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November 2015 Commission: @prussanic-miscellanea

A commission for a good friend of a soft science kaiju. This one isn’t the keratinous warmachine of lore, but something geared much more towards, well, the sciences. Hence, it has much more expressive capabilities, and a limbset dedicated purely to handling finer materials. Inspired primarily by a Blue Glaucus.

Commissions are open!

A Newt and Little Wing commission for Alienfirst! You can check out more of Alienfirst’s Pacific Rim au and comic series here and here.

Thank you for commissioning me!


*vomits up a bunch of critical role art*

I have no earthly idea if I posted any of this. They did all appear on Twitter, I THINK. But here ya go, because I guess I only draw Critical Role art right now??? Wow I should fix that.

  • Keyleth concept design.
  • Ripley and Orthax (totally drawn BEFORE we knew they were actually in cahoots, I was totally just daydreaming).
  • Ripley and Percy.
  • Percy with Vex.
  • Animus crit failing.
  • Vax and Vex have A Talk.
  • Post-kiss reaction.
  • Keyleth is the Tomoyo to Percy’s Sakura.

Okay, so I’ve never been able to draw any Critical Role characters without first seeing official or “fandom deemed official” art, and I really really wanted to try and do that someday, and Tary was right there.

A bit of Nigel Thornberry, some Hugh Laurie, and that whole rich European 17th century-ish man child who decided he’d like to go on a safari and try and kill a lion or something. I love him.



(I know Perc’ahlia isn’t a thing actually happening, but I love the over protective sibling relationship between Vex and Vax and couldn’t pass this up.) // (I just realized this could be interpreted a different way, so, yes, it’s intended as Perc’ahlia and Vaxleth. Just to clarify.)

EDIT: Striked out some text because, guys, seriously, I was hard on this train then and honestly just put that text down to dissuade anyone who didn’t like the ship from coming to my inbox and being huffy. That wasn’t naiveté, that was me not wanting ship wars happening on reblogs or sent to me privately.


There was the SLIGHTEST mention in the last Critical Role episode about werewolves in the Feywild, and I IMMEDIATELY latched onto the idea of werewolf!Percy. Improbable, sure, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to have fun with this newfound werewolf (and who am I kidding, Perc’ahlia) AU.

(1) Percy’s transformation is a literal burning away of human flesh. It blackens and blisters and gets burned away in flameless clouds of black smoke. Horrendously painful, but the white fur sprouts through, probably as he helps the process along by ripping the compromised skin away. (Not so much the human form shifting into a wolf, but the wolf form bursting through the skin, kind of a variation on how it works in Hemlock Grove.) (2) Wolf Percy is big and floofy. Completely white, and the only real remnant of his human form is the raven skull that Keyleth gave him that he still wears. He also starts smoking up when he gets angry. (3) Wolf Percy’s eyes are not the best, same as his human form (still blue eyes too, there’s a bit of human there). Vex keeps track of his glasses and will hold them up for him when his better sense of smell and hearing won’t do the trick.


Sketches I did during the stream of episode 62 of Critical Role (and posted on twitter while the show was going). Sort of but not quite in order (since I wanted a nice looking photo set, so had to shift things slightly).

I start teaching again on Thursdays come September, which makes me miss half the live show, so I wanted to try and make this last month of Thursday freedom as nice as I can, and figured that sketching stuff during the show would be an awesome thing to do. (Unfortunately sketching also makes me miss out on some descriptions, like the crocodile. Wasn’t paying very good attention during his entrance, so kinda fudged him. But, you do what you can.)


I swear I’ll draw something else. I SWEAR.

A random Ripley appears! I hope she is in fact the one with Cabal’s Ruin right now. And speaking of that cloak… I like thinking that it looks like a void in space. I mean, in a world just BRIMMING with magic, a magic devouring cloak would be a weird black hole. An out of place device that drinks the natural world around it. Also, I mean, let’s just give Percy something that’s blacker than black so we can just role with this Victorian goth kid persona.

And then some Vex and Percy because this slow burn is how I wish to die.