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A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 9

Okay. Well. @outlandishchridhe and I said it would be a while before we’d post a new chapter. We might have fibbed a little. Cause well, here’s a new chapter. We used plotting as a reward for getting homework done, which we totally did. And we had far, FAR too much fun plotting and writing this chapter.

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Fraser Bairn Wach: Month 3

Jamie put the finishing touches on the quinoa salad as the door unlocked. Claire hung her keys up and dropped her bag on the floor.

“Why is it so bloody hot here?” she asked, heading to the refrigerator for a bottle of cold water.

While she took a long drink, he went to her bag and pulled out the plastic bag of wet washcloths to rinse and return to the freezer. Claire already had the extra out and pressed against her neck.

“Because it’s July in the desert, Sassenach,” he said with a laugh. “Did ye drink enough water?”

“I did, I promise. What did you make?”

Setting the bowl on the table, he stuck the serving spoon into it and took a deep breath.

“Weel, it’s a quinoa salad wi’ cucumbers and chickpeas, and a light yogurt dill dressing on the side, to use as ye like.”

“That sounds amazing. And it’s cool, oh I do love you Jamie.”

He gave her a soft kiss on her cheek and smiled as she picked up a slice of cucumber from the cutting board. It was true, what they said. Women had a particular glow about them when they were pregnant and his wife was no different.

Claire had gotten through the first couple months of her pregnancy pretty much unscathed as far as morning sickness was concerned. She had heard the horror stories of mornings filled with vomiting and not being able to eat and thought she had made it past the point that it would affect her. She thought that. But sadly, she was wrong.

It came on all of a sudden. Just one bite of the cucumber. One minute she was fine, the next, she was sprinting down the short hallway and into the bathroom to release the food she had just put into her mouth. Jamie, who had been startled from his dinner preparation by her sudden departure, heard the retching coming from behind the closed door and knocked tentatively.

“Sassenach? Are ye alright?”

He heard her gasp before she answered. 

“Yes, I’m fine. Don’t come in! I don’t want you to see this.”

The water came on and he listened while she brushed her teeth. A moment later, she came out, her face still a little flushed.

“Are ye sure you’re alright, Sassenach?”

“Yes, I’m just fine. I’m perfectly alright now. Though, I think I might not be able to make myself eat the cucumbers in the salad…”

“Dinna fash. I’ll pick them out for ye and eat them myself. I made them big chunks, aye?”

She filled a glass with water and began to drink it while he fixed her a bowl without cucumbers. The rest of the evening was uneventful. They snuggled in bed, though he was hesitant to let it go further than that.

In the morning, he set aside a portion of the leftovers from the previous night for Claire’s lunch, taking care to pick out the cucumbers. Then he started getting together a small breakfast for her, knowing she had a very full day between her classes and work. He’d just buttered some toast and set it on a plate when she came out of the bedroom.

“Morning,” she said, grinning at him.

“Morning, mo nighean donn. Are ye hungry?”


Steering her away from the plate of eggs he’d fixed, he sat her down at the table.

“We’ll no’ see each other all day and I’ll probably be late wi’ work tonight. Let me feed ye properly, at least.”

Rolling her eyes, she folded her arms and waited. Finished, he filled her plate with the eggs and toast. She took one big bite of the perfectly cooked eggs and her hand went to her mouth. Immediately, he knew she would bolt to the bathroom again by the look on her face. This time he followed her in.

While she gripped the sides of the toilet, he held her hair back and out of her face until she finished retching. The sound of it had him worrying that something was wrong with the bairn. Finally, it was over. She sat back and slumped against the wall, her face covered in sweat.

“Are ye alright?”

“I am now.”

“Do we need to call your doctor? I’m gettin’ worried.”

Shaking her head, she closed her eyes and leaned against the wall.

“Unfortunately, this is completely normal,” she sighed, wiping her mouth and taking his outstretched hand to stand up. “Completely normal. It’s just morning sickness.”

“That doesna really explain you being sick last night though.”

“Well, they call it morning sickness, but really it happens all the time. It can happen any time of day and all through the pregnancy, although I’m really hoping our little one here doesn’t keep making me sick or it’ll be a long 6 months to go.” She smiled as she said this, caressing her very, very small bump. She would throw up every day, and gladly, as long as the baby was safe.

Jamie rubbed her back gently, still worried.

“And you’ll be alright at school? And work?”

“Honestly, I feel perfectly alright now. I’ll take it as easy as I can, I promise. But I’ll be fine.”

She brushed her teeth again and followed him back out. Opting for a bowl of cereal instead of the eggs, she finished and grabbed her lunch bag.

“What’d you pack me today?”

“Leftovers from last night. Wi’out the cucumbers. Picked them all out myself.”

“Such a gentleman you are.”

With a deep bow, he gave her hand a kiss.

“Lord Midnight the Blue, at your service, my lady.”

“I’ll see you tonight, my lord. Try not to break yourself at work?”

“Ye ken I fight the dark forces of Merlin. Sometimes that involves taking a blow. But I’ve got a fine lady of medicine waiting for me at home who’ll tend to my wounds.”

Car keys in hand, she smirked from the doorway.

“Just make sure to sneak her out the back door before I see her.”

He let out a hearty laugh as she left.

Thankfully his show had gone well and he hadn’t left with new injuries. Claire would be pleased. As he pulled out of the employee parking lot, he thought about her struggles with the pregnancy sickness. With a stroke of inspiration, he drove to a grocery store and bought her three red roses.

At home, Claire was bustling around the kitchen.

“You’re home!”

“Aye, I am. Sorry I’m late.”

“It’s alright. You’re here now. Hungry?”

With the roses in one hand, he wrapped his arms around her, presenting the flowers with a flourish.

“Starved. But I’ve a wee gift for ye first.”

“Oh Jamie! What’s the occasion?”

