Remember these adorable guys, Alif Laam Meem (the only active Muslim fraternity in America)? They started a vlog, Kufi Krew, it’s even more adorable. Boys. I tell you.

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Alpha Lambda Mu - Alif Laam Meem founder Ali Mahmoud will be on NPR’s All Things Considered programme this afternoon at 4PM (CST).
Kikstarter - Brotherhood: America's Favorite Muslim Fraternity

A sincere portrait of America’s first Muslim fraternity, as each member faces the triumphs and trials of life.

Hey! Remember these guys?

Well, a documentary about these folks as the only active Muslim fraternity in the United States is being made and they need about $18,000 left to meet their goal and only 6 more days to reach it!

You can support them for as little as $1.  

Go help!