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The Adventures of The Tiny Avengers

Natasha: Guys, I want you to meet our newest member, this is Vision. Vision, these are the guys.

Vision: Hello Guys, I am pleased to meet you all.\

Clint: …

Cap: Welcome to the team, Vision. 

Clint: So you’re an alien … ? 

Natasha: Oh my god, Clint.

Clint: I’m just saying. this team is turning into a freakshow. We have the Cap Clones, and now an alien.

Vision: Actually, I am of Earth. I was born and created here. 

Teeny Cap: Me too!

Clint: But if you’re from Earth … why are you purple?

Natasha: Oh my god Clint, you can’t just ask people why they’re purple!

Alien Visions: English Toffee Review

Alien Visions: English Toffee Review

English Toffee – certainly an amazing candy/dessert flavor in real life, and one that I have been hoping to find a great ejuice counterpart to for quite some time now. I’m hoping that Alien Visions’ take on it will be the missing link I have been looking for. Here’s what they say about it:

The best of English confections for your personal vaporizer.

I’ve got it at 12 mg in a house blend.


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Things for Matilda had been going well lately. Between getting into school, getting her scholarship, and, for the most part, a fairly quiet gossip blog, it was easy for her to keep a smile on her face. The past week though had been rough when it came to her friends. Especially the whole incident with Poppy. Still feeling a bit hurt from the blonde lashing out, Matilda found herself just wanting a chill night with the one person she knew who could make her feel better. Wrapped in one of the many sweatshirts she’d stolen from his this winter, Matilda found herself outside Penn’s door. She knocked quietly, hoping he wasn’t too busy or out at the moment. “Penn… Penn. You’ve got twelve seconds to open the door before I blast through it with my alien space laser vision.”

This weekend I saw an okay movie called Mad Max: Fury Road

I liked it fine. It wasn’t bad, and it was never mindless which sets it a cut above 90% of action blockbusters, but it wasn’t great. It was okay.

And it was spectacular, but the spectacle added nothing but scale.  This is particularly true of the many chase sequences, which despite the well-publicized commitment to practical stuntwork had little of the white-knuckle claustrophobic about-to-break intensity of The Road Warrior. It was The Road Warrior but MORE, which in the end meant less. To be fair, The Road Warrior is flawless, a wholly original and alien vision, poetry in motion, probably the greatest action movie ever made, one of the best movies of any kind. Fury Road feels like George Miller took his masterpiece and added a bunch of unconvincing prosthetics to it, which in a sense he literally did. 

To me the enthusiasm for Fury Road’s fantastical grandiosity is an echo (perhaps via influential cartoonist Brendan McCarthy, who storyboarded the film back in the day) of recent years’ fixation within the alternative/indie-comics world on Moebius and similar genre-comics artists who combine great technical ability with vivid visual imaginations; this attempt to realign the canon away from the Ware / Clowes / Doucet / Brown / Hernandez / Spiegelman / Crumb axis has been baleful for the artform in most every particular. (Simon Pegg was right.)

Miller also gave it an unambiguously happy ending, a big step back from the marvelous, singularly simultaneous gutpunch and uplift of The Road Warrior’s conclusion. A happy ending of this sort is fun, don’t get me wrong, but you can’t live off it. 

Moreover, the sociopolitical praise for it, as is usually the case when people go berserk for giant pop-culture artifacts, is further evidence of the soft bigotry of low expectations. (Anita Sarkeesian was right.) You’ll be happy to hear that Mad Max: Fury Road takes a bold stand against the enslavement of women as broodmares by insane albino warlords, and that tough women with hip haircuts shoot guns in it. It’s a strange sort of progressivism that lionizes violence so long as it’s sufficiently badass and nominally egalitarian in its participants. It leaves us wishing Game of Thrones into the cornfield while demanding a Black Widow action figure in every pot.

Everyone in it was good, though, I’ll give it that as well. Tom Hardy is a god, Nicholas Hoult seems a very lively talent, Charlize Theron was rock solid (and she’s really the main character). Like I said, it was fine, I enjoyed it I guess. It’s just that the existence of The Road Warrior renders it superfluous.

Century-Old Art Explores The Early 1900s’ Fear Of Alien Invasions.

The concept of an alien invasion evokes visions of blockbuster films like Independence Day and Edge of Tomorrow for most of us, but more than 100 years ago, things looked a bit different.

Several pieces by Brazilian painter and illustrator Henrique Alvim Corrêa (1876-1910) are included in the Illustration Art Signature Auction at Heritage Auctions, including 29 pencil and ink sketches that show the earliest visions of what an alien invasion might look like. It’s a fascinating peek into how humanity viewed a wholly alien threat, and more than anything, it looks like we’re terrified of things on stilts.

Source: blastr

I read a review of Fury Road that boiled down to (almost verbatim, actually), “It was fine, but I liked Road Warrior better,” and then went on to ask without insight why we need to see gender-equal violence in movies.

Which, just. Okay, whatever. We watched Road Warrior on Monday and it *was* fine, but not quite the “alien vision” this reviewer made it out to be. Fury Road felt like it offered a slightly more complex story that undermined some typical dystopian desert narrative themes, and gave us a more engaging set of characters?

Lions In Kenya On Your Visit...They Will Not Be Naturally Of The Fruits Of Nature.

Heads up for the next few months heading into Kenya, be sure to keep an eye on the lions…just saying. :alien:

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The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change & control your life; & the procedure, the the process is its own reward #AmeliaEarhart #erielindigo #love #conscious #quote #art #music #revolution #freedom #change #evolve #alien #arcturus #pleiadian #girl #prayer #truth #vision #earth


The other night, I had a pretty traumatic dream: Greys were trying to snatch me out of my bedroom.  They stood at the foot of my bed and pulled at my legs and feet while I kicked and screamed to them to leave me alone.  When I woke up, I was wrapped up in my sheets, facing the windows.  Something told me that if I turned over to turn on my lamp, I would see a Grey waiting for me.  Out of fear, I stayed put and loudly asked it to leave me alone so I could sleep in some sort of peace.  

The next day, I looked up the meaning of aliens in dreams.  Dream Moods said, “To dream you are being invaded or abducted by aliens indicates your fear of your changing surroundings or your fear of losing your home and family.”

The night before, I had helped my Mom pack up sections of her house.  Not just any house - it is what I consider my childhood home.  I can see that my subconscious is very upset with this but in my waking life, I couldn’t be happier that she is moving!  It is something that she and her partner have wanted for a LONG time.

With these conflicting feelings, I had to ask my new Prisma Visions deck the question:

Are the aliens in my dream real or are they manifestations of the subconscious fear I have of Mom moving?

1: Heart of the Matter: Five of Pentacles
2: Source of the Resistance: Two of Chalices
3: Root of the Problem: Ace of Chalices
4: The Past: The Moon
5: Your Aspirations: The Magician
6: The Future: The Empress
7: You as You See Yourself: Nine of Swords
8: External Influence: The Emperor
9: Hopes and Fears: Page of Swords
10: What Happens in the End: Queen of Swords

To come in a follow-up post: The interpretations and what does it all mean to me?  

If you have your own interpretations, please let me know!  Only loving things, please (this goes without saying but ya know…)