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I'm starting a new convo because that one got really long...but can we talk about the fucked up way SHIELD dealt Steve? Here's this guy, this 26 (???) year old who was frigging DEFROSTED from the ice he was in for 70 YEARS and they put him in a house in the middle of nowhere before bringing him out to fight ALIENS using HYDRA weapons. Like. What. The. Entire. Fuck.

Ookay so yeah. I stopped watching Agents of SHIELD awhile ago but when I heard about that, I checked out the episode. I was really heartbroken. I don’t have the psychological knowledge to have an opinion on how to handle a situation like that, but I feel putting someone in isolation who has been through something as significant as that wasn’t the best plan?

I want to know, did they ever ask him if he even wanted to be Cap again? Was he even given a choice? I mean, clearly, he’d still say “yup sign me up.” But…did anyone ask if he’d want to go back at it? Or was he just “you have a mission and here you go the end.” It’s been so long since I’ve seen Avengers I kind of forget what Fury and Steve talked about in the gym with the punching bag. (Oop, looks like I need to watch again!) haha 

I would’ve liked someone to have been his friend. Just a person to talk to and hang out with in the cabin. I don’t care if they’re even a professional psychologist. I would’ve just liked him not in isolation. He had all that time to hate himself and miss Bucky and wonder where Peggy was or how she was or wonder about all the people he knew and what happened to them. I just think that’s so sad. 

Not to mention the effects of solitary confinement on anyone detained….. like …. it’s not easy for anyone and it’s certainly not something anyone should subject someone to (but here we are IRL detaining people in solitary…. I’m not bitter or anything…. -_-)

But anyway, Steve. 

I didn’t like that :( 

  • Lena: *in a crowd and can't find Kara* this calls for drastic measures
  • Lena: *uses hand as a microphone*
  • Kara: She's not! She stopped the gang with alien weapons 👏 She saved Alex's life when Corben tried to kill her 👏 Helped me find Roulette, and the missing aliens 👏 She went against her mother, stopped her 👏 and saved all the aliens yes she did THAT, a true hero 👏
  • Lena: there she is 😭

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Oh wow okay, THE FINALE THOUGH. So thoughts on who this new stranger in another pod might be? (Also stressed out because it's another stranger in a pod)

Ah yes, more pod cliffhangers! At this point I would have found my theory about Marsdin and the Dominators more exciting, but at the same time I am happy I was wrong in my speculation.

As far as who/what is in the pod – I haven’t the foggiest idea on what it could be for sure. BUT I did find an article on Cinema Blend with some pretty interesting speculations which make a lot of sense to me. If they are right about their last guess, it actually sounds like it would be pretty cool!

In the article, they mention:
Mongul (Another Superman villain, yeah? Also boring.)
Brainiac (Again…. BORING) OR



Reign is apparently a fairly new character to DC Comics (2012). I had never heard of her before this morning. The article points at her being the result of Kryptonian experiments. Scientists were attempting to create a living weapon from alien embryos. She eventually became a Worldkiller, has super strength, durability and speed and is unsure of her actual origin. In the comics it does seem that she crosses paths and becomes enemies with Supergirl. I’m hoping for this villain because that would be a hell of a lot more interesting than the other three options!

Does anyone else know anything about Reign and/or her origin story?

!We are all blessed to live at the same time as him! so please, do not hurt yourself…. f*** everybody who say to you, that you can not do something….just live your life how you want to!!! and remember there are always things, that are worthy to fight for! 

Under the Stars Part 2

I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the world I’m coming home. Let the rain, wash away, all the pain of yesterday.  I know my kingdom awaits, and they have forgiven my mistakes.  I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the world I’m coming…..home.

Lance gripped the steering column of the Altean pod he was flying as the crystal blue waters below him sped by. He couldn’t believe that he was back on Earth, on his way back to Cuba, back to his home.  

After Allura had announced that they would be spending a few days on Earth for some rest and relaxation the mood in the castle changed drastically.  There was laughter and smiles everywhere, Hunk spun around and hugged Keith, much to the boy’s surprise, Shiro held Pidge while she laughed and cried at the same time.  Lance surprisingly didn’t react like the others, he didn’t cry, laugh or hug any of his teammates, he just stood there, watching the planet become larger and larger. He smiled as he thought of his family, how much had missed them and wondered how much his younger siblings had grown in the time he had been gone.  

