I’ve been told by fellow DJs and friends that I have a knack at spotting artists before they become popular/mainstream and start selling out 5000+ person shows in auditoriums (See: Skrillex).  I know, I know, insert “hipstercat.jpg” image here.  Regardless, because of my follower’s input and opinions of my friends, I’ve decided to keep YOU - the listener - up to speed on who’s about to burst out onto the music scene. When my DJ brethren, music-enthusiast friends and I stumble upon a potential big-hitter in the electro, dubstep, or any electronic dance genre - FK’s “le blogue” will be THE place to go to hear about it, and score a few free tunes at that. Let this be the launch of my “ARTIST TO WATCH” feature!

With that aside…

Our first artist to place your bets on potential electro fame is a musician, and former graphic design artist “AlienHearts” from Lyon, France.  I love French electro and house music - its le sex.  Whenever someone from the region comes out and gives the genre a shot with a little experience - you’re sure to experience awesomeness.

Let me put it this way - AlienHearts is like Skrillex had sex with Danger! (french 80’s synth electro artist) and they gave birth to a beautiful, bassy baby boy.  Enjoy!

∞ [INFINI Debut EP - Teaser] by Alienhearts


Made this last year (the remix AND the video)


Alienhearts -Girl Phone Call (by desiredent)