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I'm pretty new the OOR fandom this may sound stupid but please explain the house thing to me. Thank you so much for your help =)


Each house represents the group of people that have each one of the OOR boy as their bias. House Yamashita for Toru’s fans, House Kanki for Tomoya’s fans, House Morita for Taka’s fans, and last but not least, House Kohama for Ryota’s fans. 

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that’s it!!

If you watch Asian drama's:

Aliennoona and I decided to make a confession/fan site for Asian dramas! It’s called Drama addicts anonymous. :)

Please check it out! Follow us, and submit your confessions!

They can be pervy (or not). Anon or not. Pretty much whatever you think or feel about it. We don’t mind. :D

We’ll also be making a list of drama’s we’ve watched and rating them too! And share the occasional edit/gif set. 

So please share and let everyone know about it! :D 

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I hear it's Mark Prin's birthday.

Admins G and M are going to have a field day with this one. They love his cute butt. - Admin S

“cute butt” doesn’t even cover it~! :P    -admin G



p.s. little known fact: some of the admins *cough* M and G *cough* have a harem of daras; Mark is one such dara and, due to his popularity among the admins, he is occasionally used as currency in exchange for html coding favors ;P

Umm.. I think it’s about time I get some of this..

when is this so called exchange going to happen?-admin c

I’m not even sorry! This is only half of our craziness…

Admin M



Carrie. Stay calm.





Only been active since April and I have 500 followers.

You guys are amazing.That may seem like a little number to some, but to me it’s kind of like I’ve gained an insane amount of people that I now know and talk to and get to fangirl with.

I’m not a sentimental person, really, but being on Tumblr and getting to know you guys has been one of the best things to happen to me this year. Which, I’m sure sounds kind of extreme, but IDGAF; I even met THIS CHICK in person which literally has been the best thing ever.

So many of you gave me suggestions on kpop songs. So many of you made me feel welcome and comfortable in the fandom. You guys send me more anon love to balance out what little hate I get. The amount of love that you’ve literally just thrown at me has been an amazing experience.  I don’t deserve it, but you’re still here. Still commenting, fangirling, anon-ing, and just being incredibly beautiful, lovely people.

And, with all the crazy shit that’s happened in my life, you guys, in just a few months, have balanced out so much of the negative with positive….and you’ve been so consistent about it, too. It’s never stopped or let up. And I don’t know which part of this is more amazing than the other because I can hardly believe it sometimes. 

You guys have seen unnie for who she is and you fucking love it. I couldn’t ask for more; this is the best Christmas gift ever. Thank you so much for following me and for interacting with me and for being yourselves. I’m truly thankful and so grateful to be in this fandom and to know you all.

In HONOR of my AMAZING 500 followers, I am going to do a Forever Follow list (new and old ones, too). If you aren’t interested in your blog being on the list, just let me know. I’ll be tagging those in the list, so please watch out for it. Not all the blogs will be merely kpop related, so if you follow me and aren’t a part of this fandom, no worries. :)

Thank you for everything. Please don’t change or stop doing what you’re doing and remember that I am here for you all. Always.


I’ve been tagged.. [ by muzmuzme]

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Okay, off to the questions o n o


1: favorite group? SS501/Kat-tun —- damn you both

2: favorite meal/food? jasmine milk tea slush with boba and almond pudding

3: your current song obsession? Rang Rasiya theme

4: favorite girl group bias? Ga in

5: what are you watching now? Rang Rasiya, last 50 episodes of IPKKND, and You From Another Star

6: what’s the name of the latest book you’ve read? A Song of Ice and Fire Games of Throne

7: how long you’ve been a kpop fan? 2005

8: have you been to korea before? nope

9: you’re latest drama is? as in obsession? Geet

10: where are you siting right now? in my home office

11: your current mood is? mellow

now my questions:

1: name your first tumblr follower:

2: what sucked you into the black hole that is tumblr?

3: last song you listened to?

4: fav fairytale?

5: how do you like your eggs?

6: magic carpet ride/down the rabbit hole/or off to neverland?

7: form your own 4 members kpop group:

8:  look to your left, what do you see?

9:  fav drama cliche?

10:  name a drama villain you secretly adore:

11:  donald duck or mickey mouse?


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I am going to watch Love Shuffle.

I don’t normally watch Jdramas… or any other dramas of other ethnics, other than Korean. They’re not of my preference at the moment. (Any of my knowledge of Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, and Indian filmographies were seen just from time to time in the span of my 21 years of living)

BUT!!! I am going to watch Love Shuffle. Thanks to those people at iwishmylifewereanasiandrama for sucking me in and triggering my curiousity, I’m gonna give this drama a try. In my entire life Japanese filmographies, other than animes, have been pretty nonexistent to me. I’ve actually only seen Propose Kyoudai, Hana Yori Dango season 1, and Muscle Girl; so yeah, it’ll be a trip.


I will probably be able to sleep tonight because of you.


P.S. No, it’s not cause we had sex or anything.

P.P.S. You have such a dirty mind. OMG. WAE did you go there

P.P.P.S. Can you even DO 3 “P’s” with the “P.S.” thing? IDK how that works.

P.P.P.P.S. Oh well. Imma do it anyway. Making it legit nao, peasants.