch of the tyrannosaurid family. It lived alongside many other dinosaurs such as ornithomimosaurs, therizinosaurs, troodontids, pachycephalosaurs, ankylosaurids, hadrosaurs, and titanosaurians. It probably lived in a large floodplain and a humid climate, which was a marked change from the semi-arid environment that previously existed in the region. 


Shout out goes to scienceofsatan!

Happy Asexual Awareness Week! This ace Alioramus is here to remind you that asexual people do exist, and to offer you some delicious cake (because, as the analogy goes, there are quite a few of us who find cake to be better then sex).

So if you are asexual as well, I wish you pride, comfort and safety in expressing your identity this week (if you choose to do so). If you aren’t asexual, please remember that asexuality is a legitimate sexual orientation, and respect those who identify as it. Either way, stay safe, be accepting, and treat yourself to some cake!


Here’s something a little different than what I typically draw for this blog - two Pride Dinosaurs for the price of one! I had originally started this illustration waaay back in February/March (when this blog had its first year anniversary) but I ended up abandoning it in favor of other projects.  But since it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I decided to pick it back up and finish it (obviously I’m a little older than 1 though haha).  

This is a redraw of the first two dinosaurs I drew for this blog - Asexual Alioramus and Gay Guanlong (and oddly enough, I was drawing asexual dinosaurs with cake ages before this blog even existed!).  While in reality these two animals lived millions of years apart from each other (and neither dinosaur would have been this brightly colored), it was fun to draw the two of them together and (roughly) to scale of each other.     

Although there have been a few bumps in the road along the way (with the first half of this year being especially rough), I feel like my skills and art style have evolved tremendously thanks to this blog…and, of course, thanks to all of you who have supported my work by following me, by reblogging my art, and simply by encouraging me with your kind messages.  Thank you for your support, and for inspiring me to keep drawing and to keep staying positive.  

I’m definitely looking forward to another year (well, more like year-and-a-half, at this point) of drawing these dinosaurs and interacting with all of you in Tumblr’s LGBT+ and GSRM communities!

(One more thing I’d like to add - it’s sort of inconsequential, but I started this illustration - as well as the upcoming panromantic dino - before it was deduced that T. Rex and other theropods probably had lips covering their teeth.  So be aware that the mouths/faces of these two dinos aren’t entirely accurate…In future illustrations of theropods, however, I’ll definitely make sure to keep this new information in mind).