“Allura?  Are we going to be able to visit our families?” he asked tentatively.  At his words the others stopped their celebrating and looked at Allura expectantly.

“Of course you will Lance. That is the entire point of coming here, so that you can be with your families and relax.  I know you have all been so strong over the past six years, fighting in a war that wasn’t your own, but I want you to know that we know how much you have sacrificed,” she said as Coran nodded behind her.

“You both have sacrificed a lot more than what we have,” Shiro said as he still held Pidge, who was now starting to vibrate from the excited energy of seeing her mother.

“So how are we going to do this?  It’s not like we can just take the Lions and say surprise,” Keith asked as he wriggled in Hunk’s embrace, trying to escape.

“That is true Number 4. I suggest you take the pods from the castle and use them to go see your families,” Coran suggested.

Pidge raised her head, “Maybe we can bring them back here at some point?  I don’t know if some of our families will believe us if we say we have been fighting in giant metal cats, that just happen to be sentient, in an intergalactic war that has been raging on for over 10,000 years with a couple of aliens that we found.  Even saying it out loud sounds ridiculous and we are the ones that lived it.”

“That sounds wonderful Pidge, I would love to meet your families and show them around the castle,” Allura smiled as she clapped her hands with excitement.  “Now go on!  What are you waiting for?”

Lance found himself smiling as he thought of his space family, Shiro heading back to Japan to see his mother and father, Hunk going to Samoa to see his mum and sisters, Pidge speeding like a demon back to America to see her mum and Keith who said he didn’t know where his dad was, was going back his shack in the middle of the desert to collect all his stuff and bring it back to the castle.  

Lance was nervous about seeing his family again, he wondered what the Garrison had told them all those years ago, had they told them he was dead?  He thought back to that night that they ran from the Garrison after rescuing Shiro, had they had an opportunity to message their families?  Could they have at least left a message saying they were heading off to look for a mystical weapon that aliens were trying to get first? He snorted, god that was even worse that Pidge’s description of what they had been doing for the past six years.

The shore line came into view and his heart leapt, he was almost there, he could already smell the pizza and garlic knots that he would get with his family.  He guided the pod to a secluded section of beach that was far away from the masses of tourists and locals, he knew that no one ever came out this far, this used to be his secret spot, not even his own brothers and sisters knew about this.

Taking a deep breath, he turned on the cloaking device Pidge had installed a few years ago and exited the pod.  Turning towards the end of the beach he slowly made his way through the coarse sand, his feet sinking with every step.  Oh how he had missed the smell of salt in the air, the sound of the water crashing into the beach and the sound of crying….wait.

He crept around the bluff that hid the secret area of the beach and froze as he saw a woman kneeling on the sand, holding a wreath of vibrant flowers to her chest as she wept. Her curly brown hair and dull blue eyes were unmistakable.

“Mama?  What’s wrong?”

At the sound of his voice her head whipped around and her mouth opened as she dropped the flowers into the sand.


“Hi mama, I’m back.”

“Make up is fucking great for a guy. Because it makes a guy look beautiful. And a lot of times, a guy is not beautiful. And I wanna change that. I wanna make sure that everybody thinks that guys are beautiful. ”
-drunk history of fall out boy


Bill finds Twelve’s little social cue cards and asks him about them, he explains how sometimes he needs a bit of help with stuff like that

a bit later she finds out what he did at Coal Hill 

aka create a super dangerous problem and leave four human teenagers, a very morally questionable alien slave, and a morally grey (tho good-hearted) alien prince (with a weapon of mass destruction) to deal with it


the “I’m sorry that I created a huge problem in this area and then left you, a probably not entirely qualified group of people I don’t know very well, in charge of dealing with it” card

Giant: Ch. 4

When you know I don’t have nowhere else to go
Does it feel good to leave me on my own?

Previously on Giant

Though it was summer, too much happened after the funeral. Lena stayed at her apartment in the city for the summer. Work kept her busy, preparing for grad school kept her exhausted, keeping an eye on her father and brother kept her borderline crazy. Long ago, her duty washed away any artifact of herself, and of that she was damn near certain. 

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Here's a question: Top Ten Toku Mechas?

This may come as a surprise to my followers but one of my least favorite aspects of Super Sentai is the mecha.  Of course, that’s like saying my least favorite part of cheesecake is the crust.  I still love it but it’s not cheese or cake so it comes a distant third on the love scale.

