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Would you consider Bigby Wolf (from the graphic novel series "fables" and the "Wolf Among Us" video game by TellTale) a paladin?

No. I love Bigby, his character helped me realize a few things about myself, most importantly that anger in and of itself isn’t a negative emotion and that there is no shame in it, or using it to fuel for righteous purpose. Also, heroic werewolves are cool and I love playing them.

But he’s not a paladin. According to Fables, he’s more of a Wolf God, considering how wolves and werewolves alike deify him.


Some more Liu Hai related stuff because that’s what my life has become dedicated to. A one off villain who appeared for 15 minutes at most.

(Also I blame @scribblesteph you and will make sure he doesn’t fade from the minds!)

So here’s a little toad demon, and his totally not a jerk in the slightest I swear Uncle Shū. He’s based on the Jade Emperor in Chinese mythology.

He runs EVERYTHING. He’s also very prideful and likes everything to fit into the place it’s designated. If it doesn’t well, you have a very angry rooster god on your hands.

So basically, Liu Hai in his early years wasn’t the jerk he is now. He was actually quite uncomfortable with people (mortals and deities alike) only seeing him as a means to success or entertainment. Uncle was always getting on to him about his “ridiculous worries” and treating him like a bauble than an actual person. A lot of people did, actually.

Long story short that I’ll probably get into later, a lot of crap happened to him and he eventually snapped and cut himself off from everything and created the gambling house and became what he is today.

And scribblesteph’s OC (Also named Shu, there’s a fun bit of trivia behind all that) plays into it as well. Like….a lot. XD

Ice Skater! AU [ Vernon ] Part One

Now, this idea is wholly inspired by ‘Yuri On Ice’ and while listening to some songs that might fit their style- Now that we’ve got loads more of Fantasy AU idols coming up, we could use a small break with this one!

- Ice Skater Vernon is quite the charmer~
- He brings this mysterious air to him whenever he performs and his technique is flawless. 

- According to critics and professional ice skaters, his visuals and his expertise in ice skating makes him more prominent in the scene. 

- He will be quite the challenge if one is not careful. 

- Amongst fans and fellow ice skaters alike, they call him the ‘Leon’. 

- The reasons vary with all of them but they seem to underline on his charm and stage presence.

- Although his tastes in music drastically differs of what is expected of figure skaters to skate in performances, he actually switches things with his own self-produced music. 

- Crazy, right?

- Another fact: he is barely active on Instagram. 

- The man is either on SoundCloud to refine his music or just practicing his ice skating. 

- He would check his social media if he has to ..

- But his fanbase is explosive. 


- From fangirls to fanboys, each and every one of them love Vernon from the top to the bottom. 

- Unscathed by scandals- 

- What is also surprising is that Vernon hardly has scandals. 

- There was one incident when he was talking to his fellow friends about the drama of the ice skating scene.

- He said he just listens to music and doesn’t bother with people. 

- Good boy- but he needs to socialize. 

- But he needs to talk to people. 

- All of his friends are extremely supportive and are just astounded by his performances every time .

- Fun fact: he blushes every time when he gets complimented. 

- Moving on! So you met Vernon on the way to your local ice skating rink. 

- During this time, it was the first competition of the year and you aim to be first. 

- Ambitious, aren’t you young one?

- You were about to start warming up for your practice when you see a rather handsome but familiar sight. 

- It couldn’t be?!

- You recognized that face - You happen to follow him on Instagram. 

- Oh NoEs, and HE is HeRe?!

- Calm down. 

- He is probably here for the competition coming up soon. 

- Oh - 

- You bite your lip in dread. 

- This person coming in the rink is becoming your opponent. 

- You didn’t want to disturb him at first because he was listening to his music and seemed in a good mood. 

- Your coach calls in to check on you and catches you on the tournament. 

- Apparently, you’re only going to be against him if you win the Girls’ branch of your Competition. 

- There might be some special collaboration if you were lucky enough.

- Your opponents listed on the lineup were good- like REALLY good. 

- You’ve seen their performances, you’ve seen their works..

- And here you are.. 

- Just a lovely day as a growing ice skater. 

- You take this moment in the early morning to practice in the rink. 

- You play some music and practice your forms/spins and etc. 

- You practiced endlessly, perfecting on some spins and special moves you haven’t gotten correctly although there were some setbacks.

- As soon as you were wrapping things up on practice, you glimpse to see Vernon hanging out by the audience seats. 

- You pale but you notice the slouching posture and his lowered head. 

- He must be sleepy..

- You had the urge to ask him if he was alright.. but his coach comes in the rink and asks you where Hansol was. 

- You point out where he is and his coach shakes their head in amusement. 

