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Humans are terrifying: Resistance to Damage and Small Arms

What if aliens’ weapons are nowhere near lethal to us, just painful? Like, either they use energy weapons that at worst cause slight burns or perhaps growths under prolonged exposure, or their kinetic-kill weapons are comparable to BB/air guns, paintballs, or airsoft pellets? And despite their likely larger frame, they lack the muscle density we have, so either they can’t swing/stab their melee weapons hard enough to damage us, or their weapons are made out of such inferior material that they just shatter or fold, or bounce off our skin altogether? What if they have to use ship-grade or anti-vehicular weapons against us?

What if we’re the Space Badgers?


Commander’s Log, 2e.455.6789

They just. Keep. Coming.

My unit has been entrenched in the Ghûrzáan Mountains on [Ophii Beta 1-6b-Theta], the third moon in orbit around the massive gas giant, for [three days]. We started with 10,000 of the finest the Grand Army had to offer. In the [two weeks] since the humans arrived, that number has been pruned and has dwindled to a meager 2,300. They landed with 6,000, and have only lost 153. They essentially have the moon already, but we are holding out the best we can. Gods above, we hope rescue arrives soon.

They are so much smaller than us! How? How is it possible that they have this level of durability? One ‘Praivet’ as they called the warrior, but a lowly grunt(!!!), stood against MY ENTIRE THIRD ARMORED DIVISION, taking about 70 souls and 13 of my finest heavy assault vehicles with it to the After. A gods-blessed TANK ROUND traveling at [320 meters/second] only killed the human because it struck it in the head and severed its central nervous ganglion, through sheer force alone. Upon examination, and despite hairline fractures and heavy bruising, the human’s bones and flesh were INTACT. Our normal small-arms fire bounce off of their skin and our energy weapons hardly singe their clothes. Our melee weapons can’t even penetrate their suits, much less their flesh.

Their weapons and armor are absolute madness. Iron-base armors, with heavy metal weaves and supplication, and carbon-nanotube weave in a graphene substrate. Their bullet-proof garments are made out of simple CLOTH. They use titanium… for LIGHT plating. Their rifles weigh three times the weight of our light anti-tank weaponry, and fire with about 130 times the force. Their bullets, accelerated to about a thousandth of the speed of light, almost compare with the delivered force of our anti-tank missiles.

They are made out of carbon-, nitrogen-, and hydrogen-based sugars and proteins. Their blood has iron in it. They breathe OXYGEN. Their bones are strengthened with calcium. THEY ARE PREDATORY AND CONTAIN LETHAL MICRO-ORGANSIMS INSIDE THEIR ORGANS AND ON THEIR SKIN.

They can move almost effortlessly in our preferred environment. They can punch with enough force to rupture your insides. They can tear your limb off and use it as a club. They routinely stand off one to tens with our own forces.

We need rescue. Before there is no one left to rescue.

Dear gods, they found us. If anyone from the Illustrious Empire of the Vhârashjeenzi discover these records, this is my one and final warning: Do not engage humanity, as I did. They cannot be stopped. They will prove to be our ruin.

Commander Vhûna-Zhini out.

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shiro is vld's damsel in distress and keith is his knight in shining armor

Ok so I know I joke about Keith saving Shiro like a princess, but actually, this is honestly how their dynamic is portrayed?? Keith is always shown as the first one at Shiro’s side when he’s in danger, always running to his rescue. If he has to choose between the mission and Shiro, he’ll take Shiro every time. But now, let’s talk about this idea he’s a knight for a minute. Because it’s very much a purposefully drawn comparison. In the comics, when the paladins are all likened to pieces on a chessboard, Keith is delegated to this role. The narrative literally refers to him as a knight by name. 

The imagery of Keith’s bayard also serves to reinforce this. Instead of a more sci-fi weapon like a laser gun or some advanced alien tech, Keith’s weapon of choice is a classic sword. Nothing evokes the image of a knight more than a sword and shield (which the paladin suit has). Keith’s belief system also feeds into this archetype. Time and again, he’s singled out as the most dedicated to the mission. He is a paladin first and foremost. When Pidge wants to leave to find her family, Keith is the one who lashes out and lectures her about how they need to defend the universe and make sacrifices for the greater good. When Allura is captured, Keith again notes that their duty as paladins must come first. Keith leaves the castle when he believes his presence will do more harm than good. And the paladin guidebook even lists his most important value as honor–a clear reference to knightly chivalry. 

