alinarwhal asked:

sorry to like butt in but I think a big reason people don't like Taylor is because of how badly she slut shames and what a twisted message she's putting out there. Plus, She considers herself a role model but acts like guys are everything. not cool.

i completely disagree. she used to write songs that may have been considered “slut shaming” back in a time where that was appropriate. 

i love taylor and i’m always going to stick up for her because she’s on a small list of musicians who have saved me through their music. she does not act like guys are everything, she simply acknowledges the fact that teen girls are going to go through relationships and they’re going to have ups and downs.

she sings about real life. 

your an amazing person

send me your address and i swear i will buy you whatever pizza you want. not to sound creepy but you’re my first original note ever and i want to give you a pizza prize

okay i’m gonna use this drawing as a place to say something important to anyone who likes to draw:


i’ve taken to using them for 99% of my pen drawings because they write like calligraphy pens and the feel of writing or drawing with them is practically orgasmic

seriously, the set of 12 colored ones is like 10 dollars, go get them asap