That said, I do love me some mecha!  I used to build Gunpla kits on a regular basis and watched so much mecha anime it’s what I became known for before I let my toku fan flag fly higher than my Zeon one (and yes, I had a Zeon flag before I sold it to someone even more passionate about it than I was.)

So, I have watched a lot of mecha related stuff.  I adore the early work of Go Nagai on Mazinger Z, Getter Robo and all the derivatives and spinoffs thereof (Great Mazinger, Grendaizer, Getter Robo G, Shin Getter Robo etc. etc.). I also love Yoshiyuki Tomino’s outpu.  Not just his Gundam work though but his lesser known shows like Space Runaway Ideon, Xabungle and even the much maligned Brain Powerd.

I guess that’s the long way of saying that I’m a mecha fan but you aren’t going to see a ton of Super Sentai mecha on this list of my favorite tokusatsu robots. There are just too many to choose from to limit it.  There will be a few but they will not dominate this list.

Let’s get started.

10. Giant Robo

Airing in Japan in 1967, this series was the brainchild of manga writer  Mitsuteru Yokoyama who also created Tetsujin 28 (known as Gigantor in the US). It has a lot of similarities to his earlier series with a young boy controlling a giant robot by remote control. What really makes this series stand out though are the creative enemies and interesting fights.  I also just love Robo’s design with its Egyptian headdress and stern expression.  

9. Daileon

The robot that transforms out of the hero’s starship from the 1985 Metal Hero series Special Megabeast Investigator Juspion is great for two reasons.  1) I just love the very simple but elegant robotic look of it. 2) It fights giant monsters every week!  This is the only Metal Hero show to feature kaiju (or megabeasts in this case) every week and give the hero a giant robot to take them on with.  That’s pretty sweet in my opinion and makes Juspion a very unique entry in its respective franchise.

8. Jean-Killer

A robot that first showed up in one of the Ultraman Zero side story specials, I feel Jean-Killer really didn’t come into its own until it became the personal mecha of Ultraman Ginga’s rival. I really like its design, the fact that it can transform into a spaceship and the way it goes from being a hated enemy into a grudging ally in the fight against evil.

7. Super Robot Red Baron

My brother bought this show on DVD and let me borrow it and I have to say, it was a lot of fun.  The first two episodes were surprisingly brutal and shocked me into watching the rest.  It’s a pretty darn good show and I love how boxy and classically robotic the heroic mecha of the series is.  It feels a lot like Giant Robo but it’s a bit newer, giving it a little polish the older series lacked.

6. Leopardon

Spiderman’s personal giant robot from the 1978 Toei series stands as a fantastic example of adding a robot to something that had no right to have one and making it amazing. Of course, it was dreamed up to make the American hero more appealing to Japanese children but it proved SO popular it ended up giving Toei the idea to put robots together with their flagging Sentai shows and revitalize it into SUPER SENTAI.  I owe this webbed wonder a lot for that!

5. Dragon Caesar

Dragon Caesar is my favorite sixth hero mecha ever.  Sure, he may be the first but he gets me in my sweet spot for things I love.  Those would be; giant monsters, robots and robot giant monsters. He also looks like a robot Godzilla, which is something of a weakness of mine as you will see higher on the list.

4. Electronic Starbeast Dol

The undersection of Gavan’s spaceship from the 1982 Metal Hero series Space Sheriff Gavan transforms into this amazing mecha.  It’s a GIANT ROBOT SPACE DRAGON!  So I really need to go into any more detail about why that idea just kicks all the ass in the galaxy? It can breath fire, it can shoot lasers from its eyes and it can grapple enemies.  I love this thing’s design and just wish it got more use in the series.  Still, every time it was used, I loved it to death.

Speaking of Robot Space Dragons…

3. Daijinryu

This monstrous mechanical dragon was the largest single mecha ever to appear in Super Sentai.  Look how huge it is compared to the buildings beneath its feet! Another giant robot space dragon, Daijinryu was the ultimate keeper of balance.  It would appear whenever the battles between the heroes of Gosei Sentai Dairanger and their enemies, the Gorma, got too out of hand and threatened the balance of the universe.  If the fighting didn’t stop, it threatened to destroy the entire world! It also had the power to back that up and dwarfed anything the heroes or villains could send against it.

