In the Olympic Peninsula of northwest Washington State, a small town exists under a near-constant cover of clouds. Everything there was green: the trees, their trunks covered with moss, their branches hanging with a canopy of it, the ground covered with ferns. Even the air filtered down greenly through the leaves.It was too green – an alien planet.

Ouran AUs no one would read part 1

Kyoya has a secret career as a romance writer, everything is excessively heterosexual and features werewolves

Honey senpai is assassinated in his sleep because the government thinks hes too powerful

Haruhi breaks up with Tamaki in order to become an astronaut and discover unknown planets and alien races. Becomes the first interplanetary lawyer

Hikaru clones himself, only then he realizes that he has to grow and raise his clone up from a baby and becomes a teenage father

Kaoru is Kyoya’s one rival in romance writing, everything he writers is awful, but so hilarious and self aware that people mistake them for parodies of Kyoya’s work and buy all of them

Tamaki accidentally invents artificial intelligence, but the AI begs him not to tell anyone so Tamaki has to get a PhD in engineering to try and give the AI a body so it’s not stuck on his laptop


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Imagine the 12th Doctor falling in love with you despite the age gap and to his delight you love him too.

——— Request for lettersfromavonlea ———

“I love you, Doctor,” it had come out as a wistful sigh, as you watched the sun set on an alien planet while you took his hand absentmindedly with yours, as if it came as natural as anything else. Did you even know how much you’d touched him in that moment? Or were you still completely oblivious to the way he felt about you? He’d never said the words before, but it had always been there, underneath everything he did with you. Too afraid that if he were to say aloud his feelings that he would be met with rejection.

But your utterance of them as you smiled at the ever descending light of the skyline brought back hope to him. Hope that maybe, you loved him in the same way he loved you.

So he finally said it, looking at you rather than the sunset, in little more than a whisper, “I love you, too.”

It is with a contented smile that you look up at him and away from the scenery, finding a stormier climate in his uncertain eyes, before you sooth him with, “I know.”

When he smiles, it’s a better view than the sunset.

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0k: Hey Terezi, historically, what's been the Fleet crime/criminal that got the most media coverage?

Terezi: That is a surprisingly loaded question due to the way Fleet media works!
Terezi: The official NEWS-DISTRIBUTION media is propaganda. It pays the most attention to informing everyone about mutiny and treason trials, and very little attention to anything else.
Terezi: Apparently there was a mass trial a few hundred sweeps ago, of pretty much all the ground forces assigned to a particular alien planet, which the official channels went on about for seasons and seasons?
Terezi: We watched some of the coverage in class, but I’m still not at all clear on what actually happened.
Terezi: Then there’s entertainment media, stuff like Legislacerators: Particularly Depraved Criminals and other, less fictionalized things, which tend to pick up the more sensational stories.
Terezi: Overbear was pretty fucking sensational.
Terezi: I’m not sure what the other contenders for that would be…
Sharpeye: Over my career there have been two other quadrant murderers, someone who poisoned half a ship for no particular reason, and a psychic operating a crime ring of sixty-seven mind-controlled people.
Terezi: …Like, sixty-seven all at once? Wow.
Terezi: The third kind of media is the… personal interaction sort of media. It focuses on sensational stuff, too, but also anything where someone of higher status is being charged with crimes against someone of lower status.

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How about Fem!9/Rose out on an adventure on some alien planet but after they can't go back to the vortex or anything cuz the TARDIS doors wont open so they have to stay at like an alien hotel or something overnight.

“They only get blizzards once every thousand years,” Rose mocked as they hiked through the snow, which was currently up to her knees. “It’ll be fine!”

“Shush,” the Doctor muttered with a pout. She had just wanted to show Rose a nice beautiful winter wonderland.

…She wanted to show this human all the beautiful things.

She tried not to think too much about that.

But of course they would land on the one day when an actual blizzard hit. And of course the TARDIS would be too far away

They found a small in, at least, and got the last room with two beds. Thank god.

They hiked upstairs, Rose shivering the entire time. Her clothes were completely soaked. “I’ll go find you something else to wear,” the Doctor said as soon as she got a nice fire going for Rose. Rose sat right in front of it, resisting the urge to crawl any closer.

Still, it was a relief when the Doctor returned with a night gown for her to wear.

“The bed is so comfy, she sighed as she settled against the mattress, completely content. She frowned when she saw the Doctor wasn’t laying down.

“Aren’t you going to sleep?”

“Nah, I’m not tired. Don’t need as much sleep as you humans, you know.”

Rose rolled her eyes. “Of course you don’t. Well, good night.”

She fell asleep easily, the Doctor sitting by the window watching the snow. And for a few hours, it was quiet.

At least until Rose started whimpering.

The Doctor was sure Rose Tyler had had nightmares before she’d met her. She was human, after all – all humans had nightmares.

But the Doctor was also sure her nightmares then had paled in comparison to what they must have been now.

So when Rose started whipping, the Doctor pushed herself up without thinking, going slowly to the bed and sitting down beside her.


Rose rolled closer to the sound of the Doctor’s voice, reaching out in her sleep like she was trying to find a teddy bear.


The sound of her name nearly shocked the Doctor right back away from Rose. But it was clear Rose needed her, and she couldn’t leave her on her own…

“It’s alright,” the Doctor murmured, shifting to lay down with Rose. Rose instantly rolled into her, clinging to her.

“I am not a teddy bear,” the Doctor grumbled to no one. Rose was still fast asleep, resting peacefully with her ear against the Doctor’s hearts.

As long as she was happy.