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“That’s our Beauty and the Beast" - @SHO_Penny


owaseraweek: Day 5 || Vampire Attack
Favorite Vampire: Ferid Bathory > Seventh Progenitor!  

Ezra Miller looks a lot like Richard Ramirez.

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“What? You didn’t think I’d just leave and you’d never hear from me again, did you? You are my dearest friend, perhaps my only friend. That will never change no matter where we are.”


  Consider this: McCree is a very supportive boyfriend and Hanzo just so happy about it :>>> [ They working as mercernary with this look -for a brief time-]
  I apoligize to you guys that…I acted quite like a a dick about Hanzo’s new look with undercut and piercing… I had someone that done the worst to me that obtain one of those as his appearance. But, don’t blame the style of the person that done bad to you because it’s just trend. Well I’m so sorry if I hurt any of your feeling, and take this too personal, instead have this drawing, as an apologie, of McCree support Hanzo’s new look by make him look alike. Happy Holiday folks :) !

Heal - Enoch O'Connor imagine - part 2

a/n: hi hi hey there. the first part to this imagine was based on a request but i really wanted to write a scenario i got in my head - i couldn’t make it the first part so i made a part two. i hope you enjoy because iiiiii don’t like thiiisss paaarrtttt help meee

the children had done a great job of making y/n feel welcome at her new home. they were so kind and welcoming towards her. miss peregrine was proud that she had done such a great job at teaching the children good manners.

as for enoch, he was happy there was finally someone who was alike him and in so many ways. her humour was similar to enoch’s, her power was, also and even some of her characteristics were the same as enoch’s.

needless to say, enoch had grown to like the new girl very much. and not simply in a friendly way. he had got feelings for her and was very much aware of it. enoch was just working on a way to tell her how he felt, to test if she felt the same.

miss peregrine had put y/n and enoch in charge to make a salad for dinner which meant cutting vegetables. they were done with cutting the greens, and now they needed yet to cut the tomatoes and carrots.

the two teens were keeping up small talk between them when little claire and bronwyn got their attention. “y/n! enoch! come and play with us!”

y/n smiled at the kids. “sorry, darlings, but we can’t. we’re making dinner.”

“oh, sorry to bother then.” brownwyn said. “let’s go, claire, i think hugh and millard would want to play with us.”

the two girls disappeared out of y/n’s sight and she turned back to enoch. what she saw next made her gasp loudly.

“enoch, you’re bleeding.” she said.

“thanks for noticing.” enoch said and then hissed in pain.

“why didn’t you speak up? did you just cut yourself?”

“yeah, it was when the girls came in.”  enoch said. “out of surprise, you know?”

“uh… you need bandages.” y/n said and dropped her knife, but enoch stopped her movements.

“can you perhaps, uh…” he paused for a short while, “could yo heal me?” he finished. “i mean, if it doesn’t bother you?”

y/n straightened herself up and looked at enoch with a little doubt. “are you sure? i mean, i would have to… uh, remember how i heal things?”

yes, you kiss them. people on the lips, animals on the head.

“yes.” enoch answered.

“won’t you mind?”

“not really, i just find it very fascinating how you heal things. why not see it happen to myself?” enoch smirked. “i mean, not to use you or anything, but-“

“shut up, enoch.” y/n rolled her eyes with a smile. “i’ll do it.” she nodded.

y/n walked closer to enoch and took his bleeding hand between her two hands and then looked in his eyes. this will be one hell of a challenge for her.

not only because y/n had never kissed anyone before but because she doubted that if she kissed enoch, the want she had for him would show.

okay, let’s just do this, it’s not that hard, y/n.

she sighed and looked down and then back at enoch. she closed her eyes, squeezing the boy’s bleeding hand, and leaned her face closer to enoch’s. she went torturously slow until she connected their lips at once.

wow. was the first thing enoch thought, how soft. he felt his cut wound slowly healing as if someone was putting the cells and skin back in place.

y/n quickly pulled her lips away from enoch’s, disrupting the wonderful moment they had. it seemed like this didn’t matter to either of them, but it actually meant everything.

y/n looked at enoch again with fear and slight regret in her eyes and looked down as she saw no emotion in enoch’s eyes.

she stepped back to her place besides enoch and took the knife in her hand again, ready to cut the damned carrots again.

enoch contemplated what to do and then decided to just risk it. he stepped closer to y/n and took the knife out of her hand, placing it on the counter. she turned to enoch with her whole body and waited for him to do something.

and he certainly did. enoch’s hand cupped y/n’s face and he brought his lips to hers again. she smiled against his soft skin and put her hand on the back of his neck to pull his head closer to hers.

what y/n and enoch felt every time their lips connected and crashed against each other like sea waves was much more than fireworks. it was like explosions, bursts, blooming and sparks all together.

enoch felt… healed, but not only in a physical way. he felt healed in an emotional way, he finally felt completed. enoch had waited for this moment since forever, it was like a dream to him. and that had come true. wow.

y/n pulled away after a while and looked at enoch, touching a finger to her lips to see if this was real and this was happening. enoch chuckled at her gesture, looking down, and then looked at y/n again.

