as long as there are weird eerily lovely pictures of this man, I’m sure i’ll be drawing him (and nipping off the top of his head, sorry Benedict). two recent sketches, in my new sketchbook, HB pencil. verging on caricature, but I like them. lovely reference pics by Spencer Murphy, thank you. click for higher quality. [my art tag]


Hum, yeah. My hand slipped.


this picture made me want to paint the most useless headcanon ever for the XF HP!AU which is Mulder sometimes turned into a fox because he knew Scully thought it was cute ( or she could have a fox familiar…..wait.)

Very quick sketchy Occupation Odo.

Still my headcanon that Cardassians are one of the easier species to mimic for Odo, because the way they move is much more akin to flowing liquid than other beings. He still can’t manage all of the intricate scales or defined features though.




ahem… so this is Jane Doe, one of OCs. She’s an Alien called a Metasalurian. her orange markings glow orange when she uses her psychic alien powers

the BLUE GLOW tho is actually from her species’s mating season (July-June). mating season is like a huuuuuge deal in their culture, remind me to tell y'all about it some time

The day the Cheesecake Devourer from the Gamma Quadrant arrived would forever be known among Deep Space Nine’s engineering personnel as “The Replicator Apocalypse”.

The property damage was immense, as the alien smeared dessert over every surface its tiny hands could reach. Which turned out to be most surfaces. Quark was furious to find his fine establishment in a state of extreme disarray after it was upturned by the ravenous Devourer. Twice, Chief O'Brien had to warn the senior officers of a potential need to evacuate after the alien chewed through vital systems believing them to be cheesecake.

Nobody knows where the Cheesecake Devourer disappeared off to after causing such destruction and annoyance. There are rumours that certain individuals ate it in retaliation. Other rumours claim it was disintegrated during a confrontation with security officers. The Federation suspects it simply returned home after eating the cheesecakes it wanted.

What really matters is getting the replicators back into working order. Everyone is really sick of cheesecake.

A new alien visits DS9 briefly. Everybody has a really bad day, and probably at least one person’s life was ruined. In fact, Garak just may have had his business destroyed considering the extent of this property damage.

It’s my birthday (in an hour), I like cheesecake, and this is a very accurate depiction of what would happen if I was allowed somewhere that could produce infinite cheesecake with no (immediate) consequences.

Since I cannot share cheesecake with my followers (and not everyone likes cheesecake and/or can have it anyway), have this really stupid picture instead.