- ‘Sorry about that. We just got here from a 15 hour flight. It must be tough for the kid.’ his coach said. 

- They tap on his shoulder. 

- You didn’t even notice this at first but him waking up seemed to be a refreshing moment. 

- His pale skin, now dyed blue- silver hair, and his awakening state was the most cherubic moment you had seen. 

- You excused yourself and retreated to the locker room to rest. 

- Your coach asked you ‘How was practice?’ and you comply that it was alright. 

- Your coach then alerts that Vernon would be practicing soon and suggests you should watch. 

- You take this as an excuse to stay in the rink more. 

- You wrap things up and watch Vernon practice .

- As you watched, you remember those days when you watch those performances- in videos, his Instagram stories, posts.. 

- You remember those days when you would find those times to watch his performances. 

- You were watching a whole new different Vernon. 

- It was nothing like the ones you saw before.. 

- He was going to win in the end..

- He improved.. 

- You smile with this thought in mind.

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I heard there’s a train of Soranorts going on and I can’t help myself to draw this poor norted sleep-deprived boy. Just let him sleep, Xehanort.

Inspired by @chachacharlieco Soranort haha 

Though, till this day I wondered how all of the Org members fit their hair in the hood hahaha

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Jordan kinda looks like yoosung but with a different color palette (sorry)

Draco Malfoy Headcanons
  • At five, he named every single peacock. Every. Single. Peacock. Lucius called him foolish. Narcissa smiled. Both choked on their tea when during a light lunch in the garden, one peacock pecked another aggressively, and five-year-old Draco sprung up on his chair and shouted, “Bad Severus! Bad! Time-out!” 
  • He grew up a lonely child - doted on and loved, but lonely. There was the occasional visit from his father’s associates and their children, mostly Crabbe and Goyle, but they were more pawns than friends, bigger, dumber children to boss around. 
  • Later (too late), he’ll realize this and will learn regret for what could’ve been, if he had actually treated them like friends
  • He played pretend often as a child. Usually, he was the prince, the hero. But sometimes he was the dragon, wrecking everything in his path.
  • He can’t function without coffee in the morning. 
  • He cries when Minister for Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt declares him not-guilty and freed of all charges. 
  • The manor becomes a thing of fear and horror to Draco after the war, his memories of home forever tarnished by Voldemort’s presence, by the monstrosities that happened there. He can’t show his face in the Wizarding World without fear of being ambushed, or, at the very least, looked upon with hatred and disgust. He starts visiting a muggle village near the manor, where nobody knows him or his past and he can be anyone. 
  • The more time he spends around muggles the more he realizes his parents were wrong - how could anyone who could create all of this without magic be useless or unintelligent? And the nice girl at the coffee shop who smiles at him every day and asks him how he is when she doesn’t have to, could just hand him his coffee and move on, can’t be a waste of space, she just can’t
  • Lucius finds out where he’s spending his time. They get into a huge fight - their only real fight because Draco had always been a good son, he prided himself on being a good son. It’s the first time he ever raises his voice to his father. It’s the first time his father strikes - truly strikes - him, open palm, across the face, and something that had already been frayed between them breaks in two. 
  • Draco leaves home. 
  • He returns to Hogwarts to get his NEWTs because he’s already starting off on the bottom rung with Death Eater stamped on his back - uneducated will be the death of him. 
  • He learns to hate the name Malfoy and repels everything to do with it. 
  • He joins healer training after Hogwarts, with so many ‘Outstanding’ N.E.W.Ts behind him, St. Mungo’s can’t turn down his application. 
  • But that doesn’t stop his trainers and co-workers from making his life an absolute hell, doing everything they can to make him quit. That doesn’t stop the looks they and the patients alike give him, distrust and disgust. He does not quit. He works harder than he’s ever worked at anything in his life because he’s finally found a purpose, a real purpose - to make others feel a little less broken than he does on a daily basis, to fix them because he doesn’t know how to fix himself. 
  • It’s not redemption. It’s not an apology. He just wants to help, be a better him, for once in his life. 
  • And yes, the first time a patient pukes on him, he almost quits, because puke in his shoes, but he doesn’t. 
  • And he’s brilliant at it. He destroys at healer training. Becomes the greatest healer St. Mungo’s has. And suddenly, people aren’t avoiding him any longer, but asking for him, requesting him. 
  • He earns the title of Potions Master - a very prestigious, difficult title only awarded to the best. 
  • He creates potions not only for St. Mungo’s, but also for smaller, free clinics, for people who can’t afford St. Mungo’s. 
  • He single-handedly revolutionizes healing potions as the wizarding world knows them. 
  • He carries lollipops in the pocket of his healer robes for children patients. 
  • He has a son - Scorpius Hyperion - who takes the last name Malfoy, just like he had when he came into this world. 
  • He stops hating the name Malfoy and instead decides to change what it stands for, make it more than it ever was. Make it a name his son can be proud to own. 

