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“Maybe you haven’t been keepin’ up on current events, but WE JUST GOT OUR ASSES KICKED, PAL”

I know it’s a day late, but wanted to pay a small tribute to a great character actor. You’ll be missed, Bill

This news hit me like a brick.  ALIENS has been my favorite movie since I was 6 and I’ve seen it more times than any other movie in my life. To the point where you can quote every line before it happens and annoy everyone else in the room but you just can’t help yourself. Hudson to me was such a memorable character, and such a great performance. The loudest most obnoxious shit-talking marine bragging about how badass he is to end up the most terrified freaked out one unable to control his fear in a total state of panic. Ripley needed him, and was able to talk him down and help him find his focus. You can see the realization that despite all his bragging, he wasn’t the badass he was pretending to be. Ripley was!  I think Hudson saw in Ripley how a leader should act in a panic situation, and was able to follow her example and find the strength he’d wished he’d had all along. By the end, Hudson is talkin shit, but this time it’s not an act, he believes it now~  Paxton delivered on each of these character shifts 100%. Played by anyone else, Hudson could have easily ended up just annoying and forgettable. Paxton made you love him. He made Hudson the most memorable, believable, infinitely quotable character and nobody else could have done it better.

R.I.P. Bill Paxton

so like i dead didn’t see star trek beyond and i hadn’t got the chance to sit and watch it, but now that i’m looking and seeing all the makeup and prosthetics of the aliens in the movie (like none of it is cg) i’m just

how did this not win the oscar??????

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I'm gonna kms I'm watching an alien movie and the alien put its tentacle hand on the window and my first and only thought was succ

The alien movie was called arrival and I would 10/10 recommend. There’s some heterosexual nonsense but other than that it’s amazing


it was good!!! it was incredibly complex and slightly confusing tbh but it was good

You know what movie I will always be proud of?

Alien vs. Predator.


Because it was a stupid premise that was going to get people’s butts in seats for one reason and one reason only, and that was to see the Alien fight the Predator, so they could literally do whatever they wanted with the rest of the movie, they didn’t care, so what did they do?

Put Sanaa Lathan in as the lead, gave her a shield made of an alien’s crest and a spear made of an alien’s tail and said “go fight alongside the Predator to save the world from an Alien Queen”, and that’s what she did. They didn’t have to do that, they could have had a white guy, they could have had a white woman, a black man, even, but no, they went with a black woman and made her incredible. And when she fought her way to the end of that movie, they made sure that the most dangerous hunters in the galaxy recognized her and respected her, and they marked her because they decided “You are a paragon of your species and we honor you as one of our own” so in this universe when the Predators think of the Best that Humanity has to offer, they imagine the face of a black woman of science with long curly hair.