The Believers’ Circle!

Hello everyone! Kit here, and I just wanna let you know about a server I’ve started! It’s called The Believers’ Circle, and you’re all invited!

TBC is a spot where you can hang out and talk about cryptids, extraterrestrials, paranormal happenings and then some! If you’re interested, come on by! Maybe you’ll learn some spooky new pieces of evidence!

Talk about mysteries and conspiracies are also allowed, of course! Just try not to get too political, alright?


No spam, no hatespeech, no sexually explicit content. Other than that, just don’t be a jerk and you’ll be fine!

Roles will be available soon, including cryptid chaser, paranormal investigator, creepypasta connoisseur, etc!

If you’re interested at all, feel free to visit us here!

aliens being confused by how humans deal with scents

human: “gonna have to wash this blanket to get rid of that new smell,”
alien: *makes a note that humans prefer to mark objects with familiar scents*

human: “gotta love that new car smell”
alien: *scratches out previous note and replaces it with a question mark*

human: “old books smell so good,”
alien: *increasingly frustrated note taking*

human: “mmm love that new book smell,”