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“The ranger stepped into the poisonous glow he was casting, dust whorls and strands of tainted energy alike swirling away from him, as though touching him would be their end. He was wearing the crimson-and-gold cloak Hanzo remembered from the house and it clung to him like a shield, its reflection catching in his eyes and lighting them with points of color that glowed in the near-dark. Behind him, a pair of shadows – one mountainously huge, the other merely enormously tall – began dislodging the wreckage of the ceiling from atop his brother and his friends.

“Witch-thing.” The voice possessing his throat crooned again. “It is so good to see you again. I have missed you, all these years.”“


Jealousy (Richie/Eddie)

Summary: In which Eddie can’t help but feel jealousy creep against his thoughts.

Prompt 97“Are you jealous?”

Prompt: 26“Open your fucking eyes, it’s so obvious that I’m in love with you!”

A/N: Thankyou for this request @wrongsmakethewordscometolife! If you wanna ask me for prompts ask away HERE. If you want to ask an ordinary request ask HERE. THIS IS HORRIBLY RUSHED IM SORRY BUT I HAVE SO MANY REQUESTS AND I WANT TO POST AS MANY AS POSSIBLE

Eddie sighed in frustration with tired legs, crawling back up from out of the water with the rest of the losers club. He fixed his white briefs and found himself standing up despite his legs practically wobbling from kicking them that much under water; this was because Eddie was in fact too short to stand up properly under the water.

The others sat down, stretching their limbs and talking quietly amongst themselves whilst Beverly set up the boombox and somehow managing to get music echoing from the speakers.

Eddie zoned out, watching as the water swayed lightly in the lake and a grin took place on his lips. He didn’t need his inhaler today, he was fine swimming. Despite countless times of his Mom telling him to always be extra careful in deep water because of how weak he is, he was strong enough to keep his head above water and that’s all that mattered to him.

Eddie turned back around, going to engage in a conversation with one of the others until he noticed it.

Most, if not all of the boys were staring.

Eddie followed their gaze, his jaw slacked which revealed his open mouth as he noticed that all of them were staring at a sun bathing Beverly, relaxed and in her underwear. 

Sure, Beverly was pretty. Very, pretty. But what made her so enticing for all of the boys to stare at her in an alluring way? She didn’t have the best reputation with boys to begin with, which surprised Eddie as he would’ve thought some of them would’ve moved away from the thoughts that were currently going through their minds right now.

Eddie couldn’t help but feel out of place, especially because the only reason he was staring was because he was trying to find out what made he so special? Was it because she was a girl? Was it because she was a girl in her undergarments? Possibly so. 

Eddie’s eyes then shift to his friends, eyeing the way they were all in a trance. As Eddie wandered his gaze over to Richie he couldn’t help but feel his heart strings twist and turn and he helplessly allowed a sigh to release from his nostrils. Anger filled his thoughts. 

What was so special about Beverly? If she was wearing more clothes then he wouldn’t be staring at her like that, surely. She was a stupid girl. Does Richie like stupid girls? Does he like girls in general? 

Just as he stares back at Beverly with distaste roaming his tastebuds, Beverly’s head turns and glances at the boys through her fashionable shades.

All of the boys, including Eddie, look elsewhere and pretend to engage in conversation to disguise their actions. Eddie quickly squirms his steps across the path to where Stanley was sat and switches the song to something else to cover up his own acts.

Beverly merely shrugs, before looking elsewhere.

It was later on that day when the losers were all packing up to go home; Eddie and Richie left earlier than the rest as they both lived on the same road a few houses away from one another.

It was silent, with Eddie still having bad thoughts about Beverly due to an unknown emotion taking over him, almost alike to selfishness. Richie on the other hand was chewing upon gum obnoxiously loud, his mouth open when doing so. He followed up his actions by blowing a large pink bubble, before sucking it back into his mouth. He repeated this a few times until the silence was practically killing him.

“You’re awfully quiet, Eds.”

“Don’t call me fucking Eds.” Eddie grumbled, tightening his fanny pack around his hips to prevent it from slipping down his legs.

Richie was shocked at Eddie’s sudden tone, not to mention that he had been quiet for the majority of the day up until this point. “Damn, no need to be a bitch about it.” Richie mumbled, pushing his glasses up with his middle finger towards Eddie in hope he’d see it as a joke and lighten up.

He didn’t.

Eddie simply rolled his eyes and walked faster. “You’re not funny and I’m not laughing.”

