This scene is right after Lance, Hunk, and the Blade of Marmora free a planet. The aliens comes to thank the Paladins and Lance says “‪don’t forget the blade of mamora, we couldn’t have done it without Kolivan and his team” but the aliens sort of glare, I think a lot of aliens are going to be weary of the Blade of Mamora, and I believe Lotor might use this tactic and expose Keith as galra as well resulting in more aliens being cautious and questioning their “saviors”

This is a SFnal take on colonialism, where a group of mercenaries are sent to an alien planet to wipe out the primitive sentient species that lives on the planet so that the new settlers can show up to exploit it without guilt.

I particularly like the title card towards the top, with the guy holding it up. It’s a nice effect.

(Heavy Metal issue #167, March 1997 - Page 15 If We Don’t Like This Planet… by Azpiri)

Sheith Week day 2: Sun / Stars

This is my contribution to #sheithpositivityweek day 2! The prompt is sun/stars.

(A/N: There’s one specific song that always plays in my head whenever I think of sunsets, and it’s Dusk by Steven Bryant. I got to hear it performed live once at a concert and the way the conductor explained it influenced the way I wrote this fic. He had said, “You know how when you’re watching a sunset, there’s about twenty seconds when the sun is at exactly the right angle and the colors somehow seem brighter and the sunset just seems extraordinarily beautiful? That’s the moment we’re trying to use this song to portray.” [The moment he’s talking about is at 3:15, if you want to listen. Everything before that is building up to it.] If you’d like to listen to it, feel free!)

