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||June BPC: Just One More Page|| 2. Wings. Y’all. I seriously love wings. Like, a lot. Birds, flying children, whatever, love it. So I was kind of sad to discover that I’ve only recently begun accumulating books where characters have actual physical wings most of the time, although there should be an honorable mention to Six of Crows and Magonia.

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Have you ever read Aliette de Bodard's Obsidian and Blood trilogy? It's like a few murder mystery novels set in Mesoamerica. I think they're pretty great and I enjoy them a lot!

I’ve read the first book, but stopped when school reading intensified. I’ve been meaning to get back to it, but haven’t done so yet. I did like what I read, though. It is amazingly well researched. Other than the magic, to me, it does not seem all that embellished.


Aliette de Bodard leaves behind the Aztec fantasy of her Obsidian and Blood series for a grim vision of Paris, torn by warfare between factions of fallen angels. Reviewer Tasha Robinson says the book digs deep into the knotty emotional and political rivalries of her fascinatingly flawed characters – “ all selfish, morally compromised, and driven in ways that are understandable, but rarely sympathetic.”

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