2. Muteki Shogun

Out of all the mecha to appear in the 41 year history of Sentai, this is my absolute favorite,  I love his design, I love his concept and I love the way it moves and looks on screen.  It’s essentially a Japanese castle that stands up to become a giant robot.  It’s so awesomely cool and outshines even the other mecha of its own series.  Nothing in Super Sentai tops this one for me.

1. Mechagodzilla

Whether and alien duplicate, a weapon reverse engineered from 23rd Century robotics by G-Force or a government Godzilla deterrent made from the bones of the original Godzilla, no tokusatsu mecha is cooler to me than Mechagodzilla. I have loved this one since I was a little kid reading out it in a little orange book from the school library.  Godzilla was my introduction to the world of Japanese fantastic cinema and Mechagodzilla my intro to giant robots. I owe him a ton for my current fandom and still think he’s the best giant robot ever made!

Voltron Klance Tokyo Ghoul AU

So I made another one.

And I realized after writing it that it seems more like Shance because of the platonic relationship between the two and how little I wrote about Lance and Keith together. It will be more noticeable when I end up writing the story though…

Lance’s entire family are ghouls. They’re the kind of ghouls that try to find people who are already dead to eat. Lance’s family occasionally sends him packages while he was at the Garrison, because they know he won’t have as much time to find food. Lance has an ukaku type kagune.

He hides the fact that he’s a ghoul from everyone, even Hunk and the rest of the gang once they know each other. Plus, Allura and Coran probably haven’t even heard of ghouls anyway.

Lance manages to bring enough packages of meat to last him long enough if he rationed them out, so he would be okay for a while. He’s worried what will happen once he runs out though, because the only humans that are in space are the Paladins.

Lance doesn’t want anyone to find out. They’re think he’s a monster. He already thought of himself as a monster and he didn’t need his friends to confirm it for him.

Of course he eats the food everyone makes in front of them, but he also forces his body to keep it down. He feels that they worked hard to make the food for  and the least he could do is actually eat it, no matter how much his body protests. This is slowly making Lance weaker than he could be and he gets injured on mission more often than he should. He was also surprised the first time he got injured by an alien weapon. Lance didn’t know anything could injure his strong ghoul skin.

Lance keeps finding harder and harder to help on missions when his body keeps getting weaker from forcing himself to eat normal food. Everyone is worried about Lance’s well being from how much he gets injured. He just brushes it off like it’s nothing, although they don’t believe him.

Once Lance runs out of his rations, he finds it harder to keep down the normal food. He starts to distance himself from the others more and more because he’s afraid he’s going to hurt them. He occasionally consumes parts of himself when he thinks his control is slipping too much. When he does this, he doesn’t come out of his room until he’s completely healed or healed enough that he can hide it.

Shiro is the first to find out about him being a ghoul, although it was completely by accident. When he was talking to the yupper about the rest of the team, he talks about his insecurities and how he’s a ghoul and is afraid the team will hate him if they found out. Shiro happens to hear it through the com in their helmets. As Shiro hears the part about Lance being a ghoul, he’s scared at first but then realizes Lance is still Lance. Shiro is then disheartened by the things Lance thinks about himself.

Shiro confronts Lance about it after the mission. Lance is scared that Shiro overheard and asks if he thinks of him as a monster now. Shiro reassures him that he’s still the same person and tries to comfort him as much as possible without letting the team know. Even though, Shiro comforts him, Lance still thinks of himself as a monster somewhat.

Shiro ends up catching Lance trying to keep the normal food down in the bathroom at one point. He realizes this must be why he gets injured so often while on missions. He asks Lance why he’s forcefully harming his own body. Lance explains and Shiro says that he shouldn’t but that he really can’t stop him. Lance takes it to consideration and doesn’t do it as much.

The team ends up going on a mission to find out information on the history of Galra. They hear that a planet has information on Haggar. Ever since Allura had found out that Haggar was Altean, she felt the need for more information and decided to go on the planet with them during the mission.

They manage to grab files of information on Haggar before they run into any trouble. They get swarmed by Galra sentries and soldiers before they make it back to the lions. At first the team was doing well and standing their own, but then some of them get some bad injuries most of them drawing blood.

