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Ah correct my fellow human, Aliens are fake, and if an alien existed it would not ask you for human etiquette guides, however I, a human would like some if you have any. To be the best HUMAN I can be.

Ah of course my fellow human, here are some things I think all humans should keep in mind:

  • Humans don’t have an exoskeleton and therefore are fragile, so don’t break them
  • If you have more than four limbs or two eyes, keep them hidden because it will distress others
  • Most human languages require a tongue to speak so make sure your flesh suit has one or it will hinder your communication skills

I think these are the three biggest things.  If anyone else has any advice they’d like to give on how to be a human, feel free to add!

Kosa’s Top 12 Most Viewed Sci-Fi Artists

We’ve been running our Art of Science Fiction series for almost a year now, and with the exciting release this past weekend of Interspecies, we thought it an interesting exercise to take a look at the most popular SF artists we’ve had on here.

It’s good to see diversity in taste, how the same art affects people in different ways. It also reminded me that I live in a world where beauty can be captured by color and lines and imagination. That art transcends the now and the physical, and is a timeless language of pure unfiltered emotion.

Please check out the complete list here on Kosa’s blog and let me know your thoughts.

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are you okay? your skin looks a bit too green, perhaps you're sick?

I don’t know chucklehead, your face is ashen grey and you’re gonna come in here telling me I look sick because I’m a vibrant, healthy green color?  There’s a natural variety in human skin tone fucko get used to it