Keith’s initial role in Voltron is also a clear indicator of his character. If the head of Voltron is a leader whose men will follow without question, if they’re like a “King,” then as Voltron’s “right-hand man” Keith is a loyal knight. And just like any good knight, Keith will call out rulers for failing to serve the people and treating their subjects unjustly. The way Keith reacts so strongly to Lubos is a good example of this. Again, nobility and honor are distinctly important to him. 

Another trope with a knight and damsel you often see in fantasy is that, like a typical knight, the protagonist highly values chivalry and champions a noble cause. But ultimately, that means learning to sacrifice their own selfish desires for the sake of the greater good. So their love interest is often seen as a distraction from the hero’s quest. They can’t afford to indulge in their feelings because the mission must come first. And often times, this culminates in a decision where the knight must choose to sacrifice the person they care about most–a representation of their own desires–because their duty demands it. 

And in his trial, who is it that’s sent to tempt the hero and divert him from his quest, who is it that Keith longs for most, the person he “desperately wants to see”? Who is the one person that Keith can afford to be selfish for, the one who he’ll throw away everything–including his obligations as a paladin–just to be with?

And we know that this is an archetype VLD is very much aware of and acknowledges in their narrative. After all, heroes who fail to give up their own wants and needs, chasing after their love and abandoning their duty–they’re often cast down, vilified, characterized as foolish and selfish and bringing about disaster for their arrogance. And Zarkon is the literal embodiment of this character. He’s a glimpse at what Keith’s future could look like if he continues down the same path and chooses Shiro over the universe. Just like how Zarkon chose his love over everything else. 

So when I mention all the sheith and zaggar parallels, I really do believe it’s wholly intentional. Especially given all the foreshadow that Keith will eventually reach the same crossroads where he’ll have to decide whether or not to sacrifice Shiro for the sake of the universe. But being that Keith doesn’t believe in things being so “black and white” and also the trope that a successor will surpass their predecessor, I believe Keith will figure out an alternative answer that will allow for both Shiro and the the others he defends to stay safe. 

Now, as for Shiro’s role as a “princess,” the notion is pretty interesting. Obviously, it’s a clear subversion of gender. But there’s never any shame or weakness to it. Quite the contrary, actually. Shiro is established as the strongest and most formidable member of Team Voltron. He’s their brave leader, their fearless protector, their unshakable rock. But he is so often idolized, seen as impossibly perfect and infallible, and this inevitably takes its toll. The fact that he allows himself to be vulnerable with Keith, to let Keith help him and take care of him, is never shown as a point of pathetic inability or weakness. 

Rather, Voltron portrays it as okay to admit that you aren’t strong enough, that you’re not okay, that asking for help is perfectly alright and there’s nothing wrong with admitting you can’t shoulder the weight of the world on your own. Shiro asking Keith to come save him is important because he never asks the others for help. He puts up a facade and tries to keep everything together in front of them. And when Keith says things like Shiro really changed his life, you can infer that, before this, Shiro was probably always the one taking care of him. So Keith always being the first to defend Shiro in turn reads as You were always the one protecting me, now let me stand by your side and protect you

This concept of sheith’s dynamic resembling a knight and princess is also established immediately. Their very first scene together is Keith saving Shiro, and it really feels like knight rescuing their lost love. Right away you associate these two characters with one another, see just how intimately familiar they are with each other. Keith fights fiercely on Shiro’s behalf but softens up when he looks at him, leans it closer and tenderly reaches out to him. And I’ve talked about this a lot before, but the way Keith mourns Shiro is distinctly reminescent of someone grieving a lover. 

