aline giovanella


A 2009 “Dine with Shamu” with Dawn and Tilikum.

“She has a very strong, powerful relationship with Tilikum and all the whales here at Shamu Stadium. Absolutely phenomenal to watch Dawn interact with these whales, and watching the whales interact with Dawn”

Notice that she works really close to Tilikum and he showed to be with her during the whole DWS. Actually, in this video you see more close interaction than the video of the February 2010. You can clearly see that she was comfortable around Tilikum, fearless and that she was used to this close contact.

Dear, baby girl. I was here when you were born, people were angry because of the circumstances of your birth, your mama was too young and you both deserved better and you both are very loved.

I was here, watching you go against all odds after being rejected, being bottle fed and having your rostrum hurt in the tank walls that one day will be crashed pieces in a empty place.

I was here when the lack of information began, when pictures of you were rare, and when your skin started to look weird and nobody knew for sure what was happening to you.

I was here, when only 10 months after you came to this world, you were gone. Gone forever.

You’re not here anymore, but I am. I’m here fighting every single day so any other animal has to go through what you went through, so they can live their lives in freedom, just like you should.

Baby Vicky, I’m not here to remember your death, but to celebrate your short life because you once was here, bringing hope to us all. And its for you that I’m crying tonight. Because I miss you. Because I am sure you would have a great life ahead of you in the ocean. Because your mother didn’t know what to do and its not her fault. Because your older brother is going down the same hill you did, and we dont want that. And most of all, because I love you very much and I won’t stop untill all the tanks are empty.

No matter which orca you look at, Keto, Morgan, Kiska (in Marineland, Canada), Lolita (in Miami Seaquarium, Florida), Tilikum himself or any of the 53 orca currently in captivity, they all have extremely tragic stories to be told. If the facilities who currently hold them truly do care, as they continually claim, we can only hope that they will do the right thing and remove these orca from concrete tanks, stop breeding them, act like responsible custodians and allow them to live out the rest of their lives in dignity and with a better quality of life.
—  Dr. Ingrid N. Visser 

I was at the mall today and this caught my attention. This big poster of Dawn smiling with Kayla was at the door of a airline agency. I asked the guy If I could take a picture and he said yes. I thanked him with tears in my eyes and he asked “why are you crying? Is it something important?” And I answered “ Yes, well, she is. This poster SeaWorld sent you has this beautiful woman, with a huge smile of her face with her favorite whale. Argh, I hate SW!” Again, he asked my why. “This woman, her name is Dawn Brancheau, she was killed by one of the whales in 2010.” Everyone in the place looked at me, so I continued to talk “Guys, please, dont buy any ticket to Seaworld, Bush Gardens, Aquatica and the other parks who houses animals, this may seem just a sad story to you all, but for me is a big part of the project that I’m fighting against.” And then I walked out.