“Weel, I figure you’re about three months gone now, aye? Three roses for three months. I canna do the work for ye or take this sickness for ye, but I can bring ye something to say thank you.”

Turning around in his arms, she put her own around his neck and blinked back the tears.

“I think that’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for me. I didn’t think you’d kept such close track.”

“Of course I have, mo nighean donn,” he said, hand over the nearly invisible swell. “This is my child too. I want to keep track of how our bairn’s progress is doing. And to say I love ye more and more every day.”

“I love you too, Jamie.”

Claire set the table and served them both dinner. They ate happily while she regaled him with details from her day, both school and work. Admittedly, he didn’t understand most of the things she said about her classes, but she was happy. That was all he ever wanted.

Dishes in the sink, they cuddled on the couch for a little while. The three red roses sat in a vase on the end table where Claire had put them.

“Ye ken what day it is, Sassenach?”


He tried to keep his smile down, but he couldn’t. Monday was easily his favorite day of the week for one very good reason.

“Ye ken how ye let me take a photograph of yer wee belly on Mondays?”

Heaving a sigh, she slowly stood and started to walk towards the wall he liked to take the picture against.

“Honestly Jamie, I’m not even showing yet. At most, it looks like I’ve a food baby that’s settled there. I don’t know why you want a picture of it. I just look bloated.”

“I want a picture,” he said, turning her slightly after she pulled her shirt up to reveal her belly to him. “Because I want to watch you and the bairn grow.” He kissed her softly then pulled away.

“I want a picture because my beautiful wife is pregnant and glowing with our wee babe inside her.”

“I’m glowing because my skin is so oily and it’s shining in this light,” she retorted, though she smiled at him when he pointed his phone in her direction, unable to keep her hand from touching her near-flat belly.

“Take yer hand off there, Sassenach. I want to see the belly.” He smirked at her over the top of his phone and took another few pictures. She rolled her eyes at him and stuck her tongue out, but let him do as he pleased. Whether she would admit it or not, she also wanted to see her body grow and change, the subtle swell of her belly get larger with their child.

“And ye are glowing. It’s not just yer face, yer whole body seems more alight. Ye look completely beautiful. It’s not just the look of ye either, ken? There’s something all around ye now. I canna explain it, but it’s there.”

He leaned down and took her lips against his, her face shocked but pleased at his assessment of her.

“I do love you something fierce, Jamie Fraser,” she whispered to him between kisses.

“I love you, too, mo nighean donn. Come on. Let’s go to bed.”

About a week later, Jamie was just getting things out to start on dinner when Claire suddenly pushed back from her desk. She’d been studying for an exam all afternoon on her day off and he’d been trying to give her space. He’d been taking careful note about what different foods set off her nausea and had avoided using them at all costs.

Pulling the refrigerator door open roughly, she began digging through the drawers, muttering to herself.

“How do we have no cucumbers in this whole bloody apartment?!”

Frowning, he opened a jar and set it on the counter.

“Cucumber? The last time ye had any, it left ye puking yer guts out! I havena bought any in a week.”

She stood up and closed the door. He glanced at her just in time to see the tears welling in her eyes. Her bottom lip began to tremble as a red flush started up her neck. When her mouth opened, he thought she might yell. What happened was much, much worse.

“I just… Wanted… B-bloody cucumber…”

Then the dam broke and she shook with intense sobs. For a moment, he stood there in complete shock. His mouth hung open while she wept in the middle of the kitchen. He rushed to her and pulled her close, trying to find a way to soothe her.

“Hush lass, dinna cry. If ye want a cucumber, I’ll go and fetch ye one. Dinna cry, mo nighean donn. I’ll fetch ye a whole bushel if ye wish.”

Slowly, her head came up from his chest, her blue eyes amazingly bright from her tears.

“W-would y-you?” she stammered between hiccups.

“Aye, lass. I’ll go right now.”

“Th-thank you, Jamie.”

Considering her emotional state, he bought as many cucumbers as he could fit in the produce bag at the grocery store.

She was on the couch when he got home, no longer crying, thank God. She looked a little sheepish but, as soon as she saw him, she hopped to her feet and began reaching for the bag.

“No, no, a nighean. Let me wash one for ye first.”

He rinsed and brushed a large cucumber off before turning to the cutting board. Claire stood directly behind him, eyes on the vegetable.

“Christ!” he yelped, moving back. “I didna even hear ye get off the couch!”

Her eyes darted from him to the cucumber and back. When she licked her lips, he nearly threw it at her for fear of losing his own fingers.

“Here! Take the damn thing!”

She held it, staring down at it for a moment. Quickly, she picked up the knife Jamie had been about to use and chopped one end off before taking a huge bite. It wasn’t until she’d swallowed the bite that she looked up and met his eyes.

“I’m sorry, Jamie. These hormones are… I don’t even know what to do with myself. I didn’t mean to start crying like that. I’m sorry I frightened you.”

“Dinna fash, lass. Ye didna frighten me. I worried I’d been an arse somehow and hurt ye. If I’d kent ye wanted them, I’d have bought them at the store today.”

“I know, and I didn’t know I wanted them until I got up from the desk. I promise, it wasn’t you at all. Thank you for getting some. It’s quite good.”

Cupping her face in one hand, he smiled fondly at her.

“All I want is for ye to be happy. If ye need me to get ye cucumbers in the middle of the night, I’ll find some way to make it happen.”

She looked up at him seriously for a moment.

“I want you to be happy too. I feel like sometimes… I feel quite selfish. You do all these things for me and…”

Jamie cut her off with a long, slow kiss. He rested his forehead against hers and waited until she met his gaze.

“Ye do plenty for me, Claire. You come home after long days and make us dinner, you always ken when I need ye, when I’m hurting after work and yer willing to rub my shoulders for me, when ye get up before me to make a coffee for me, ye’re doing sae well in classes and working and growing our bairn. Trust me, Sassenach, going to fetch ye a wee cucumber is but a blip on the radar.”

