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King Me: Part 3 of 3

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Ron opened the doors. “And this is the throne room.”
“Whoa…” Atlas rubbed the back of his head. “That’s…gonna need to be vacuumed.”
“What is a vakoom?”
“Vac-uum.” Meira corrected gently. “It’s a way of cleaning, it sucks up dirt and fur with air technology. A broom would work too. Just…anything to take care of this fur.”
“It is a little messy,” Ron agreed. He looked a little embarrassed. “Cleaning has fallen behind with the war.”
“Well…we can work on it. The floor looks promising. Marble?”
“Trambronite, it’s polishes up much better.” Ron was trying to discretely sweep away the fur on the floor with his tail.
“Then when we get this cleaned up, it will look amazing. But we can’t talk peace with the leaders of the other races in here. They’ll be arriving any minute. Any rooms that are assured to be clean?”
“The war room.”
“Great, get rid of all the war items and we’ll use it to talk peace. Where is it?”
“This way.” Ron led them through the throne room and something that must have been a dining hall, and then down a corridor to a large room with the a table that had all of the strategies and war plans displayed on it.
“Oh…yeah, I need a picture taken of this then I need it all removed.” Atlas looked around for something to capture the plans displayed on the table so that he could effectively reverse the ones that should be reversed.
Meira started pushing chairs around the table.
Ron handed Atlas a device. “Here, you can capture the images with this. I will find a box for all of this.” He darted out of the room.
Atlas took a ton of photos from every angle, just to make sure he didn’t miss anything. “I don’t know what I’m doing, Meira.”
“The army is still strong, you will defend yourselves if necessary, but the war does not fit into your plan for ruling so you would like to broker peace and will be trying to return those taken for the breeding and slave programs to their home planets or wherever it is that they want to go.” She shrugged. “Maybe don’t tell them that killing the queen and becoming the king was an accident.”
“And remember that there are treaties between some of the races already, but not all so if all of them show up it could be very tense. They’ll be thrown off by seeing a human as the king of the Riichalkans, just keep calm and if you don’t know how to answer a question…bluff it out.”
“I’m good at acting like I know what I’m doing.”
“Yeah, you did it all through high school, and your relationships, and college, and your job—”
“I get it! I only act like I know what I’m doing and I don’t actually. This might be my chance to do something right. To make a difference. They’ve been suffering and I can do something about it. I remember some stuff from this class I took in college, and once I can do some research I can put some programs in place to try and regenerate the planet.”
“Well, you are good at cleaning up other people’s messes, Mr. Janitor.”
Atlas winced. “Don’t mention that to them. Please.”
“Seriously, Atlas. You’re good at fixing problems. You helped me dump my first boyfriend and cleaned me up after. You totally helped me clean up after that party, that time you bailed me out of jail, the time you helped me explain to mom and dad why I was in jail in the first place…”
“I get it, you’re a mess.”
Ron bounded in with a box and shoved everything on the table into it. “I instructed the kitchen to prepare drinks and some appetizer plates that are alien friendly.”
“Right, good, that’s good. How much time until they arrive?”
“Forty seconds,” Ron’s whiskers twitched.
Meira cleared her throat. “I’ll be somewhere else.” She hurried out of the room.
Atlas stared after her, then looked down at what he was wearing. It would have to do.
The leaders of the other races were all led into the room, looking wary, grumpy, then surprised as they saw him. They automatically looked to Ron.
The human leader sighed. “This had better be an actual truce conference.” He folded his arms, almost glaring at Ron.
“It is, if you all agree to it. Please sit down, they’ll be bringing in refreshments and snacks.” Atlas folded his own arms. “Forgive me, I’m not completely sure what all species my people were at war with before I became King, but I’m going to do my best to withdraw from the war. OUr army is strong, but it’s just not in my plan to be at war for my entire reign.”
“Leader of the Riichalka are you? But human are you! Disgrace say I. In line with the humans are you already,” the Puta leader gurgled.
“I am King of the Riichalka by the laws of their land. I have no alliances with any race as of yet. I can tell you that we will be putting forth an effort to return those who were taken for the slave and breeding programs to their homes or take them where they desire if it isn’t home. I’ve been King for four hours, but I am already decided that to continue fighting this war is not something that I want for them. They are my people now, whether I’m human or not. I have no disagreements with any of you or your peoples, and am willing to end my part in the war. It is up to you all whether you accept this and leave us be, or continue to involve us in the fight.”
Ron started purring loudly. “Well said, my King.”
“Thank you, Eeekanalacharon.” Atlas felt confident, like he was doing the right thing. He could actually see himself making a difference.
The human leader nodded slowly. “You’ve got guts, kid. You’ll release all human prisoners back to us?”
“If that’s what they wish, yes. I’ve already shut down the programs themselves and I’m getting ready to put programs into place to return them to their homes. It might take a while to organize everything, but it will happen.”
“And how is it that a human came to take so much interest in the Riichalkan government?” The Pqncallaxi president clicked his mandibles together.
“If I may answer, my king?” Ron purred.
Atlas gave him a sharp nod.
“The queen of the Riichalka was a rare mind controller, who made us do many things against our will. My King came with the sole purpose of freeing his sister, but discovered the suffering of my people and freed all of us instead. He is our King by law, yes, but the Riichalka have already warmly accepted his reign and are prepared to follow him.” Ron bowed to Atlas.
Atlas smiled, then looked at the other alien leaders. “Any other questions?”