  • The paladins have landed on some alien planet for a few days. Their lions are damaged from their latest fight and the planet’s engineers have offered their aid.
  • The planet is warm, but not unreasonably hot. Like a typical day in early July back on Earth.
  • God, Shiro misses Earth.
  • It’s technically their second day on the planet. They landed late at night yesterday, bone tired and ready to collapse. Allura and Coran go into the mini-city that offered to take them in. The paladins have to fight their bodies to stay awake long enough for the pair to return safely.
  • when Allura and Coran finally come back with the report that they’re clear to stay, everyone crashes and burns, hard.
  • like, fourteen straight hours of sleep hard.
  • Shiro, used to being the first person awake, doesn’t get up until the alien equivalent of 2 p.m.
  • He goes in to Keith’s room briefly.
  • keith looks so peaceful when he sleeps.
  • of course, that’s what everyone says, but that doesn’t change the fact that that’s Shiro’s first thought.
  • his hair is everywhere.
  • (shiro wonders if he’ll ever cut it. he’s never seen it shorter than mullet length.)
  • but still… he seems like he doesn’t have to worry about anything.
  • shiro wished keith would never have to worry about anything, ever.
  • he goes out to the castle balcony and finds that it’s abnormally bright out.
  • like, weirdly bright.
  • and then he goes outside and finds out why.
  • the planet has two suns.
  • the castle is planted in the shade, but shiro could still see the sunlight from the gaps in the trees.
  • allura, who’s been awake for a while, tells him that most of the civilization lives in the forest because the suns are so bright.
  • keith appears at shiro’s side, asking why there’s so much light, and shiro tells him what allura learned from her diplomatic expedition:
    • the first sun is yellow, like the sun on earth. but the second sun is more of a coral color, which makes for some interesting sunsets.
    • at 6 p.m. earth time, the first sun sets, and at 7 p.m. earth time, the second sun goes down as well, and between those two times, the colors changing is an incredible sight.
    • “the people who live on atari, the planet we’ve landed on, are used to it. but since we’ve never seen it, they recommend we stay the night and watch.”
    • because both suns are on the other side of the planet at night, they can see the stars so clearly.
    • so clearly.
    • there is no light to ruin the beauty of thenight sky like back on earth.
  • the sky is the most beautiful thing.
  • shiro, out of the blue, goes “hey, keith. do you want to, just… take a while? take a while and pretend? we can imagine we’re at home, looking at the stars. just like the garrison days.”
  • keith responds “i don’t want to pretend. i want to be here, and now. with you. maybe one of those stars is the earth. maybe one of those stars is home.”
  • at 5:45 p.m. earth time, keith and shiro go out. they call it a “date”.
  • is it really a date? well, anything can be a date if you’re with the right person.
  • shiro is the right person.
  • keith is the right person.
  • they set up some blankets on a slight hill in a meadow a bit removed from the rest of the city, and wait. at 6 p.m. on the dot, the colors start to change.
  • it’s so beautiful.
  • it’s so beautiful.
  • the second sun is a color somewhere between pink and orange and yellow,  as opposed to the dandelion hue of the first, and the colors blend and bleed like fire on water.
  • every minute, the colors change. every minute, a different combination. a different shade of scarlet, or marigold yellow, or flaming orange or crimson or cotton-candy pink or a deep, deep red like cherries when they’re perfectly ripe.
  • shiro is in awe.
  • keith is in awe.
  • the time seems to go by too fast for the shifting of colors happening right before their eyes.
  • as the suns sink farther into the horizon, shiro lets his mind wander, at rest for once, briefly removed from the stress of being a paladin.
  • i’m so glad we stopped on this planet, he thinks, referring to the castle.
  • i’m so glad we stopped on this planet, he thinks, referring to himself and keith.
  • it makes for a completely different type of “we”, and shiro is happy that there’s a difference.
  • actually, shiro’s just happy.
  • no. happy isn’t the right word for it, shiro thinks.
  • he’s not happy quite yet. he knows he won’t be truly happy until all of them make it home to earth, and he can see keith smile openly, without the fear and instability that always rests just behind his eyes.
  • he may not be happy, but he is still content.
  • just for this one day, he can be content.
  • content with the way keith’s face looks when he turns to the light.
  • content with the way his hand fits into shiro’s like they were meant for each other.
  • this is one of the things you remember for years, shiro knows.
  • as the suns go down, shiro remembers one of the things he told keith about sunsets ages ago, back at the garrison.
  • “there’s always one brief moment when the sun is just touching the horizon, and right then the colors seem brighter, and the light seems clearer, and the clouds all give way and you can see the entire sunset, and it’s beautiful. that’s the best part of watching a sunset.”
  • and suddenly, the colors seem brighter.
  • the light seems clearer.
  • every cloud gives way and the two of them could see the entire sunset, in all its splendor.
  • it was beautiful,
  • and it was the best thing they had seen in a long, long time.
  • shiro thinks about home.
  • shiro blinks back tears.
  • oh, god, how he missed the glory of a sunset in july.
  • he wants to kiss keith, but he can’t bear to miss a single moment of this beauty. he knows he probably won’t get to experience something like this for a long time.
  • when it’s over, they both know it.
  • the first sun is gone from view, leaving behind only traces of yellow slowly giving way to shades of red, then pink, then violet.
  • when the coral sun is almost gone, the vibrant oranges and yellows give way to the last shades of dusky pink, which fade into royal purples and midnight blues.
  • it is only then that shiro can break away.
  • he turns to keith, wordless.
  • keith, not a man of many words himself, responds with a kiss, slow and tender, to shiro’s lips.
  • “that was something, huh?”
  • “it sure was… something,” shiro replies, knowing that ‘something’ will never be a good enough word to describe what he just witnessed. 
  • knowing that there’d never be a good enough word to describe what he just witnessed.
  • “shiro, i miss earth.”
  • “me too.”
  • shiro, still a bit whelmed, rolls over to rest his head on keith’s chest.
  • the gesture is almost unlike him. but keith doesn’t question it, and he allows shiro to place his forehead down as the stars come up.
  • the first stars start to shimmer on the fabric of the night and they are nearly as beautiful as the sunset.
  • the sky is pitch-black, and every star burns brighter than the light of atari’s two suns.
  • keith runs his hand through shiro’s tuft of white hair.
  • he breathes in, and shiro’s head rises with his chest.
  • it’s a soft moment, a quiet moment, reflective and retrospective; both are in their own little world of thought, yet connected in the slightest ways.
  • shiro’s head on keith’s chest.
  • keith’s hand in shiro’s hair.
  • the gentle but passionate kisses they will share once in a while.
  • shiro takes a second and looks up at keith’s face, brushes a stray lock of hair away from his forehead.
  • keith turns to look at him for a moment, and shiro’s heart stops.
  • looking into keith’s eyes has always been an experience for him, but with the stars behind him and the gentle breeze of the night whispering through his hair? this is on another level.
  • shiro can’t help it.
  • he forces himself to stop after one kiss, deep, slow, and emotional. he could keep going all night.
  • but he doesn’t. the feeling of keith’s lips on his lingers long after the physical contact is gone.
  • the look in keith’s eyes remains long after the kiss is broken.
  • shiro realizes that maybe, there is something more beautiful than the atari sunset.
  • the rational part of shiro’s brain says that they should go back to the castle. the emotional, madly-in-love part tells him to stay, shiro, stay.
  • the emotional, madly-in-love part always wins when it comes to keith kogane.
  • keith has fallen asleep, but shiro hasn’t moved. gingerly, he raises his head and picks up the small blanket they brought with them. bridal-style, he picks up keith as well, and carries him back to the castle, blanket draped over him.
  • the other paladins seem to already be asleep. shiro places keith delicately in his bed, and keith stirs just enough to wake.
  • keith doesn’t really know what’s happening. all he’s aware of are warm, strong arms, a blanket over his body, and a kiss on his cheek. words hanging unspoken in the air. then keith’s vision darkens, and he is asleep again.
  • there’s so many things shiro wants to say.
  • he wants to tell keith that he loves him.
  • he wants to tell keith how beautiful his eyes are when their colors put the night sky to shame.
  • he wants to tell keith that when they go home, they’ll watch every sunset together. learn the names of every star in the sky. share a thousand kisses in the moonlight.
  • he wants to tell keith that they’ll go home.
  • someday.
  • but for now, shiro will take one last glance at the way keith looks when he’s asleep - peaceful, and undisturbed, and serene.
  • the way his hair falls over his face in all the right ways.
  • the way his face convinces shiro that everything will be okay.
  • everything will be okay, shiro says to himself, and he spends the night dreaming of the sun and the stars and everything in between.
if you’ll be my star, i’ll be your sky

My fic for Day 1:Sky / Sea for @sheithpositivityweek


Just because they’re paladins now doesn’t mean they can’t go on dates, they’re just a little…unusual now, that’s all.