He saw her eyes get teary again and hugged her close.

“Ye are perfect, mo nighean donn. Yer everything I didna know I wanted until I met ye. Dinna think that yer not worth that.”

He heard her soft sniffle against his shirt and ran a soothing hand down the length of her back.

“I love you,” came a watery voice from below his chin.

“I love ye, too, mo nighean donn. Come on. Let’s having something to eat, aye? Aside from yon wee cucumber there.”

That earned him a small laugh and a thump to the chest, but her eyes shone up at him, filled with wonder at this man who could love her so much.

She helped him prepare the rest of their dinner and they ate cuddled up on the couch instead of at the table, needing to just be close to one another.

When they went to bed that night, right before he drifted off to sleep, arms snugly around her, he heard her whisper, “How did I ever get so lucky as to find you?”

He smiled and searched for her mouth with his, giving her a sleepy kiss before bringing her even closer and pulling her into sleep with him, safe and secure in each other’s arms.

SQW Day 1: Confessions

“Exactly how drunk are you, Miss Swan?”

Emma doesn’t think she’s ever seen Regina’s eyebrow quirked quite so high and if it were any other time, she’d probably burst out laughing. As it is, she’s got something on her mind — something that, if she’s being honest with herself, has been on her mind for way too long now — and she’s too busy trying not to vomit to find much funny.

“Pleasantly buzzed,” she deadpans. Or at least she hopes it comes off that suave. “On a scale of one to completely shit-faced, I’d say I’m at about a four point five.” Okay, maybe closer to an eight, but Regina doesn’t need to know that. Emma screws her mouth into a smile she hopes to gods says “endearing and irresistible savior” but is pretty sure translates a little more “struggling to stand up.” Oh well.

“Eloquent as always, I see.” Regina, clad in silk pyjamas and a matching robe, is trying to be the picture of sternness but Emma can’t fight the little somersault her stomach does when she sees her son’s other mother trying to suppress a smile of her own  — rather unsuccessfully, she notes. Nice one, Emma.

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Nights with you would burn your eyes, hands, skin, and lips. Setting me alight. The beautiful friction of flame mixing with flame until the wild fire consumes us and we explode. I just want to be the reason your dark eyes are afire. To be the skin over which your hands and mouth explore. Make my body your atlas and touch all the places you want to go.


Request: Could you write an Alexander x reader where reader is a friend of Angelica and she invistes her to a walk with Alex, Laf, Herc and John and the reader thinks Alex is really cute and he likes her too and they talk and he flirts a bit and he gives her his coat bc it’s cold and just something very cute and fluffy.

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Time period: Modern

Word count: 2,158

Warning: None

A/N: So this one took a bit longer than I expected to post, mostly because I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do this in modern time or hamiltime. Thank you to the anon who requested this for being a super sweetie. I hope you enjoy!

Part Two || Part Three

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The Signs + Mythical Creatures

Aries: Dragon
The intensity and power a dragon holds makes me think of Aries, along with the fire-breathing aspect. Dragons seem to be beautiful and powerful, but hot tempered. They’re also often guarding treasure in stories, which could symbolize an Aries’ protectiveness for the people they love.

Taurus: Forest Sprite
In Spiderwick, there are beautiful little sprites dancing among the tree leaves and collecting fruit, and it reminds  me strongly of Taurus. Their peaceful appearance, combined with their beauty and comfort with nature speaks to me for this sign.

Gemini: Sphinx
I know this might be a bit of a cliche, but it’s undeniably Gemini. Half-human, half-lion creatures who force humans to answer riddles is a very compelling, mischievous, and calculating concept.

Cancer: Mermaid
Every Cancer I meet has something about them that reminds me of saltwater. They look at peace when they’re surrounded by water. The allure and beautiful gentleness of mermaids combined with their slightly haunting features reminds me heavily of this sign.

Leo: Siren
The allure of a Leo is exciting, irresistible, and dangerous. The confidence and radiating aura they give off is captivating. Their beautiful smiles alight with mischief made it impossible for me not to put them as this tricky creature.

Virgo: Werewolf
Virgos have always reminded me of wolves, with their quiet, powerful, intelligent energy and their protectiveness of their loved ones. They’re very loyal and brave, and that loyal mentality lead me to this creature.

Libra: Elf
Elegant, charming, willowy creatures really says Libra to me. Their talent in archery and magic is captivating. There’s a delicate reservedness to them, and yet they’re one of the most alluring mythical creatures of all.

Scorpio: Vampire
I contemplated giving Siren to Scorpio, but a Scorpio’s allure is different than that of a Leo’s. It’s dark, entrancing, and a little bit seductive. It shouldn’t be attractive, but it is. The introversion and wisdom of a vampire really says Scorpio to me.

Sagittarius: Phoenix
I see Phoenix given to Scorpio all the time, and I agree with it, but I also feel that the Phoenix is very Sagittarius. It is a symbol of freedom, independence, and resilience, and that is Sagittarius to me.

Capricorn: Centaur
I admit, I based this off of the centaurs in Harry Potter. The wisdom, patience, and ancient history surrounding them is very Capricorn to me. That being said, they’re also wild and free, which I love for this sign.

Aquarius: Griffin
“A creature with the body of a lion, the tail of a snake, and the head and wings of an eagle.” Something about the eclectic parts of this creature, and the way that it’s bizarre and yet powerful really says Aquarius.

Pisces: Will-o’-the-wisp
This legendary mythical creature is a beautiful light that beckons travelers to follow. I love it for Pisces, because it’s whimsical and entrancing and eerie. There’s something incredibly beautiful about it that makes you want to keep watching and figure it out.

zukka snippet

an excerpt from a fic that has been in the works since…march? haha wow i am a loser

It happens so slowly that Zuko almost doesn’t notice it.

