Thank you for placing the porcelain doorknob in your collection of tangible objects. It
has been a pleasure sweeping feathers off your sleeve. You sleep in the timbers of night. I
have but two molecules to gather in the galaxy. When you find the poem that swept your
soul into a forgotten atom. Forget that line. When you place together clues as to why I
may never be in love with you. I sat on rocks and threw golden horseshoes in the space
in which you sat. Were you looking for me then? Was anybody aware of the conceptual
difference you made in the lines of my red and blue painting? This I say as a way to forge
the neglected planet on which I stand.
—  Feather on Your Sleeve, Alina Gregorian

My body that evening was just symptoms

expressing what you called my personality

and resembled day to day  

A photo documenting the bygone era of industrial manufacturing

framing its stark realism as completely uninterested

in its own commanding gaze.

in better years we were the power and the glory forever

but far from where the happy lived.

 -Excerpt from Morning Thoughts and Illustrations by Spencer Everett


I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with writer, Spencer Everett, as part of the Triptych Performance Series. Both of us worked closely to create works that not only responded to one another, but conveyed a unified purpose. 

Many thanks to Alina Gregorian for organizing the event and putting us in touch with influences we would have never come come across if we were working solely by ourselves. And of course thank you to Spencer for being the courageous voice of our piece.