The way he’s inconsollible and claims to be the only one who really cares about Shiro, the way he searches relentlessly and needs to be told time and again that it’s time to move on, the way his voice breaks when Black accepts him and he pleads, “Please, no.” Keith really loves Shiro. And his devotion to him, including leading Voltron in honor of his last wish as well as vowing to never give up on him, Keith’s desperation to be with him, this notion that he’d be all alone without him--yes, he loves Shiro. But it’s a love that’s passionate and intense and possessive and desperate in a way that platonic or familial love just isn’t

I think Kuron’s rescue and recovery in season 3 is also very remenescent of this whole damsel in distress theme. For one thing, Keith is established as Shiro’s sole rescuer, and the “reunion” scene is an intimate moment between just the two of them. Kuron’s hero is here to save him, and they can both finally be at ease. The start of the next episode is very interesting because it just seems like business as usual. The paladins are all off on a mission, but Kuron is nowhere to be seen. He’s taken out of the action. Instead, this is the first time we get to see Allura use her bayard. And she makes for a fearsome opponent. It’s a distinct reversal of how you’d usually see a knight go off on their quest while the princess waits back at the castle for their safe return. Here, Kuron takes on that position. And the way we see Keith dutifully caring for him at his bedside afterwards reinforces this idea. And it’s okay for Kuron to rest and take as much times as he needs. It’s okay because Keith will still lead in the meantime and he’ll always be there to check in on Kuron and help him through his recovery. 

Of course, there’s more than one way to save someone, and I think it’s important to make that distinction with Shiro and Keith’s relationship. Because it’s not Keith carrying all of Shiro’s weight for him and taking care of everything. It’s about Keith really supporting Shiro and reaffirming that he is a good and worthy paladin–“You mean, your bayard.” It’s the way that Shiro has already given himself up for dead but Keith looks him in the eye and tells him that he’ll be alright, that he can make it. It’s the fact that Shiro struggles with his trauma and still believes that he’s a monster, that he’s undeserving of the title “paladin” and that there’s no way he can stand against the empire and survive. Keith asserts time and again that Shiro is their leader, that Shiro is strong and kind and loving, that Shiro isn’t broken, that he deserves to live. It’s that Keith gives him hope, and Shiro is able to stand by his side and push forward because of it.

Ultimately, I think the best way to describe this dynamic is by just quoting what Josh said at wondercon about his favorite scene: “Shiro is in really bad shape and he’s waiting to pretty much get rescued by Keith. I love this clip because you really see the weak side of Shiro, you really see Keith’s determination to find him. And it was just really exciting for me to watch it. Because it really looks dire, and it really looks like he’s not gonna make it in time. And then–a hero comes through and saves the day with the lion.” Keith is really Shiro’s hero. And just like he’s promised, he’ll always be there to save Shiro–as many times as it takes

Lord of the space flies

Okay but what if humans are pretty good by alien standards at making weapons. And I don’t mean our guns and rockets and such. No they look at those like charming antiques. I mean like improvised weapons. Imagine a survey team is trapped by overly aggressive wildlife and while the rest of the team is preparing themselves for a gruesome demise, the humans are sharpening sticks and turning the mining charges into grenades.
Like maybe for any species that doesn’t have engrained combat prowess the concept of “hit it with a rock” is not what comes to mind when presented with a threat.

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Let Me Help

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of blood, sort of angsty lol

Request: “Peter x Reader with “Your reckless impulses will get you killed!” And “You’re an idiot and i’m very proud of you. don’t do that again.” and  Peter Parker x Reader with “You idiot! You dumbass! You- you fucking moron!” And "There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.” Angst to fluff, please? Thank you!”

A/N: I combined two requests, I hope that’s okay!

He had told you he was going to be gone for quite a while that night. You decided to wait up in your room, knowing very well that it could be late in the night before he contacted you. But it had gone later than ever.

You rolled over in your bed to check your phone, the screen lighting up your worried expression in the darkness. No texts, no missed calls. The bold white numbers at the top read 1:05. The lock screen picture of you and Peter laughing together just made your heart hurt even more. Where was he?

You jumped when a loud knock on your window broke the pressing silence. You leaped out of bed, wondering what it was. Had a bird hit your window somehow in the middle of the night?

“Oh my god,” the words left your lips in a rush of air. “Peter.”

The boy was on his knees up on the fire escape outside your window, his left hand clutching his right shoulder. His mask was in his other hand. His face was a mess of blood and dirt.

You hurried forward, pulling up your window. You helped him through, keeping a steady hand on his uninjured shoulder.

“Why are you here? What happened?” You whispered, not wanting to alert your parents.

“I tried to stop this guy,” Peter said, his words pushed out through clenched teeth. “He was one of the men left over from the underground alien weapons operation. He still had one of the weapons.”