At first, there are still moments when Zuko has to fight the overwhelming urge to lean over and run his hands under Sokka’s shirt and his lips across his neck. All too often he finds himself swallowing past the dryness in his throat when he’s with Sokka; when they spar—when they eat—when Sokka pulls off his shirt, complaining loudly about the heat—when he pulls out the tie from his hair and runs his fingers through the strands—

But then—slowly—gradually—imperceptibly—it becomes more than that.

Sokka laughing, and Zuko blooms warmth from deep in his gut to the tips of his fingers. The light catching, turning Sokka’s hair to dancing waves of flame, and Zuko’s heart stutters in his chest. Their hands brushing, innocently, as they walk through the plush halls of the palace, and Zuko’s stomach ties itself into desperate, incomprehensible knots. Sokka grinning, his eyes alight and bright and beautiful, and Zuko loses the ability to speak.

It takes a while, but Zuko finally figures it out.

It’s not abrupt and jarring, a splash of freezing water sending him sputtering and reeling, his mind spinning with the realization. It’s not a sudden, grandiose epiphany striking him in the middle of the day, overriding his thoughts and seizing his soul.

No. It’s soft, and it’s warm and welcome and inevitable. It’s the truth, and it feels like coming home.

He’s in love with Sokka.

anonymous asked:

Think about that time after they started dating (and Tony being touch starved as well) - he would be so self-concious and scared to inniciate any touch with Rhodey, he would be preping himself for taking Rhodey's hand for couple of minutes while they are on their first date - he would be scared to do it, because what if..? Same goes for showing any affection while the team is around. He doesn't want to make Rhodey uncomfortable, but he really REALLY wants to be close to him.

They’ve probably reached a point in their friendship where Tony’s finally comfortable with reaching out towards Rhodey for comfort or affection (which he does all the time) when Rhodey asks him out on a date. And it’s Rhodey who asks because sure, Tony’s thought about it before (it’s hard not to do, when you spend your Friday night cuddled up on the couch together, bodies entangled so that it’s impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins, when Tony can’t remember the last time he looked at someone that wasn’t Rhodey, always Rhodey), but he’d never dared to hint at something more. Not when it might cost him the friendship of the kindest, sweetest, safest person Tony’s ever known. And besides Tony’s happy with what they have right now, happy that Rhodey’s his to hug and tease and laugh with. That’s more than he’d ever expected to have, it’s more than enough.

Except of course that Tony’s always been a greedy person, always takes and takes and takes what’s being offered and when Rhodey asks (stressing the ‘romantic date’ part three times because he obviously knows Tony far too well), Tony knows, knows he should say ‘No’, that it would be the right thing to do, that it’ll hurt so much more later on, and he’s powerless to whisper anything other than “Yes!”. Rhodey smiles, beautiful, brilliant, alight, squeezes Tony’s hand reassuringly and Tony almost believes that maybe it’ll be alright.

It’s not alright.

It’s not alright because two days later, they’re on a date. A real, romantic date. They eat dinner at Tony’s favourite Diner and watch a movie he’s been talking about for weeks. It’s what they’ve done a thousand times before and if Tony closes his eyes and pretends not to know that Rhodey’s dressed in the tight-fitted shirt he always wears on first dates because he knows he looks great in it and that’s just not fair, damn it, it’s almost like all the other times they’ve done this. Only not.

It’s a date and Tony is all too aware of the fact that he sucks at this whole dating thing. He always says the wrong thing, comes across as too brash or too awkward and he’s spaced out for the second time now and Rhodey’s starting to look worried- And he’s already messed this up, hasn’t he?

The evening goes on like this, stilted and uncomfortable, and Tony is getting quieter by the minute, doesn’t even talk thorough the movie like he usually would. All he really wants to do is reach out and take Rhodey’s hand but it’s different now, isn’t it? It’d mean something and Tony isn’t sure what he wants to convey and what if Rhodey takes it the wrong way? Tony doesn’t want to come across as clingy or needy or weird. So he tries, he really tries to behave but the frown lines on Rhodey’s forehead just keep getting deeper, make Tony want to reach out and smooth them over, except what if he isn’t allowed-

And suddenly the movie’s over and they’re standing in front of Tony’s dorm and Rhodey takes a gentle hold of Tony’s hands and asks simply, seriously, “What’s wrong, Tones?”

Tony doesn’t remember what he says in response exactly, all he knows is what comes out is a mess of words, too fast and meshed together to be the calm ‘Nothing’ it was supposed to be. His hands feel cold and clammy and it’s gross, he really should let go now but his body apparently hasn’t gotten the memo, clings to Rhodey instead because that’s what Tony does- used to do before everything changed and-

“Tony,” Rhodey says in that way that makes sure he listens but also lets Tony know that he’s not in too much trouble, “You didn’t mess up, Tony. I had a lovely time-”

And that, that’s a lie, Tony knows it is, he knows-

Rhodey reaches out and cups the side of Tony’s face, thumb gently stroking across his cheek and that’s- Tony can’t be expected to think like this.

“Tony,” and there’s the exasperation Tony’s been expecting but there’s so much fondness too and it sort of steals Tony’s breath, the way Rhodey smiles at him, slow and sincere, “You won’t mess up either.”

And Tony shakes his head because he can’t, Rhodey can’t know that, but he doesn’t deny it because it’s Rhodey and if there’s anyone Tony believes in it’s him.

“Because making a relationship requires two people and so does destroying one. And, Tony,” Rhodey leans in just that slightest bit closer, eyes dark and so, so warm, “I don’t wanna lose you. So I’ll do my damnest to make this work and so will you, cause that’s the person you are. And that’s gonna be enough.”

Tony isn’t stupid, of course he knows it’s not gonna be that easy, people, and he in particular, always mess up eventually but when Rhodey looks at him like that, the picture of conviction, Tony can’t do anything but believe him. “You sure?” he asks anyways and Rhodey huffs a little laugh.

