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Where are the Mighty Mutanimals after their lair was destroyed?

You’d be surprised how many abandoned warehouses there are around this city. It’s crazy how nobody even notices when you add blast doors to all the windows.

I mean, I guess people have bigger things to worry about what with all the alien invasions, but seriously. Being a ninja in this city is child’s play considering people barely see what’s going on next door.

Second Chance (Karamel) - Chapter 12

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One moment can change everything.

When Mon-El lost Kara, his fiancee, in an alien invasion one year ago, he thought he’d never see her again. Since then he’s been trying to build himself a life and pick up whatever pieces of him was left after losing her, and he’s been failing miserably. Just when he thinks he can’t go on anymore and loses all hope, he’s thrust into a world completely different than his; a world in which everything he used to know is changed. Which includes Kara Danvers never dying on that fateful night.

Mon-El soon finds out it won’t be as easy as he hoped it would be to reverse the changes, especially when with each passing day he gets more sucked up into his new life. Because in the end, reversing everything means losing Kara all over again, and he’s not sure he’s strong enough to go through that a second time.

Second Chance
- Prologue
- Chapter 1: Failure
- Chapter 2: Nightmare
- Chapter 3: Gone
- Chapter 4: Ripple Effect
- Chapter 5: Fault
- Chapter 6: Valor
- Chapter 7: Not Enough
- Chapter 8: Happiness
- Chapter 9: The Right Thing
- Chapter 10: Hollowness
- Chapter 11: Fear
- Chapter 12: Superheroes

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Note: Hey y'all!

Okay, I just needed to say this, but today I’d finished chapter 20 in this fanfic, and decided to check the word count, and my jaw literally dropped, because…….It actually almost reached 150K words. 150,000 words!!!! I’m only 50 words away from it (exactly 50 words, let me add) and it just made me feel so emotional I cannot even explain, because I’ve been writing this story for so long, I feel so connected to it, that seeing it become this huge thing that I’m so proud of… It just made me feel so good about myself, and I just had to share that excitement with you. Anyway. I just wanted to say that.

Also, according to my plan I only have 5 chapters left to write, and once I get those done I’m planning on posting them more frequently, maybe twice or even three times a week. Just wanted to let you know. So don’t be surprised if you see me updating faster ;)

Now that we’ve gotten those out of the way, enjoy the chapter!

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Humans and Fire

So I’ve read a few humans are weird posts and it got me thinking, what if humans are the only species to evolve to use fire. Like, most intelligent species will instinctively flee in panic the moment they catch sight of an open flame, yet show a human infant a fire and if they don’t know better, they will try to grab it.

Humans will burn everything. Most of us won’t eat anything unless it has been “Cooked” first. (A human word meaning to heat food until it has begun to denature but not yet started to carbonize.)

Start a small fire and instead of fleeing, humans will gather around it and start socializing.

We get intoxicated by setting specific plants on fire and inhaling the smoke, often with the burning embers mere inches from our sensitive face.

We use it to clear land for agriculture and hunting. We use it to punish criminals. We even use it for purely aesthetic purposes. (Think fireworks.)

Heck, we we discovered hydrocarbons, the first thing we did was burn them. In fact, humans were burning so much hydrocarbons they were literally altering the atmosphere of their planet.

Heck, humans have died because they literally did not have enough materials to burn.

Now imagine hostile aliens want to invade earth. They don’t use fire except for carefully controlled and heavily guarded industrial purposes. They also don’t know much about earth other than it is definitely inhabited and the people haven’t developed intergalactic travel.

They’re expecting to face primitive forces armed with the local equivalent of clubs and bows. What they get is, to them, a strange anachronistic jumble of expected primative technologies and highly advanced technologies that they definitely shouldn’t have.

They’re not expecting guns. (Projectile weapons that consist of a narrow tube with projectile and a chemical propellent stuffed into one end. Instead of an electromagnetic pulse, the propellant is ignited and the expanding gases shoot the projectile out of the tube.)

They’re not expecting powered vehicles. Instead of electric motors, humans have what they call the internal combustion engine. (A motor that works by sucking flammable gas into an enclosed chamber, igniting the gas under pressure, and using the resulting force from the detonation to move a piston. Because of that, humans have heavy machinery, self-propelled vehicles, and powered air-craft before they even really understood bio electricity.

They’re not expecting bombs, or incendiary weapons. (It was also how it was discovered that their bio-polymer armor, while excellent against projectiles, can actually burn at surprisingly low temperatures.

They’re not even expecting smelted metal. Steel to them is a high tech material that can only be produced under specialized conditions of extreme heat, and requires very specialized facilities to produce. They are shocked to discover that humans have been smelting copper before they developed writing.

And they are definitely not expecting nuclear weapons. (Which are basically “bombs” that instead of using combustable chemicals use an uncontrolled nuclear fission reaction. They are also aghast to discover that not only was this apparently the first thing we thought to do when we discovered fission, but that competing human faction have “how many of these weapons stockpiled!?”

After retreating in disgrace, the task force sent to monitor the plant is horrified to report that humans are rapidly expanding into space. They aren’t using gravitic lifters or electromagnetic mass drivers. They are apparently simply loading equipment and personnel into special “missiles” and using a shit ton of highly combustable fuel to simply launch themselves into space.

A Daxamite invasion to me is the most hilarious badly thought out invading species ever. Like, most scary alien invasion types are terrifying because human weapons have no impact on them since they’re so advanced and extraterrestrial, so the entire human race ends up relying on the main character of the series to save us.

Daxamites have a strong weakness to lead.

Think about that. They arrive, we shoot them with guns, and it…. works? The president of the US is under attack, she goes to her panic room, which in a high security bunker meant to survive Cold War conditions would be lined with lead. The Daxamites can’t get to her?

 Daxamites accidentally land in Flint and die from drinking the water?

I don’t get how this is even a fair fight against the Daxamites at this point???

Humanity defeats an alien invasion, only to learnt that we’ve simply beaten an illegal third rate mercenary group trying its luck, and the real alien civilization is on its way to apologize.

someone, pre-cacw: wow i can’t believe they’re making stark Suddenly Care about accountability. that’s so ridiculous and out of character and there’s been zero indication of that in canon

me, in a monotone: “And I saw that I had become part of a system that is comfortable with zero accountability. I had my eyes opened. I came to realize that I had more to offer this world than just making things that blow up. And that is why, effective immediately, I am shutting down the weapons manufacturing division of Stark International”

someone, pre-infinity war: wow i can’t believe they’re making stark Suddenly Concerned about an alien invasion. that’s so ridiculous and out of character and there’s been zero indication of that in canon

me, in a monotone, now physically on fire: “A hostile alien army came charging through a hole in space. We’re standing 300 feet below it. We’re the Avengers. We can bust arms dealers all the live-long day, but that up there? That’s the endgame. How were you guys planning on beating that?”

Y’know what I’m tired of? 

That stock sci-fi story where aliens arrive and take over the world, and they’re seen as saviors bringing technology and progress but are secretly malevolent and evil tyrants, but the only ones that realize it are the plucky, gruff, outgunned Resistance fighting for humanity and Freedom™!

How about a story where the noble Resistence are actually a bunch of backward racist terrorists attacking the imperfect but well-meaning aliens along with a slowly blossoming cross-cultural symbiotic society because whaddya know, humans finally start thinking of the big picture and getting their shit together but the well-armed xenophobic relics of a bygone little-world can’t stand it and lash out violently. How about that?

Aliens planning an invasion of Earth confuse our video games for a military exercise. They reason that if they can beat those, they can also defeat us in combat. They’re having some difficulties with our harder games…