Or: Shiro and Keith watch the stars and go flying together like they used to (only this time they’re on an alien planet, galaxies away from earth).

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The sound of music, alien and otherworldly as it is, does nothing to alleviate Shiro’s boredom, nor does the conversation he was having with a Tevari duke. Maybe a few years ago, before everything, he might have been more excited, eager to learn more about alien cultures and explore the universe laid out before him. Now, however, his enthusiasm has dampened a bit, especially after a long and trying battle they just barely won.

Exhaustion hovers at the back of his mind but he pushes it down with practiced ease. He doesn’t begrudge the others their right to celebrate the victory of a battle hard fought, nor the Tevari the relief of freedom after who knows how long. Even if he wishes that he could just sleep for the next few years, there was no need to be rude.

Feigning interest to the conversation isn’t hard, not after all the practice he’s had applying his skills at formal events back at the Garrison. Nodding at all the right places when prompted, he searches for the rest of his team. There was no harm in being too careful and it was his job to look out for his teammates.

He spots Allura talking to the queen animatedly, probably discussing the terms of an alliance between them and reveling in another victory for their side, Coran ever-present by her side. Lance and Hunk are camped out by the buffet table, entertaining a bunch of younger Tevari with tales of Voltron’s exploits and enthusiastically acting out their previous battles. Hunk supports Lance perfectly, even making the appropriate sound effects to accompany the ‘battle’. After catching Shiro watching them, Hunk offers him a cheerful shrug before going back to his role of the Robeast and collapsing dramatically on the floor.

He can’t see Pidge anywhere at the moment but he had seen her going off with the lead engineer to talk about one of her side-projects. He doesn’t know where Keith is, but he can guess where he went after ducking out of any conversations. He was probably standing guard close to the exit, protective as he always is after a battle.

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extremely dumb concept: xenocarcinisation. we discover independently evolved life on an alien planet and most of their lifeforms are bizarre and mostly unfamiliar but there’s one or two ocean-dwelling species that look like pretty good facsimiles of regular ol’ earth crabs. every time. every time we find some uniquely developed source of multicellular life we keep findin crabs. they’re just such a good shape to evolve into. imagine crabs scattered across the universe.

What if before civilization, when there was nothing but a barren planet, aliens just showed up in their cryogenic pods and they were like, “Ok, first things first. We need breakfast.” and then they just like added water to a seed and it grew into a Denny’s.

The Signs as Beautiful Things in the Universe
  • Aries: Two galaxies colliding together, the arms of them tangling up creating a cascade of stars in a bright disarray
  • Taurus: Stardust compressing together to form a new star after years of its clouds making forms you can only hope to identify as shapes
  • Gemini: A light hole and a black hole next to each other, eating and creating spacetime all at once until you cannot tell what is destruction and what is creation anymore
  • Cancer: A solar flare that launches beyond its star system, the threads of an alien sun tangling outer planets as it dances throughout the universe
  • Leo: A storm on a planet with such a radically different atmosphere, that the rain is shaded rainbow and the clouds eternally colored sunset, this hurricane having lasted for over a thousand years
  • Virgo: Sitting atop a rogue planet which does not have a solar system to call home, watching the most perfect view of the stars that has ever been before it finally reaches a star, experiencing the first sunrise in this planet's three-billion year history
  • Libra: Sitting atop a moon that orbits a planet made of diamond, so when the sun lines up, it shines brighter than even galaxies
  • Scorpio: The planets of a system with over a thousand satellites align, seeing one of the few pieces of perfect symmetry in the universe
  • Sagittarius: Sitting on a planet where the rain is made of glass, the gravity being light enough so it won't hurt you when it lands, the sunset reflecting off each of the slow-falling pieces into a cascade of colors
  • Capricorn: Planets that orbit a black hole perfectly, moving slower than the rest of the universe but also meaning they last longer, allowing them to flourish for near eternity
  • Aquarius: Watching a meteor that's been travelling for eons so large it picks up smaller satellites along the way, travelling in an endless vortex across a thousand alien night skies
  • Pisces: The center of a point in the universe where colors unimaginable surround you, the stars highlighting cosmic dust that makes you feel like you're not watching clouds, but celestial titans with no form