“More than enough,” he says and places a light kiss on Tony’s forehead. “Now will you let go of my hands so that I can unlock the door?”

te amo - rilaya

this was based off the textpost by @lifewithtyde that suggested that Riley and Maya are studying and Maya confesses her love to Riley in Spanish, but Riley actually understands hence blushy embarrassed Maya. (literally a genius post, check them out!)


Riley’s face fell into her Spanish book with a loud thump and a resounding groan.  "Maya this is hopeless! I’m just a disgrace, a single letter away from failure.“ They’d been working for nearing on two hours without prevail on Riley’s behalf and the sky was darkening out the Matthews’ living room windows. So far she’d only managed to say a few simple sentences; currently struggling on saying "I love you”.

Maya, who found this ironic in many circumstances, only sighed and gazed lovingly at her best friend. Riley was not one who often experienced failure, but had self esteem issues to a fault. Maya understood, what kind of best friend would be if she didn’t? Riley felt that she needed to be verified by things, by grades, by achievements (by a boy liking her, she whispered softly to herself) and if those things fell through, such as her Spanish pre-assessment which was printed with a red ’D’, she felt like she was worthless. Which was totally not the case, Riley was anything but a worthless disgrace.

In Maya’s eyes at least. She’d fight anyone who thought differently.

Taking all this to mind, Maya let out a small laugh and lifted Riley’s chin out of the book with her manicured finger. When the brunette’s eyes refused to meet her’s she lifted her right hand with emphasis, putting on display a silver Claddagh ring, which was turned inward. No one needed to know what wearing in that particular spot on that particular hand meant, that her heart was captured by someone, no one would ever care to take notice of where it was, just what it meant to Riley and Maya. How strong their friendship was.

Sometimes Maya felt like she was tainting the very meaning of the rings with her unrequited affections for her best friend, but others she wanted to scream it from the rooftops for people to just take notice, to put two and two together, but she never did. Because this was a charade, one she was stuck in for the long haul. And by god if pretending to like Lucas Friar was going to shove down her true feelings and eventual pain, she was going to throw everything she had into this game.

But not now. Not when no one was around and she had Riley to herself. Not when later she could play it off as platonic, saying they were best friends if people later questioned. “Ring power,” Maya whispered.

Riley’s gaze flecked upwards to meet Maya’s at last, unable to deny the two words, they both knew if they refused they lost their meaning.

The first thing Maya noticed being this close was that her best friend looked so, so tired. With their faces less than a foot apart the bags under her eyes were much more visible, how disheveled her hair was, though endearing, anyone could tell the girl was a mess. Every time she blinked her eyes stayed closed for a long time, nearly proving that she’d barely slept since being handed back that test.

“I can’t do it, Peaches, I can’t.”

Something in Maya broke. Riley sounded so defeated, as if the world was ending. The blonde almost brought herself to say that it was just a test, just a grade, just a pre-assessment, but knew none of it would be of any comfort. This was one of the only ways Riley felt self-worth, diminishing that would hurt more than anything. So she took a lighter approach.

“Honey, of course you can.” Maya interlocked their fingers. “You can do absolutely anything you set your mind to, I promise. I can help you, we can do this together. You just need to take a deep breath and focus, don’t over analyze it.”

Riley nodded, gulped once, took a deep breath and straightened her slouched posture. Maya smiled, satisfaction blossoming in her chest. “Okay , now, pronounce slowly. Te amo.”

“Te a-amo,” Riley spoke slowly, dragging out the vowels carefully. Maya’s face broke into a smile.

“Muy buena, Miel!”

Riley’s brightened face scrunched back to confusion, brows furrowing in. “Thank you, Milk?”

The blonde fought the will to laugh and tell Riley how cute she was (she’d been doing it a little too often lately, she hadn’t missed Isadora’s backwards glances). “Honey, actually.”

Riley’s face visibly brightened, a smile cracking through her somber features. Her eyes were suddenly alight, blazing with that beautiful, innocent curiosity Maya was used to. “Can you teach me to say peaches?!” She was bouncing now, the previous zombie-like demeanor vanishing in an instant.

Maya’s features copied that of her best friend’s, grabbing her hands excitement, interlacing their fingers and knowing that she could actually teach Riley something for a change. That she could do this. “I can teach you any word you want to say.”

Riley giggled and kissed the top of Maya’s hand, the skin where her lips had touched sending electricity through Maya’s entire body. “Thank you…”

“Duraznos,” Maya completed for her. Duraznos and Miel, Peaches and Honey, Maya thought lovingly.

“Duraznos,” Riley repeated confidently. She took a deep breath, nodding to herself. “I can do this, we can do this.” The brunette stood confidently from her slouched position on the kitchen table, slamming her palms on the wood. “Alright, Maya, put on the coolest clothes you can find, we’re going out!”

Maya’s head spun to where her best friend was stomping towards her room, surprised by the statement. Weren’t they supposed to be studying? “To where?!”

Riley didn’t turn around, instead yelling over her shoulder: “The grocery, obviously. How do you expect me to learn Spanish in the middle of the night without soda, candy and macaroni?”

“Don’t say with-”

“Oh and ketchup!” Riley exclaimed. “Now c'mon, we have to look really cool walking around after dark and I don’t know how to look like anything but prey.”

Maya laughed, standing up. “That is another thing I know how to be of assistance with.” She grabbed Riley, linking their arms tightly and running into the brunette’s bedroom, thanking the heavens that Cory and Topanga had planned themselves a date night that included Auggie staying at Ava’s.


Riley sleepily squirted another drop of ketchup onto the cheesy noodles, causing Maya to gag and avert her eyes quickly.

Though she didn’t agree with some of the food… mixtures, Maya had to say the grocery trip had been a success, them grabbing packs of soda and boxed candy (and of course, the brunette’s macaroni and ketchup) at rapid speeds and paying with ease. Actually, if Maya really thought about it, the trip hadn’t so much been an interruption as it had been a hands-on learning experience. As they’d raced down the isles in order to not be seen by anyone who would recognize them, Maya had been giving Riley the Spanish equivalent of everything she touched.

