alien with an egg

galaxsim  asked:

heeyyyyy, I was wondering: Can your storage box work as a new packing crate mod? I haven't gone in game yet but I was wondering beforehand if things could be carried off the sims home lot in the storage box and set elsewhere.

i wish i knew how to make something like the packing crate mod, i’ve been hoping for an update for it forever…… you can take the box i made out of ur inventory wherever u want, so in that sense it’s kinda like the packing crate mod, but the difference is that it only holds collectibles :/

so if ur trying to transport frogs, fish, garden stuff, mysims trophies, metals, crystals, elements, postcards, fossils, microscope prints, space prints, aliens, space rocks, geodes, insects, decorative eggs, sugar skulls, voidcritter cards, city posters, snow globes, or holiday cracker plushies, then ur good! otherwise no :(

when i was in like third grade i went to this science camp and one night at campfire they told us a story about a ufo crashing into a lake nearby and then later in the middle of the night they woke us all up and told us the aliens were back and this time they’d laid eggs in the woods !! it was our duty to arm ourselves and go destroy the eggs, so we armored up in tinfoil and shaving cream ( ????? ) and marched into the woods ready to save the planet. the ‘eggs’ were whole watermelons hidden around the camp and we had to smash them open on trees and rocks and eat the alien fetus/watermelon goo as fast as possible. i cannot emphasis enough the raw joy of digging into a watermelon with your bare hands and stuffing it into your face in the middle of the night in the woods, barely taking time to chew so that you can save the planet from hostile aliens, and i think i became the person i am because of that night.

Did you know that James Cameron was in the drawing scene in Titanic? Those are his hands doing the actual drawing. Yes, the tasteful PG-13 nude was by Mr. Avatar himself.

Mel Gibson also got his hands metaphorically dirty with an appearance in The Passion Of The Christ, when he decided that he should be the one driving the nails into Jesus’ crucified palms. His line for the scene, “Hands up, Jesus!” was left on the cutting room floor.

Ridley Scott is another director who sneakily got his frisky digits an IMDb credit, in this case in a scene in Alien. It was Scott’s hands creating the fluttery movement in the alien egg, right before John Hurt gets his face impregnated. And once you know that the effect was simply Sir Ridley making bird-shaped shadow puppets in a pair of dishwashing gloves, you’ll never unsee it.

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Peter: Y/n, what are you doing here? It’s not safe, you need to leave. Now!

Y/n: Woah, no need to get your knickers in a twist, Pete. I just needed eggs. 

Peter: You needed- There is literally an alien invasion happening on the streets, and you went outside to get eggs?

Y/n: …Yeah, that sounds about right. I’ll see you later, then.

that one post about the summer science camp and the kids covered in shaving cream eating the watermelon alien eggs in the middle of the night isnt even surprising.  Like all the comments on it are like “wtf is this” but those people have never been to a summer camp.  As someone who went to one from 8th to 12th grade, summer camps are surreal and just plain weird like

  • that one year where the entire group had an intense obsession with old bay seasoning.  old bay got put on everything. pasta. sandwiches. chips. pudding. a guy snorted it
  • same kid also drank dirty taco dishwater on a dare
  • flies on leashes
  • one of the guys had 4 pairs of decorative boxers.  he shared them with 3 other guys and they wore them over their shorts for at least 3 days.  they wore them in public.  theres a picture of them doing model poses in front of a waterfall wearing fluorescent decorative boxers over their shorts
  • a girl deadpan goes “i am the captain now” and then pushes our counselor out of the raft into the white water rapids.  he was cool with it
  • the 2 guys that shared a canoe and tipped their boat 7 times in 30 min
  • everyone imitates a velociraptor when you cross that specific field on the hike. no one questions it
  • the indestructable piece of firewood that became a minor deity
  • hearing coughing and screaming in the tents at 12 am because someone decided to kill all the bugs on the ceiling of their tent with a 10 second long spray of 40% deet aerosol bug repellent
  • someone put a frog in a kids shower.  he let it stay in there with him.  he kept it for the next 5 hours.  it sat by his bowl at dinner
  • pillow fight using entire couch cushions in a shabby 1800′s log cabin
  • on the last night at camp we go back to the main property where the hotel is. the hotel kitchen has a cookie jar.  we wanted cookies.  so logically, we dressed in all black, put black mesh kits over our heads, grabbed a bunch of pool noodles, and “snuck” up to the half mile to the hotel, dropping to the ground anytime a car passed vaguely in our direction.  we send a kid into the kitchen through a side door.  he is acting as a decoy to get the staff out of the kitchen.  he says he is a guest and cannot find the bathrooms (especially not the one in his guest room). he is still wearing the mock ninja attire.  the last 2 staff leave to show him where the bathroom is in his own room that he doesnt actually have.  everyone else in our group goes into the kitchen to get the cookies. the cookie jar is empty.  we end up taking a half eaten loaf of wonder bread instead.  we run back away from the hotel waving pool noodles in the air holding a loaf of wonder bread.  no one questioned any part of this entire event. 

basically dont underestimate the surrealist hive mind of a small group of people cut of from all social conventions for a week