Shiro notices how Lance is starting to get affected by the smell of blood and fights harder in an attempt to get out of there faster. Meanwhile, Lance is internally panicking because he can feel his control slipping.

When they manage to get rid of the last of the Galra, most of them are wounded enough to be bleeding. Although, Keith seems to be the worst. The team seems to notice that Lance is breathing heavily and thinks it’s because he injured himself. Hunk goes to approach, but Shiro holds him back. Unfortunately, this makes him unable to stop Keith from approaching Lance.

Keith asks Lance if he’s okay and Lance hugs him. Lance ends up biting Keith’s shoulder and everyone is shocked. Shiro goes to separate them when Lance realises what he’s doing and jerks back with a horrified expression. Keith states that Lance is a ghoul and Lance tries to apologize.

Keith cuts him off by calling him a monster. This just confirms Lance’s fears and he runs off to the Blue Lion and flies away before anyone could stop him. He was also heartbroken because he realized that he had feelings for Keith some time ago.

Shiro asks Keith why he said that which just confuses Keith. He asks Shiro if he knew and is a little mad when he gets the answer. Shiro tells them what Lance has been doing to prevent himself from losing control and some of the things he did (that he didn’t necessarily approve of) because he thought he owed them. The team was shocked by this and Keith felt guilty for making Lance run off. And now they have to try to find Lance before it’s too late.

Hope you enjoyed this one! Feel free to ask questions.

Stolen Hearts

Read it here on AO3!

Rating: T

Pairing: IwaOi

Word Count: 2,700

Summary: Alternate Universe - Space Pirates

Oikawa Tooru is always an idiot about taking care of himself, but after a heist that leaves Tooru weak and beaten, Hajime finally decides enough is enough.

((happy birthday to the lovely and talented and amazing @lordizxy !!! I hope you’ve had a birthday as wonderful as you are, love. I’m sorry this is late, but I hope you enjoy it! <333))

He’s kneeling before him, clothes torn, dried blood staining his skin. One eye is swollen shut, and his lip is twice its normal size, but that doesn’t stop Oikawa Tooru from sneering defiantly at his captor.

Iwaizumi Hajime, on the other hand, can feel his hands trembling. He curls them into fists, reminding himself to not do anything rash. He turns to the alien general, the one they call “Garlock,” with bulbous eye and snake-like skin.

“You told me he wouldn’t be harmed if I came,” Hajime says tightly.

Garlock laughs and says something in his slithery language. His interpreter turns to Hajime with an impassive expression. “The General says he should have been more clear. He meant he would not harm your captain further, as he had already been beaten before we contacted you.”

Hajime clenches his teeth. “And why was he beaten?” he asks.

Garlock gives his interpreter a look.

“He was, as you humans say, ‘being an ass.’”

Hajime sighs. “Well, that sounds about right,” he says, earning him an indignant look from Tooru. He turns to Garlock, hands lifting at his sides. “I brought you my ship, as you requested. All the spoils that we’ve collected over the past few months are yours to take. Now give me back my captain.”

Garlock nods to the soldiers standing on either side of Tooru, and they release him from his chains, as Hajime steps forward to embrace him. He can’t help but worry at how frail he seems, wondering if they’d given him anything to eat at all during the week he’s been with these aliens.

“I’ll admit, this was one of your stupider ideas,” he mutters.

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"I'm here. I got you." (Bucky Barnes Oneshot)

Prompt:  When your normally stoic, tough, emotionally-detached character is so sick or in so much pain that they reach out and grab the other character’s hand and squeeze it tight without even thinking about it. And of course your other character notices, and is surprised, but all they do is squeeze gently back and whisper “I’m here. I’ve got you.”

Warning: Very Very whumpy. Graphic descriptions of pain. And a mediocre choice at titles. Goddamn I’m bad.

Originally posted by pxggycxrters

The mission was a success. It was one of HYDRA’s bases that were like the one in Sokovia, where they were experimenting on alien technology and combining it with their weapons. Half of the team was deployed. With ease, Steve, Bucky, Natasha, Wanda, Tony and Avery infiltrated the base, destroyed all the weapons, purged the data and burned the place to the ground. They were successful, but not before taking a few hits themselves.