Macaroni? Macarrones.

Candy? Caramelo.

Ketchup? Salsa de tomate.

Soda? Soda.

The entire thing had been exhilarating. Yes, of course, Maya had snuck out at night before, but somehow her breaking the rules with Riley, her cheeks flushed, makeup slightly smeared and face bright with excitement made it all the more fun, the night wind whipping their hair every which way.

And no, it was not just because her best friend looked really, really good in Maya’s tight, black skinny jeans, white crop top and beat up Converse. Though that was an added, quite sexy, bonus. Riley had told Maya to make her look cool, after all.

In the end, though, Maya thought she’d been a fairly good teacher. For her first time, at least. Riley could say a good many sentences now and even carry a conversation for a little while at least. She was really hoping no one ever asked her to do it again, though, because, while being amazing and her getting alone time with her beautiful best friend, it was exhausting. She almost took pity upon Matthews, this was his job. No wonder he always landed face-first into his cereal bowl in the mornings.

Who really knows, Maya might take up on the offer again if she got Riley’s complete, full focus like she did tonight. Her chocolate eyes giving Maya their undivided attention, listening carefully to every word she spoke. It was the first time in a very long while she felt like she had every part of Riley, that she wasn’t sharing her girl with some boy. And she would be lying if she said she didn’t soak up every precious second of it.

The oven clock behind Riley flicked to three am and Maya was surprised they’d even made it this long. The longest she’d ever studied was five minutes and, even though they’d tried many times, she and Riley had never been able to stay up too far past three on a normal sleepover night.

Which was basically almost every night, but all the same, she didn’t think tonight was going to be any different. Riley was trying to read her Spanish textbook, but her blink where becoming long and her head kept dipping downwards, Maya’s hands ready to make sure she caught her if she happened fall onto the table every time.

And finally, when Riley finally did pass out, and Maya gently lied her head on the textbook, the brunette was in the middle of a full conversation in Spanish. The warm feeling of satisfaction and love was blossoming in Maya’s chest, keeping her awake for a while longer; if only just to gaze at her best friend.

Afterwards, she was never sure if it was the tiredness taking her over or just her mixed, heartfelt emotions, but all the same, as the red digits flicked to three thirty-two, Maya whispered softly: “Roberta, se puede incluso darse cuenta de lo irremediablemente enamorado de ti estoy?”

“Creo que estoy empezando a. Te amo demasiado, melocotones.”

She hadn’t expected Riley to respond, hell, she thought the girl was asleep. With her flushed face pressed against the glossy pages of her textbook, she sure looked like it! But when the brunette responded to her love confession, a small smile (almost smirky-looking) quirking up on her lips, Maya’s face went beet red and she shoved her own face into the pages ust to hide her embarrassment. Maybe she’d taught Riley a little too well, she thought, twisting their friendship ring on her finger.

Or maybe she’d taught her just enough.

mclodyvalentine  asked:

Kara Danvers (always fighting for what's right, smart and with a sense of elegance proper to her that stands out in the crowd), Jean Grey (outstandingly beautiful, alight with a passionate flame, cares about others and what they think), Peggy Carter (independent, brave, knows her value and doesn't let other people's opinions get in her way)

!!!!!!!oh my goOODNESS!!!

tell me which three characters i make you think of

Coming Out

Based on prompt- can someone write a fanfic where c and l are together in secret for personal reasons but their new album success has made all this paparazzi follow them and they catch them kissing so the decide to come out as a couple and they’re just all cute and openly affectionate with each other at meet and greets and stuff

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Party Post 1 - 2 -3 - 4 - 5 - 67 

Suggested Listening:

It’s quiet now, the party faded away, the house settling into the long hours of the night. But even in the quiet, the sounds of life creep out the corners.

Laughter echos up the stairs, though hushed in its own way by the dimness of the candles and the snow drifting outside the big windows. The sound of stomping feet comes next, Galahad racing up the flights only to be pinned against the wall by Tristan. Their lips slide together, laughter not yet faded, caught glowing amidst sloppy, clumsy, kisses that end with escape and chase once more. Whiskey warmed chuckles as they crash and stumble together in this fashion, until between Tristan’s off key warbling and Galahad’s cackled shushing, tongue smothering away the ill conceived notes, they make it to their bedroom. One of them, it doesn’t matter who in the knot of limbs, frees an arm, leaning in to bury their face in the other’s throat, and with another gasp of mirth, the door slams shut.

Behind another door, the light doesn’t reach. Only faint strains flicker into the darkness from beneath the door, barely enough to outline the figure sinking slowly to the floor. Thin sobs shatter through the emptiness of the air and shoulders bend small. Char’s arms wrapping around himself, trying to convince the shaking to stop. But he can’t seem to make it go away. If only he could just make it go away. If only he could make it stop, could get up, could apologize, could smile. He always smiles, he’s good at smiling, he wants to - wants to get up, but the shudders won’t stop. Please, his mouth forms without sound. Please come back. He sinks down further against the door, tears tracking silently down his cheeks,  

He can’t see the snow through the blurry haze of his vision.

But the snow whirls, surrounds Johann, shivering without a coat, on the emptiness of the balcony. A drink, his first tonight, clutched between his fingers. His dark shirt makes a stark shape against the endless expanse of white. Lovely, untarnished white, and he steps in it and mars. From a distance, it glitters, the warm light the house throws setting it all alight like diamonds. It’s beautiful, his lips curls unhappily, he doesn’t deserve it. The whole of the glass disappears in one swallow.

