My Wish List for Supergirl Season 3

Lena Luthor utterly terrified that Kara will hate her for helping the Daxamites reach Earth and for building the device that nearly killed her only friend’s boyfriend and then nearly bursting into tears when Kara hugs her and tells her over and over again “None of it was your fault.”

Lena being invited to her first Game Night and being slightly overwhelmed by the atmosphere of love and warmth.

A group of alien refugees coming to Earth including a young alien girl who walks right up to Supergirl and holds out Kara’s necklace to her. Apparently, the aliens were on a slave ship when a Daxamite boarded and freed all the slaves. He helped them escape and encourage the little girl by telling her stories of the universe’s greatest hero, Supergirl. He tells her that he is just a man trying to make up for mistakes in his life and hopes that one day he can be half the hero she is. He gave the girl the necklace to remind her to be strong. 

Alex is out of town, on a mission or something, and Maggie runs into someone from her past, Eliza Wilke or an old high school classmate, and while she’s floundering, Winn or James swoop out of nowhere. They had been passing by and saw Maggie’s trapped look and immediately interrupted and rescued her. They whisk her off to a quiet place and sit with her as she pulls herself together. It’s the first time Maggie truly feels she has a place in the Superfriends outside of her relationship with Alex.

A true crossover with the other shows. Teams Arrow, Flash, and Legends end up on Earth-38. Ray jokes that they’ll have to carry Sara kicking and screaming out of this universe after spending the day with Kara, Alex, Maggie, Lena, and Cat (guest appearances by Lucy and the President).


Honestly I just really wanted to draw Lance’s reaction to Pidge in her old clothes. And Pidge wanted to be a bit feminine from time to time haha. Honestly this didn’t come out quite how I wanted it too but I think it was good practice. Look at all the backgrounds!! lol. Anyway, there’s been a lot of Pidgance fanart lately so I wanted to contribute too! Let’s get them off the rare pair label. :3