Avery kept her eyes on Bucky as they walked back out of the Quinjet. He had taken a hit by one of those new HYDRA weapons that was being developed but refused to let the med team take a look at it. She huffed at his stubbornness but knew better than to make a fuss. Basically every one of them refused to be treated after a mission and the brooding and silent Winter Soldier was the most notorious at evading check-ups. Besides, the man is a super soldier. His wound would be closed by the time dinner comes around. So, she focused her energy on setting a course home and relaxed in her chair. Another mission settled.

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Badass Baby (Winn Schott x reader)

Request:  Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Drabble or one shot with Winn Schott where the Reader and Winn go around town with the reader’s baby nephew or niece and they keep getting compliments on how cute of a family they are and at the end of the day the Reader tells Winn she’s pregnant. Thanks

Prompt: After a day hanging out with Winn and your baby niece you tell him about your pregnancy. 

Words: 768

Warning: none?reader is pregnant.  

A/n: sorry it took me so long I have 0 motivation recently. Happy Readings!

Originally posted by my-allisondiamond-world

You sat down on your couch waiting for Winn to return with the Puerto Rican food from the diner down the street. You knew you had to tell him today about being pregnant and you were nervous about what his reaction would be but as I stared at the blank tv in front of me my mind went back to the events of this afternoon.

You sipped from your coffee as Winn eats his donut and your baby niece Chloe slept in her stroller.

“You should’ve seen the tech it was badass!” Winn grins as he continued eating.

“Winn, babe, you think all alien tech is badass.” you laugh and he laughs and puts his hand on his heart as if he was offended.

“No, I don’t.”

“Name one alien weapon that you didn’t think was awesome or badass.”

“That’s- that’s not fair. Not fair at all but to prove you wrong, I’d say the-”he started, but got interrupted by a loud bang from plates falling in the kitchen. Not a second later Chloe woke up crying startled by the sound.

“Oh, no.” you groaned. You had really hoped she would sleep for a few more hours since she was up most of the morning.

“I got this, don’t worry. I’m like the baby whisperer.” He picked her up from the bed and rocked her in his arms, singing softly in her ear something that I couldn’t hear over the cafe chatter. Chloe stopped crying and after a minute or two slowly closed her eyes again.

“Wow, that was-”

“Well, aren’t you guys a cute family?” a old lady said as she walked past us towards the exit.

“Oh, we aren’t-”

“This isn’t our baby, our baby would hopefully cry a lot less.” Winn jokes but sent my hair beating fast. Did he know something?

“You are really good with kids.” you say as the lady walks away.

“Yep, like I said baby whisperer.” he smiles and places Chloe back into her stroller.

“My brother should be coming by the house to pick her up soon, we should get going.” you say looking at the clock on your phone.

“Actually, I need to head back to the DEO but I will be back to tonight with some diner.”


You turn to your side to see Winn standing there confused, holding the two bags of food.


“I brought dinner as promised. I was calling your name like 5 times, are you okay?” he asks with a concerned look on his face as he set the food down at the dining table.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just really deep in thought, I guess.”

He smiles and walks over to you placing a gentle kiss on your forehead before returning to the food. You grab some plates and place them down with forks and spoons not being sure what he ordered.

“No forks for me, I’m eating some rice and no spoons for you, I got you a ton of mofongo since you love that stuff.” You smile and turn around to put a fork and a spoon away. Maybe it was time to tell him. Maybe he would be happy. Or maybe he wouldn’t be. We had only been dating for two years, which is a lot, but now seems like not enough time before dropping news of this magnitude.

“Winn before we eat there is something I need to tell you.” you watched him nervously as he put your food on your plate.

“Sure, babe.” he then reached for his rice container and opened it letting the contents spill into his plate carefully.

“No easy way to say this so I’m just going to have to say it.” he turn to me with a terrified expression and he set his container down.

“Oh, god. Are you-”

“I’m pregnant.”

“Wait, you weren’t dumping me? Oh, thank god. Kara said you had been acting strangely and asking all sorts of weird questions about me and- Wait! You are pregnant?!” he exclaims his once panic face became in just seconds relieved and the next thing he is..happy?

“Yes? I mean, yes I am but you are taking this a lot less freaking out than I imagined.”

“Freaking out? No, I’m happy. I love you, Y/N, and if you want this then awesome because it’s something I’d definitely wanted in the future for us.” he runs to my side and cups your face in his hands gently.

“Really?” you say, barely above a whisper.

“Yes, our baby is going to be the most badass baby in the world.”