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Team Zagan rich school au?(with some alimorhaku if its not too much to ask for plss(MY OT3 *//*))


  • Aladdin is a social butterfly, easily fitting in at any lunch table he chooses to sit at. On days when the rest of his team are busy, he’ll jump from table to table, joining conversations as though he had been there from the start.
  • Aladdin is most likely in a music club or manage one of the girl’s sports teams.

Alibaba Saluja

  • Alibaba tries hard to be Mr. Popular, but when he relaxes he actually gets along with most of the student body. He’s the kind of guy who stands up for the class when the teacher is unfair, and stays behind to help clean up.
  • Alibaba is a strong candidate for Student Council President, and is on the fencing team.


  • Morgiana’s academics aren’t anything spectacular, but she’s coveted by every sports team the school has, even the boy’s teams. At the beginning of each season, the team captains pitch their plans for the season, training regiment, and even date proposals to her in hopes she’ll pick them.
  • Morgiana usually picks whatever team Aladdin is managing and lacrosse.

Ren Hakuryuu

  • Hakuryuu has the top grades in is class and is shooing for valedictorian. He takes his studies very seriously and never misses an assignment. He  doesn’t pause even a second before passing on copies of his notes or sitting down to explain an equation, and his kindness has won him the affection of many teenage hearts (even if he doesn’t realize it.)
  • Hakuryuu is a member of the eco club, which recycles paper waste and started a student garden where Hakuryuu has some flowers and pea plants he loves dearly.

Alimorhaku (Alibaba Saluja x Morgiana x Ren Hakuryuu)

  • Hakuryuu drags Alibaba and Morgiana to an empty study hall after they finish their sports practice to study. Morgiana appreciates the one-on-one attention, especially with her math lessons, and Alibaba still manages to slack off—begging Hakuryuu for help the night before a test.
  • They attend all each other’s matches/games decked out in school gear. Alibaba and Hakuryuu try to one-up each other making signs to cheer Morgiana on, each one trying to make theirs bigger and better than the others.

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Pairing: AliMorHaku
Theme: talking about love


Hakuryuu frowned and Alibaba smiled.


Hakuryuu nodded and Alibaba looked worried.

“…Makes me smile.”

The two had asked Morgiana what sort of person she would be in love with and, as Alibaba had reassured Hakuryuu, such a question wouldn’t be found odd by the girl. She had looked at them for a good amount of time, causing Hakuryuu to grow nervous, but it seemed she just needed the time to formulate an answer, as she looked away soon thereafter.

The qualities she listed, they thought, were nearly evenly divided between them. Hakuryuu had said love was with someone that made him better and Alibaba said it was with someone he would protect forever. Morgiana nodded seriously and agreed, adding that it was someone she was comfortable around.

Her last trait for the person she would fall in love with had both Alibaba and Hakuryuu frowning as they looked down, hands raised to their chins in a thoughtful manner. When they looked back up, she was smiling and their eyes widened as even a laugh escaped her mouth, the same question posed in both of their minds.

…Which one of us made her smile?