Inside, the embers of the fireplace are burning slowly down, the last rosy shades thrown out into the room. And on the couch, in the center of all the chaos remaining from the night, and the between the glimmer of the hundreds of candles Hannibal had insisted on, they twine together. Will’s head on Hannibal’s chest, Hannibal’s arm curved down around his back, the other clean again, neat, their legs tangled in a heap, breathing in the silence of each other’s presence, the quiet of the beating of their hearts. Together. Slouched and comfortable, the easy sliding together of pieces so long apart. The apology that sits on Hannibal’s tongue doesn’t need to be manifested, Will can taste it, kisses it away softly because he doesn’t need it. Not right now.

“I love you.”

He murmurs instead, his face nuzzling down into Hannibal’s shoulder, his forehead pressed against him, lashes brushing his cheeks as his eyes close, drifting into the cozy easiness of the moment, letting it fill him.

He can’t see Hannibal’s face from where he rests, but it shines through the dimness, soft and surprised, the crinkles of something like happiness shifting through it, easing it, brighter than the candles and the dying flames, lit up with something altogether different. Not pure, perhaps, or whole, but something all his own…his own, and Will’s, theirs together. His lips quirk up at the edges, and he leans over, presses his cheek against the burrowed head, slow inhales and exhales as they settle for the night. And there they stay.

Outside, the flakes fall fast, silent and heavy, drift down and settle on the glowing house.

It was chaotic. Gunshots was firing rapidly, people were running like mad, and someone let out a bloodcurdling scream…

Then, as if in slow motion, he saw Cora-san running towards him with his face contracted in terror. He was shouting something at him, but the deafening gunshots and cries were making it impossible for Law to hear him. Vaguely, he made out his name and ‘run’ by the shape Cora-san’s lips took, and that was the last thing he saw as he diverted his attention back to his eyes and saw in panic that they had widened comically.

The slow motion continued as Cora-san seemingly tripped on something and fell face first to the ground. It was only after he saw the man in an ugly pink coat and wearing ridiculous sunglasses that he understood that he had actually been shot.

“Noooo! Cora-san!” 

He sprinted forward towards the figure laying down on the dirty ground, and turned the man’s body so that he was laying on his back. 

“Cora-san no! You can’t die! No, no please! Please!”

He was sobbing as he clutched the man’s shirt, but it was no use… His eyes were closed, and the bullet had pierced the left side of his chest; a vital point. He shook his head like mad, making his neck hurt but he wasn’t able to feel it. He couldn’t feel anything beside the huge gap somewhere inside him-

“Law! Law wake up!.. LAW!”

Someone was shaking him, suddenly he wasn’t where he was a moment before, instead, it was all dark.

He swallowed with difficulty and bit his lower lip. He tried to will the tears away, but like all the other times he had this same nightmare, it wasn’t working.

Kid reached over him to the nightstand on his side, flicking the light on and and taking the glass of water that was placed on the mahogany.

“Here, straighten up a bit-” Kid helped Law get into a sitting position and put the pillow behind his back.

“Drink.” Law didn’t say anything, and just gripped the glass with both hands lest it slipped from his hold.

He leaned forward after taking a few sips, placing the glass back on the nightstand. 

Kid was slowly rubbing his back to comfort him, and in a way he couldn’t understand, it was working.

“Do you wanna.. uhm-talk about it maybe?”

Law continued staring down at his laps for a few seconds, watching his teardrops leave dark marks on the duvet. Then he slowly moved to lay back down, reaching and switching the light off first.

Kid followed him and went back down, turning to lay on his side. The moonlight coming from the window was lighting up his worried features. 

Law continued his silence for a few moments, trying to get his breathing regular again. How many times had it been now? He had lost the count. He had lost the count of times he had to lose Cora-san over and over again; being forced to relive the unbearable pain in this never-ending cycle of nightmares. This wasn’t fair… Was it ever gonna stop?

He swallowed again, this time a bit easier, and whispered hoarsely;

“I can’t…”

Kid didn’t need to ask what he meant. By now, he had gotten used to being woken up in the middle of the night, his husband thrashing and moaning in pain. His eyes would be screwed shut tightly and tears would be streaming down from the corners, making Kid’s heart broke into million pieces. He would do anything to be the one hurting in Law’s place, and spare his love this terrible torture.

He moved carefully so that he was laying over Law, supporting himself on his elbows that was placed on either side of that beautiful face.

“I’m so sorry baby… I’m so sorry… God, I wish I could take away your pain… I wish there was something, anything I could do-”

“No!” Law’s voice didn’t crack this time.

“Don’t you ever say that, you hear me?! How can you even think… How do you think I am able to survive this? If it wasn’t for you-” And his voice broke again, quiet sobs wracking his body no matter how hard he tried to stop them. He had always lost this fight, and this time was no different. 

“Sshhh… It’s alright love, it’s all fine… It’s all gonna be okay, I’m right here for you… I’ve got you… Always…”

Kid was laying small kisses all over his forehead, temple, cheek, jaw, down his neck… Law sighed and the redhead’s left hand grabbed his right one tightly and moved their entwined hands up over his head.

“Don’t you know?.. I love you so, so much. I love you so madly that sometimes it feels like I’m gonna burst into pieces… My everything… You are my everything, and I’m never, ever gonna let anything hurt you like this ever again…”

Tears continued streaming down; this time from love overload. He really owed Kid everything; his life, his beautiful home, his family, his sanity…

“I know… God, I know… Fuck, I love you so much it hurts… How am I ever gonna repay-”

“Sshhh, no such thing. You are the biggest gift I’ve ever received, if anything, I’m the one in debt here… Speaking of which, it occurred to me only now that I never got to unwrap you as you wore a red bow… And nothing else.”

Law chuckled, thanking his husband’s silliness and the effort he was making to divert his mind from the nightmare. He always managed to find a way, somehow… That was just one of the miracles Law never quite understood.

“Oh, that’s what you want, is it? Well, I’m sure something can be arranged…”

Kid continued nuzzling his neck a bit more, and then lifted his head to gaze into Law’s eyes, his face alight with the most beautiful smile Law had ever seen.

“Ah, you are spoiling me… What did I ever do to deserve you?”