“i am honoured to be healed by you.” the boy said. y/n smiled and then giggled.

“well, thank you.” she said. “can i heal you again?”

“is that you implying that you want to do this again?” enoch asked, wrapping his arms around y/n’s neck and kissing her again on the lips. y/n nodded and kissed back.


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Louis Tomlinson loves Harry Styles. Harry Styles loves Louis Tomlinson. Bye

They’re going to get married and have babies together can you believe? Most iconic love story tbh 

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I wanted to request a scenario where Oikawa goes to his s/o high school to pick her up and everyone is fangirling over him but then he sees a guy flirting with his s/o.....(you take it from there)I hope I made myself clear and didn't waste your time.

He was used to this by now, males and females alike fawning over him as if he were a celebrity. Although, one sight he would never grow fond of was the sight of another man flirting with you, his girlfriend. The veins in his neck throbbed as he struggled with the urge to cause a scene, but he knew you grow embarrassed and hold a grudge for days on end. By now the girls incessant chattering and compliments fell on deaf ears, Oikawa’s attention sole concentrated on where you stood, lovely smile gracing your lips for someone other than himself. If he strained his ears he could catch bits of your conversation.

“That’s really sweet of you, Hojo, but I have a boyfriend.” You tried to let him down gently, but he’s always been the persistent type. The fact that you had a boyfriend going over his head.

“Well I don’t see him. He must be an awful partner to leave his girlfriend and not even offer to walk her home.” Internally you rolled you eyes at his remark, annoyed at such a cliche line. 

It was as if the scene was rolling in slow motion in Oikawa’s eyes, the males hand inching far too close to your lower half. He hadn’t even realized that he was moving forward until he heard a startled gasp on your end, wedging himself in between you.

“If you didn’t understand from the first time she told you, _____ here has a boyfriend.” Oikawa placed a sickly sweet smile on his face, one that you knew all too well. He was jealous, not too pleased that someone would dare make a move on you.

Hojo didn’t look impressed, looking upon the captain boredly. “And? Who are you supposed to be to her anyway?”

You groaned, more than prepared for him to throw a fit. “I am her boyfriend, dumbass.” And suddenly you found yourself marching in the other direction, Oikawa  ignoring all of the squealing fangirls. He handled that better than expected.

“Oh, someone seems to be jealous.” Your teasing didn’t help the situation and you could see his jaw clenching. 

“It’s quite the unfortunate situation,” He sighed, moving his arm from your waist to your hand. “It seems that I have to lay claim to you all over again so that it’s clear to everyone that you’re mine.”

That was an idea that you wouldn’t complain about.

Imagine an alternative ending where Anakin is alive and back to light. And every time little Ben argues with his dad, he runs to Anakin for a hug. He takes him in his arms, strokes his hair much alike his and hears him cry. “They don’t understand me, grandpa. No one but you.” And Anakin tightens his embrace, kisses his forehead to let him know how much he is loved. Cuz he knows exactly what’s going on in the heart of his little grandson and wants to be the one he too needed before to prevent himself from making all the mistakes that still break his heart.
Dream On, Senator

Summary: Ben Amidala is the up and coming senator in the New Republic; women and men alike love him. He has created the perfect life for himself, however this becomes disrupted by you, his assigned bodyguard to protect him from the First Order. 

The story was everywhere; First Order attacks Senator Amidala on route to Hosnian Prime, some casualties. This was worrisome news, many loved Senator Amidala, coming out of nowhere and reclaiming the last name of his grandmother. He had been outspoken, his quick wit and cold words working to pass many laws. His face was plastered all over the news, along with people’s reactions and despair, groups of women crying together.

Even though the young Senator was perfectly fine, people were shocked by the possibility that any harm could come to him, and in fact many people didn’t think that something like that was possible. The public didn’t know who orchestrated the attack, as behind the scenes many were in disagreement over the cause, and many didn’t take it very seriously, no one died being their justification.

However, this gave Leia had a very bad feeling in her stomach. She knew that whatever it was, it was connected to the empire in some capacity, the evil that never seemed to die. She was concerned for Ben so she decided to contact her brother, contact was a loose term and generally Luke stayed of the public eye, fading into obscurity. She hoped that he would respond. She knew that he was straining a new generation of Jedi who may be able to shed some light on these suspicious activities.

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At the end of the line, there is only the the blinding light behind the door. He likes imagining what each separate person’s paradise looks like though he can’t accompany them there. He carries the children and wipes their tears, but for most, he rests a comforting hand on their back. The weight and warmth of his hand are surprising - most of his charges imagined death as a cold and heartless figure. And most of them he only knows for a few short moments - he sees people at their best and at their worst, heroic and bitter alike. Some curse him or themselves. Some cry, either in despair or relief. And some are quiet in their acceptance.
He only stuck around to watch once. He only reached out once to grasp the back of someone’s shirt and pull them to safety in his warm embrace. It wasn’t what he was supposed to do, but it never felt like the wrong thing to do to save you. Your heart was beating so strongly, he could hear it like drums in his head. You shouldn’t have been able to feel him as he saved you, but you did. You looked right at him - perhaps you were just looking back, but he felt like you saw him. So he stayed.

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