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The fact that Benedict, Toby, and Ernest are all the same species and yet they all look unique and adorable.

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Vampirella’s origin can be separated into two specific blocks, that of her original character, and then that of her relaunch in the 1990′s, though the relaunch did incorporate aspects of the original. The original owes its inspiration to the campy, science-fiction style of the 1960′s such as both the comic and film versions of Barbarella. The character also reflected some aspects of the women’s liberation movement with a female hero, while also incorporating the sexual liberation of the period through the character’s raw sexuality.

Her first origin while under the Warren imprint, was that she was an alien from the planet Drakulon whose race was known as the Vampiri. Drakulon revolved around two suns; at one point one of these stars exploded, causing a massive loss of life among the Vampiri, leaving a small number of survivors. In time the world was visited by astronauts from Earth, whom had crash landed on the planet. Vampirella was sent to investigate, but was attacked by the intrepid Earthlings. In the process of defending herself she discovered that they had blood inside of their bodies and was overcome by her unnatural cravings. After defeating them she took their spaceship back to Earth, where she discovered that her race bore a resemblance to its mythical vampires. With the stigma attached to those legends she chose to fight the stereotype by acting in a good and at times even heroic manner.

Following the transfer of the character from Warren to Harris Vampirella was partially re-imagined. The character was purchased as she fit in with the popular ‘bad girl’ trend of independent comics at the time and due to the popularity of occult-themed stories and characters as well. Her origin was altered so that her background as an alien was revealed to be a memory implant, and instead it was revealed that she was actually part of an ancient battle fought since Biblical times.

Her original stories tended to focus on her personal adventures but also on the integration of an alien into what was for her an alien society. In order to do so she befriended a group of vampire hunters, specifically Adam van Helsing and his blind, psychic father, Conrad van Helsing. She also befriended an old magician named Mordecai Pendragon who eventually took in Vampirella as his assistant. Most of her early adventures involved assisting the van Helsings, in particular against the followers of Chaos, an occult organization skilled in the dark arts of magic. As a vampiric creature one of the recurring themes was her uncontrollable bloodlust, and her continuous efforts to curtail it. Eventually a serum was found which made her cravings effectively disappear, the downside being that if she wasn’t inoculated with the serum regularly she became a danger to all around her, including her friends.

Vampirella would later learn that her origins on Drakulon were only partially true. She discovered that she was in fact the daughter of Lilith, the first wife of the biblical Adam and the first woman, according the Christian bible. Lilith was cast out of the Garden of Eden and subsequently mated with a demon which in turn gave rise to the beings that would become known as vampires with Drakulon actually being a realm in Hell. Lilith sought to atone for her role in the creation of such evil and in her efforts to gain redemption from God she gave birth to Vampirella who was then sent to Earth to destroy vampires.

Vampirella is highly athletic, possessing supernatural stamina, reflexes, and agility far beyond that of humans. Her powers greatly resemble those of a traditional vampire. She has a heightened healing factor, though she needs to maintain a certain amount of blood in her system or this healing factor slows down drastically. This healing factor also serves to make her effectively immortal. She also possesses some of the weaknesses of traditional vampires -  a stake through her heart would prove deadly - but not others, as she can tolerate both sunlight and silver. She had the typical natural weapons associated with vampires (fangs and claws) and can mesmerize her opponents if they are in close proximity and she is looking directly into their eyes. She can summon swarms of bats under her mental control, as well as generate shadows and transform herself into an intangible shadow-like figure that can fire “shadowbolts” at enemies. She also possesses some minor shape-shifting abilities.

Vampirella’s first appearance was in Vampirella #1 (September, 1969).

Imagine: the Voltron crew come across a planet in trouble and they rescue it from harm. But it doesn’t go without a few minor casualties: a couple bruises here and there, and something a little more…personal. Because the inhabitants of the planet are microscopic creatures, the damage being dealt to them was equally tiny, infiltrating them by entering their bodies. After saving the planet from further danger, Keith realizes he had somehow been infiltrated by the evil thing through his asshole. He consults Shiro who consults the aliens on the planet together with him, and they say the only solution is to overwhelm it with a bodily fluid. Shiro and Keith don’t know how to digest this information, but Keith is willing to try anything. Shiro is hesitant at first, but Keith convinces him to go through with it. And so Shiro eventually agrees to fill Keith completely, to fuck him deep and hard and pump him full of himself…it’s for the greater good, after all.

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Pay no attention to the apparent human just casually walking around on this alien planet. Sora you stick out like a sore thumb like this.

But, he stayed in human form, on account of whenever he was in Galra form people seemed scared of him. He wasn’t sure why, but he decided human form was better than Galra.

Now if only he didn’t stick out so much.

The Signs on an Alien Planet Together

Aries: Attempts being civil and asking the aliens questions so they can have a better understanding of the civilization; ends up losing their patience because of the rather obvious language barrier

Taurus: Is curious about the aliens, but doesn’t say a word to them

Gemini: Sent in a pod back to Earth because they were talking too much and kept interrupting the alien leader

Cancer: Tries to become friends with one of the aliens so they can have a buddy; all of the aliens end up loving them

Leo: Self-appointed leader of the group; isn’t taken very seriously; wants to be one of the first signs sent to earth if Capricorn actually manages to find a way back

Virgo: They could get used to living on this planet…it’s very clean and advanced

Libra: Was running their mouths with Gemini, but knew when to shut up; checks out aliens after Gemini is banished; “Hey…that purple one’s kinda cute…”

Scorpio: Also gets sent back to earth in a pod because they told a highly offensive and unacceptable joke about the alien race

Sagittarius: Wants to explore the entire planet; is disgusted by Capricorn’s boringly safe approach to life

Capricorn: Needs to get back home because work starts back up in three days; decides to say something offensive like Scorpio, but it doesn’t work because the leader wants to appoint them a job on the planet

Aquarius: Fits into the alien society right away; they’ve been studying this for years and are able to translate for both sides; is also very inspired by their fashion sense

Pisces: Sitting on the ground because the alien leader keeps talking and they just don’t have the energy to stand anymore


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