Okay so this is Philip. 

“Fillya” is a way to call someone named Philip in a “dude stoner bro” way in russian (or if said Philip is a cat it can be a softened name).

Anyways his story is that he pretty much had fine life and everything, but then his life went down the drain, he lost what he loved, so he became every negative treat you could imagine. 

Suicidal, selfharmfull, skipping actuall food, drug and alcohol addict, lacking morals, abuser… (It’s a surprise he even stayed alife). 

The only good thing left in him - that he was protective over children - gained a terrible twist as well. Basically, if he’d see someone being rude to a kid (even in the situations where they’d have to be like that) he’d punch them in face. He wouldn’t care if it was a pregnant woman telling her other kid to stop crying, he wouldn’t care if the child would scream for him to stop - he’d punch her. 

In “4 Friends live in a house”, he isn’t main antagonist, but at some point he did bring troubles to France and the co. Basically fucked shit up. 

And he eneded up in hospital, where they finally took care of him. And it was painfull, it was terrible, it was a hell what he had to go throught. The break down… 

In the end he gained his sanity back, got rid of most of his bad habits, and with a help, became good old Philip everybody knew and loved. 

Moral of the story is that even the most fucked up shits can change, if you give them second chance. 

And a proper therapy.

Depois de muitas quedas aprendi que ninguém é feliz o tempo todo. Ninguém realizou e, pelos meus cálculos, nunca realizará esse feito. Temos momentos de alegria. Momentos de entusiasmo e euforia. Coisas mínimas podem afetar e, de repente, deixar-nos mal, machucados e lamentando-se de “por que eu pensei que dessa vez seria diferente?”. A questão é que nunca é diferente. Só muda o cenário e as pessoas que irão te ferir.
—  Alifer Souza.

Alex Rocco (February 29, 1936 – July 18, 2015) Actor whoe roles have ranged from comedy to playing gangsters in Mafia movies, notably Moe Greene in The Godfather.

His television career spanned the years 1967 to the present.  He appeared in “Batman”, “That Girl”, “The F.B.I.”, “Cannon”, “The Rookies”, “ Barnaby Jones”, “Starsky & Hutch”, “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, “ The Facts of Life”, “The Golden Girls”, “The A-Team”, “St. Elsewhere”, “ Murphy Brown”, “Mad About You” and many others.  He was a regular in “Three for the Road”, “Sibs”, “The George Carlin Show”, “ The Division” and “ The Famous Teddy Z” for which he won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor - Comedy Series

Selamat Berlebaran!

Semoga Idul Fitri tahun ini menjadi momen terbaik kita untuk terus memantaskan diri, merawat cinta di dalam keluarga, merayakan kasih sayang pada sesama, mengeja alif-ba-ta semesta, menguatkan keyakinan di setiap titian anak tangga menuju surga.

Dengan segala kerendahatian kami mengucapkan selamat berlebaran. Mohon dimaafkan segala kesalahan, yang tampak maupun tak.

-Fahd Pahdepie
-Rizqa Abidin
-Falsafa Kalky Pahdepie
-Alkemia Malaky Pahdepie