aliki t. grafft


For you Phinbellas:  This was my scene:

Isabella: “I like you..I mean..LIKE YOU, like you. I know it sounds silly, it’s just..if this is our last day on earth I–”

Phineas: “Wow..I didn’t know…I mean……you were the first person I thought of when this all started..and ..gosh, I- I- I’ve always felt….”

In my earlier version, he grabs her and kisses her…but that was deemed as a little too much, so it was cut :)

I want to add: When storyboarding a scene with two characters standing still, it is easy to leave them as just “talking heads”.  But I really wanted to make sure and push the emotions and acting of this scene, particularly with Isabella.  It was a big moment for her!


Cartoon Hangover presents “Doctor Lollipop

Two words: Unicorn. Physician.

Feeling sick? Is your stomach filled to the brim and overflowing with candy and characters from fairy tales? Then you need to book an appointment with the top PhD-holding unicorn, “Doctor Lollipop”. Created by Miss Kelly Martin, who is a an expert on unicorn physicians.

Created by Miss Kelly Martin and directed by Aliki Grafft

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Special interview with Doctor Lollipop Director, Aliki T. Grafft on an all new Toon Buzz only on Channel Frederator

This week we’re sitting down with animation veteran Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft, producer, writer, storyboard artist, voice aritst and so much more! She’s worked on projects such as Treasure Planet and Tarzan, and on Disney’s series Phineas and Ferb. She also directed and produced Doctor Lollipop which premiered last week on Cartoon Hangover. Aliki tells us about her start in animation and gives some insight on what it’s like working in television and on the internet, and she gives some advice to you aspiring artists, too!

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Go behind the scenes of Doctor Lollipop with writer Kelly Martin and director Aliki Grafft as they take you through the process of how Doctor Lollipop was made. From voice acting with the cast to deleted scenes, this video has all things Doctor Lollipop! Now let’s get MEDICAL!

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International Women’s Day: Meet the creators of our shows at Cartoon Hangover!

Meet Kelly Martin and Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft! The creator and director of Doctor Lollipop on Cartoon Hangover. With over 1,000,000 views on Youtube, these two ladies have been adding color to animation with a style that is uniquely theirs. 

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