O HOMEM DO FUTURO (Man From the Future) - brazil/2011


with Wagner Moura (Elite Squad, Elite Squad 2)

Zero (Moura) is a brilliant and lonely scientist who believes he is unhappy because 20 years ago he was humiliated by the love of his life. When he tries to create a revolutionary source of energy, he accidentally goes back to the past and sees himself in the opportunity to meet his 20-years-younger self and “correct” the mistakes in his own life. Trying to manipulate the path of time is much harder and confusing than what it seems.

Today my best friend and I went to the movies to watch this and I must say I was very pleased with the result. I got excited when I saw in the trailer that it was a time-travel story because, among others, I love Doctor Who and Science-Fiction stuff. You have to watch it, the special effects are pretty good (for a non-hollywoodian production) and the plot is captivating, funny and inteligent. Plus the soundtrack is great and Wagner Moura’s acting is flawless (I love this man!). I’ll tell you, if the Doctor was ever played by a brazilian actor it should to be him, he’s brilliant!