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Aligned Soundwave’s chronological design changes are weird af 

I mean he goes from Barawave during the very beginning of the Great War:

To a retro G1-like style in War for Cybertron to Fall of Cybertron (this design is also in Dark Spark but I honestly have no clue if that game is canon in the Aligned Continuity):

Lots of IDW readers should be familiar with this design since it was later reused in the 2012 ongoing series Robots in Disguise (later dropped to avoid confusion with the upcoming 2015 cartoon that had the same name)

Then finally we go to the present where Aligned Soundy has his much more debatably iconic look which also brings back his old head:

Of course don’t get me wrong at all, I do not hate ANY of these designs, in fact I love’em and personally think they are kinda cool in their own ways. But I just think it’s pretty funny that over time he goes from a beefcake, to blocky boombox/truck/lamppost, to silent Slenderman.

… and possibly back to beefcake if the RiD2015 Warriors Class toy look is going to be canon in the show (and IF he returns again):

Kind of always low-key irritated by the fact that third world as a term has now been so divorced from it’s original political context and basically been used by the west as a ranking/income system when it originated in the cold war as a way of describing postcolonial countries who refused to align themselves with the capitalist first world and the communist second world by being a third way out aka the anti imperialist non-alignment movement

Since I’ve been reminded of a post I made on Aligned Soundwave’s multiple design changes recently I think I’d might as well talk about one of my more favorite design changes, Bumblebee’s.

Now thankfully there wasn’t any visual flashbacks in the shows or the comics that were based on the shows centered on Bumblebee’s creation just before War For Cybertron, from what I remember anyways, so it would be safe to say that his very first appearance, obviously War For Cybertron, would be his first design

This design was a pretty small round and looks very young yet he also looks ready to head to the frontlines, which is fitting since it’s implied that he was born somewhat recently before the Autobot Campaign.

Like before these designs were used for IDW Bumblebee around The Transformers: The Death of Optimus Prime before getting modified to his “Goldbug’ look (they never named him Goldbug when he was rebuilt because there was already an pre-existing, separate character named Goldbug in Spotlight: Metroplex)

Now he still kept this design during Cybertron Adventures and Fall of Cybertron so there really isnt much change between the three games so lets just head over to the next mold, the Transformers Prime design.

With this look it seems that they wanted to add a Bayformers look to him since the movies were pretty relevant at the time but none the less this looks shows off  that he grown since he left Cybertron but has yet to fully mature just yet.

While his build didnt change in Beast Hunters but he did get some new colors to hide himself from the Decepticons after the Autobots’ base blew up (this was mostly to sell toys on Hasbro’s part but hey it looks good so I can’t complain)

At some point between Prime and BH he visited the Rescue Bots, though this design change is just adapting the TFP look with the show’s “modified G1″ art style than an actual change.

About 20 years after Beast Hunters we reach to Tranformers: Robots in Disguise (2015)

As we can tell he has grown even more than his TFP look and and has a much sleeker and smoother design to show that he’s fully mature and is ready for responsibility.

Honorary mention to Transformers Universe Bumblebee who never was thanks to the game’s cancellation, thus I cannot exactly pin point where exactly this design should go in.

So yeah unlike I’ve mention in the Aligned Soundwave post where the changes in chronological order in the timeline felt weird, somewhat inconsistent, and out of place since his body size and measurements were vastly different in each series; I liked these changes more because they show that Bumblebee has grown a lot since his original appearance as a fresh off of the assembly line messenger to his current appearances an Autobot leader who is ready to take on some responsibility! (Kinda)

I like the Alignment Chart. It’s perfect in its imperfection. I decided to do a little project; a series of collages with each alignment as the theme. Here’s Lawful Good.

And now, my attempt to label each of these characters. None of these characters belong to me, and most of them are not public domain. All rights reserved and whatnot.

FROM THE TOP: And from left to right:

[Angemon | Digimon.] [IRA GAMAGORI | Kill la Kill] [Albus Dumbledore | Harry Potter]

[Chun Li | Street Fighter] [Issho/Fujitora | One Piece] [King Arthur | British Folklore] [Saint Jiub, Eradicator of the Cliffracers | The Elder Scrolls] [General Tullius | The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim]

[Commissioner Gordon | Batman] [Uther the Lightbringer | Warcraft series] [Yoda | Star Wars] [Sgt. Mike Cosgrove | Freakazoid!] [Col. Roy Campbell | Metal Gear Solid]

[Vash the Stampede | Trigun] [Tyrael | Diablo] [The Lone Ranger | The Lone Ranger] [Insp. Akane Tsunemori | Psycho-Pass]

[BANG SHISHIGAMI | BlazBlue] [Robocop | Robocop] [Ky Kiske | Guilty Gear]

[Spock | Star Trek] [Cecil Harvey | Final Fantasy IV] [Optimus Prime | Transformers] [Marth | Fire Emblem]

[Jonathan Joestar | Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood] [Kenshiro | Fist of the North Star] [Phoenix Wright | Ace Attorney]

[Jet Black | Cowboy Bebop] [The Azorius Senate | Magic the Gathering] [Sky High | Tiger & Bunny] [Batman | Batman] [Simon Belmont | Castlevania]

[Superman | Superman]

If there’s someone that isn’t on here that you think should be, or if someone on here shouldn’t be on here, then feel free to let me know. Please. I’m lonely.

may the 4th sw alignments !

in honor of star wars day I wanted to do a little something for my followers, and since I really enjoy doing these I thought i’d bring this back.


alignment: jedi | gray | sith

saber color: blue | green | purple | yellow | orange | red | white

number of sabers: one | two | double bladed

race: human | togruta | twi'lek | mirialan | zabrak | chiss

planet: coruscant | naboo | alderaan | endor | bespin


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why don’t the jedi have a deep space discovery division?? I feel like Obi Wan would have LOVED to work in it one day—obv he would want to be Saving People and all, but it would have def factored into his vague plans for the future