Richie frowned, walking Eddie closer and closer to his house. He was growing impatient with the boys temper growing, but he was determined to find the cause of his lack of happiness and find the core reason as to why he was acting strange.

“Eds, c’mon. Don’t be like this.” Richie bounced against Eddie’s side, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. “What’s wrong?”

Eddie scoffed, ignoring the taller boys question and grabbing Richie’s arm and shoving it off him. “Go wrap your twig arms around Beverly, I’m sure she’d fucking enjoy that considering all you did today was stare at her.”

Eddie walked quicker now, his tiny feet pacing forth. A lightbulb went off in Richie’s head as well as his lips spreading into a knowing smirk.

Richie cleared his throat, “My my, Eds. Are you jealous?

Eddie stopped in his tracks, heat rising against the skin on his face and spreading to his ears and clothed chest. He turned around with an angered look on his face.

“J-jealous? What the fuck of Richie?”

Richie’s smirk turned into a sly one, walking closer and folding his arms. “You’re jealous of me and Beverly, ain’t ya’?”

Just as Eddie was about to protest, Richie walked up and pressed his finger against Eddie’s lips teasingly, rubbing it around over them to force a funny face upon Eddie.

“Don’t answer that, I don’t want you blushing anymore than you already are.”

Eddie was horrified, he didn’t know that the heat sensation over his skin was him blushing. Why was he blushing? 

“I’m not-” Eddie stuttered, before being shushed by Richie’s finger again.

“Is this why you’ve been ignoring me all day?” Richie tilted his head, his curls flopping to one side.

Eddie averted his eyes elsewhere, feeling the shame creep up behind his shoulder. Silence was the best option for Eddie.

“Hm.” Richie hummed, moving his finger away and standing closer to Eddie. “Can I give you some advice Eds?”

Both of the two boys stood in front of Eddie’s house now, Eddie barely moving head to nod as anxiety took over. The anticipation of not knowing what ‘advice’ Richie was going to give him was killing him; Richie was dragging it out purposely to create suspense.

Richie finally spoke in a soft and gentle voice, “Open your fucking eyes, it’s so obvious that I’m in love with you.

Eddie opened his mouth, only for Richie to once again cut him off. This time, it wasn’t Richie’s finger but in fact Richie’s chapped, gum flavoured lips merging against Eddie’s own smooth pair of lips.

Eddie was quickly filled with anxious thoughts, he thought about how many germs were in a human mouth. For instance, there are actually more germs in a human mouth than a dogs. Eddie hitched for a second, before somehow gaining strength and pushing the thoughts away as he trembled into his first kiss with Richie, the boy he was falling for.

Eddie felt the heat run down his shoulders and smothering his spine, sending tingles as he twitched his fingers against Richie’s cheeks whilst on his tiptoes. Richie confidently wrapped his hands around Eddie’s hips to hold him in place for the kiss. Both of the boys had their eyes closed as they enjoyed their moment in perfect unity.

After what seemed like forever, which forever was 10 seconds in this instance, both pulled away for fresh air. Their eyes opened slowly, Eddie looking up at Richie through his eyelashes and Richie surprisingly having flushed freckles over his dotted skin.

Both boys giggled, stepping away from each other awkwardly.

“So.. so uh- don’t get jealous.” Richie chuckled awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck.

“i don’t.. I don’t think I’ll need too.” Eddie whispered, clutching his shirt for mental and physical support.

Richie smiled down at the boy, “Well.. goodnight Eds. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

With that, Richie quickly rushed off with quick steps and his arms frantically moving in-between his steps. 

Eddie watched from afar, his fingertips touching where Richie had kissed him. The bubblegum taste lingered on his own lips from Richie’s, his tongue licking at his bottom lip ever so slightly to remember how Richie melted perfectly against him with no flaws whatsoever. How Richie made him feel negatively about Eddie by making him jealous. How Richie managed to sweep Eddie up and off his feet in the end. How… Eddie loved Richie too.

“I love you too.” Eddie whispered to Richie, despite Richie being very much so far away and couldn’t possibly hear Eddie’s silent confession.

With that, Eddie turned on his heels and made his way back inside.

they like;
dy: here my son
dy: stay away from my son

ty: he’s my son too

dy: there’s nothing look alike you at him



Young!Reader x Uncle!Kol

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Part Two  Part Three Part Four  Part Five

“Well hello Darling.” Kol hummed when he found you sat alone.


“Hello Uncle Kol.” You pouted up at him and he smirked.

“What’s wrong?”  He let you shuffle up and sit closer to him.

You pointed across the garden, the rest of the family were fussing and cooing over Hope. Kol couldn’t help but feel irritated. They always left you out, of all people he thought Klaus would understand.


“How about I take you to the park?” Kol offered and you grinned at him.


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