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Prepare your asses for a long ass post about a thing that’s been pissing me off so much

To all of the people saying the CGI aliens in Alien: Covenant look like shit :
They’re not shit… Do something that looks at least half as good in CGI and then and only THEN you can say shit about the aliens in Covenant. I am myself a CG artist, and the aliens look nowhere near shit. And do NOT fucking tell me “well, it’s the computer that does everything.”, because it’s fucking NOT ! The amount of disrespect we CG artist get is the most infuriating thing ever. You wouldn’t believe the amount of work we put in CGI, just look at the goddamn credits of the movie and see how many people there are just for the CGI effects… So just stop shitting on a movie whenever it has CGI in it, respect us for fuck sake…

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hey, I just started to read your to see blue skies fic, and it's rlly good, rlly sad tho ahh. I was just wondering, what does avre look like? I know you drew ai'rita, so I was just wondering if u drew avre.

Like a really cool bat-spider

The only true space parents♥


I found it necessary to share my small, but desperately important collection of alien-related stuff.

  • The first picture is the greatest licence in existence.
  • The second picture is of ALF (named after the second best alien in history, of course).
  • The third picture is a shitty UFO I made that currently hangs in front of my window.
  • And the fourth picture is a sign that currently hangs on my door.
Ripley Freemens

Her name’s ‘Ridley’, but I keep calling her ‘Ripley’ by mistake.


A tough female leader who respects order and seems to be restraining herself…

Now I just want to see her stomp in on a forklift to help Kat fight Bill Hawks the villain like:

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@dr-soulless We love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More “wtf are humans, please leave the rest of us be” stuff:

Human reactions to fear!

No, I’m not talking about screaming or freezing in one spot and pissing yourself. I’m talking about the weirder, more specific-to-only-humans fear reactions.

Like singing.

Idk how many of you have watched people play horror video games, but a surprising amount of people start narrating what’s going on in a sing-song voice.

Imagine being an alien, walking in a horrific, dark tunnel with these weird gangly creatures, you’re all scared out of your wits and then one of them starts fucking singing.

In a dark cave. While everyone’s terrified.

“ ♫ ~We are all gonna fucking die, this is terrible and I wanna go hooooome~ ♬ ”