Law couldn’t help but smile just as widely, lifting his head to peck him sweetly, and then pulling him down with him as he got comfortable on their bed, deepening the kiss. 

‘That’s more than what I can say for myself, Eustass-ya, but even if I don’t deserve you, I’m never letting you go…’

(The art belongs to にゅうめん )

Riding Bikes

I took this prompt a bit further and started in childhood.

hangrid au, fluff, sfw, sff, 2.5k

Every few days during the summer, while seven-year-old Hannah is reading in her front room, the girl from down the street zooms by on her bike. Hannah watches her speed by, pedaling so fast that her feet are a blur. The girl is decked out from head to toe in blue and the bike is a bright, electric shade that looks like the sky, but on fire. With blue flames. Her dad chases after her, sometimes yelling in vain for her to slow down. The girl just speeds ahead, sweat beading on her forehead as she pushes harder at the pedals.

One day, mid-June, the summer sun has heated the house too much to stand and Hannah is reading under the oak tree in her front yard. Quiet and hidden, she avoids the looks of passersby who she assumes are judging her and her mom for their house, her clothes, her being alone. A flash of blue catches her eye as the small brunette rushes past her; feet whirling and face alight with a beautiful smile. It’s the first time Hannah has seen her face and she’s struck by how pretty the girl is. Hannah’s never seen someone so pretty in all seven years of her life. That’s cool.

Hannah can’t take her eyes off of the girl. She’s been past Hannah’s house seven times now, always turning around safely at the end of the street. Hannah even got up once to see why her dad isn’t running after her, but it turns out he’s just on their porch, reading the paper and looking up every time the girl, this spark of light and interest in Hannah’s life, flies by on two wheels.

The crunch of plastic right in front of her house alerts Hannah of the girl’s fall. Heart racing, Hannah jumps up and sprints from her resting place in the shade to the street where she finds the girl sitting on the ground, examining the blood on her knee. The girl isn’t crying, which surprises Hannah. She’s peering at her knee as Hannah walks up to her. Hannah feels bedgraggled next to the girl’s beauty and attire: she’s wearing blue cargo shorts and a blue T shirt but she looks so good. Hannah’s got on grey hand-me-downs from who-knows-which cousin.

“Are you okay?” Hannah asks in what is barely more than a whisper.

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She Tells Me What She Needs

I ask her what she needs. With a passing glance, a sly smile, a sudden inhale, she asks me:

“Need…? What do you mean, what do I need? That question is so broad and open to interpretation. You have to TELL me, specifically, what you want of me. How to go about answering this gives me too much to wax poetically about, unless I’m feeling sarcastic, then as yourself, are you ready for a beating?”

As I’m about to answer, she raises her slender finger up at me, shakes her head, and says:

“Let me, begin…

Practicality. Romance. Understanding. Laughter. Comfort. Passion. Desire. No pain.

Today, we’ll start with this…

I NEED someone that will look at me with want and crave me all the time. He will open up his eyes, from any type of sleep, and the first thing he will think of is that I’m his everything. He will curse the days before me, forget them, and then move on. Keep close all the lessons that he learned throughout his life. But, he will live in our moments, always eyeing our future. So that he can see himself beside me from now until forever. There will be every morning spent, preparing for his day, and that I am his reason to make it through, always.

A man who will want me, properly in his life. Not just for my body, nor for sex, nor for convenience sakes, but for the times he feels scared, alone, weak, and still gets up to put up a fight. For me, for him, for everything, as friend, lover, partner, and wife.

He’ll see my every weakness, he’ll embrace all of my flaws. He’ll kiss away the demons and the doubt that will befall. He’ll embrace my very being and tell me it’s alright. Late at night when doubt will fill me and hold me nice and tight.

He will send me flowers just because, or candy. (Chocolate makes it all perfect.) He’ll treat me like a princess, but love me like a woman.

I’ll finally feel safe, complete and fulfilled. I’ll have someone to fall asleep with and wake up with every day. More importantly they’ll have me, I will grant them my whole heart. For life is worth living; but, so much better with someone.

So, does this answer, partially, the question you have asked? Maybe tomorrow I will tell you more, for now, I’ve said enough.”

I’m dumbstruck by her beauty, alight by her truths. I wonder if I’ll ever be good enough for her. Meanwhile, I’ll keep my mouth shut and love her just the same. Maybe I can be worthy of her love, someday. She walks away, after staring at me for some time. I thought I saw her shake her head, or is it wishful love? Tomorrow I may find the nerve…but tonight I’ll close my eyes and dream of her and wish that I could find the words. But, alas…I wish too much.

-This was inspired by a write on a blog I came across. I think, feel, most women kind of want this. As a single man, it’s what I offer, so I embellished with my feelings of what I’d like to give. Thank you for the words, @my-secret-desire69 and I hope I did them justice. It’s an adult blog, so…NSFW. 😄😶😊

-H. Murcia 6:26PM 12/26/2016

Gravity || Chapter Eighteen

Title: Gravity (Part 19/20)
Rating: K+
Summary: —AU, all human— Awkward new boy John Noble isn’t expecting much out of his new school — and his lack of expectations are fulfilled when he’s targeted by a bully on the first day. What takes him by surprise is pretty, popular Rose Tyler coming to his rescue.
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler

NOTE: The first thirteen chapters of this story are posted on my Metacrisis roleplaying account. I promise I’m not stealing or plagiarizing or anything. It’s still the same human being posting the story, just on a different blog.

Catch up here!

John never said no to a kiss. In fact he quite enjoyed kissing. It was one of his favorite things about having a girlfriend.

Still, it was rather stunning when Rose ran to him in the middle of the cafeteria and threw her arms around him, kissing him deeply. They tried to keep the PDA to a minimum at school after all, especially with Jimmy Stone sitting less than twenty feet away — not that she was worried about his feelings.

She was more worried about John’s bones.

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