alinor glyn


When women ran Hollywood:

  1. Anita Loos - screenwriter, wrote ‘Gentlemen prefers blondes and made 2,500$ a week during the Depression
  2. Frances Marion - screenwriter, the best paid of any gender during the 1920s and 1930s 
  3. Frances Marion & Mary Pickford - Marion with her close friend Pickford who was a huge movie star of the era
  4. Elinor Glyn - invented the concept of an 'It’ girl
  5. Clara Bow - movie star and the first 'It’ girl
  6. Lois Weber - first female director to run her own movie studio
  7. Dorothy Parker - screenwriter, made 1000$ a week
  8. Lenore Coffee - screenwriter, twice Oscar nominated
  9. Jeanie MacPherson - screenwriter