aliens guy meme


SPECIAL TUMBLR EDITION. I seriously don’t feel like spamming people with the same image but modified like…very little. Whoever sees this here, well you win the alien friend rainbow lottery.

Rainbows are seriously hard to draw CORRECTLY. I’d hate to draw a real physics based rainbow…my head hurts just thinking about it.

Based on Aliens Guy Meme and that Imagination Spongebob thing…REMIX.

(submiting today because tumblr wouldn’t let me yesterday for some reason)

i have officially fallen in love with this blog??

its way too perfect i cant, so have some fanart of the omega child.

(im sorry if this is bad i spent half of the drawing laughing and cackling because i didnt realize until later that the pose is similar to the “aliens” meme guy omg, i’ll try to make a better one, promise)