“What-” you sat him down on your bed, struggling to understand what was going on. You tried to move his hand from his shoulder, but he resisted you.

“Peter, please,” you said, looking him right in the eyes. “I can help you, I know first aid.”

“I don’t-” he didn’t finish the sentence, his eyes seeming to fracture into a million pieces.

“You don’t what?” you asked.

“I don’t want you to have to worry about me,” he said, his eyes flicking away from yours.

You sighed. “Then why did you come to my apartment, not yours?”

Peter shook his head. “May can’t see me like this, and you’re the only person I knew could help me.”

“Then let me help.”

Peter let his hand drop. Your stomach turned over at the sight of the grisly wound in his shoulder. His suit was soaked with blood.

“The weapon hit me there,” Peter said, his voice rasping.

“I can see that.” You struggled to stay calm. “Hold on, I’m going to get some bandages from the hall closet. Don’t move.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Peter murmured.

You straightened up, turned to ease the door to your room open. You winced with every squeak of the hinges, expecting someone to come down the hall and see you and a very bloody Spider-Man at any moment. You took the first-aid kit from the hall from atop a stack of blankets. You found a couple heavier-duty bandages pushed against the side behind some books.

You padded back to your room, closing your door behind you. Peter sat on your bed with the worst look of pain on his face. You knelt down in front of him.

“Can you talk off your suit?”

Peter nodded, loosening it first then sliding the smooth material off his shoulders. You sucked in air through your teeth, reaching for one of the towels you brought.

“Hold this against your shoulder, it’s the best I could find,” you instructed. Peter did as you told him.

“God,” you muttered, seeing the scratches on his chest and face. One of his eyes had swelled up. “Your reckless impulses will get you killed, Peter.”

“I just wanted to stop him,” Peter said, getting defensive.

You bit your lip, holding back more berating words and the tears that stung your eyes. You took the towel from him, cleaning up the most blood you could before wrapping a bandage around it.

“This is the best I can do for tonight,” you said, your voice trembling despite your resolve not to show the turmoil inside of you.

“It’s okay,” Peter said. “This is more than enough.”

You moved to the scratches on his chest. “You’re gonna need stitches tomorrow, there’s no way around it.”

“I can’t, then May will know-”

“Then go to Tony Stark! Go somewhere! Find a spool of thread and a needle and freaking do it yourself!” you spat. “You can’t let these go untreated, Peter!”

Peter stayed silent as you cleaned away some of the dried blood, not sure what to say. One of his hands was fisted in your blankets from pain. He closed his eyes, unsure whether it was body or his heart that hurt more. He hated to see you so worried. He hated that he was Spider-Man right at this moment. He hated that he had a duty to do, a duty that hurt himself and everyone else around him.

“You’re an idiot,” you muttered, reaching for some more bandages. “You dumbass. You- you fucking moron! Why would you put yourself in so much danger?”

“It’s my job,” Peter said,

“No, your job is to be the ‘friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’, the one that goes after petty thieves and helps old ladies find their way around. You’re not supposed to hunt down war criminals!” You felt a tear drip onto your cheek.

“I know,” Peter said. He looked down at his heavily bandages torso, at you struggling to keep your hands steady. “I’m sorry I haven’t been around so much.”

“It’s okay,” you said tightly, knowing that the anger you felt wasn’t justified. It was born of fear and, though you didn’t want to admit it, jealousy.

You turned, putting everything back into the box. Your fingers shook so badly, you could barely hold onto a box of Band-Aids. Tears blurred your vision.

“Stop. Y/N,” Peter reached forward, taking your hands. You were forced to look at him.

“I’m sorry,” you said, trying to pull away. Instead, Peter stood up, despite his wounds, and hugged you tightly to his chest. You could feel his own hands trembling on your back. You were reminded that he had a much bigger job than you, and he did it damn well despite coming back with a black eye almost every time.

“You’re an idiot and I’m very proud of you. Don’t do that again,” you whispered.

“I’ll be careful,” Peter promised. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

“I know.”

The two of you stayed there for a moment before Peter pulled away, wincing. “I don’t suppose you have any pain meds?”

“Oh, yeah,” you said, leaning down to rifle through the First-Aid kit. You found the bottle of Ibuprofen holding it out to him. He took a pill gratefully, sighing.

“Thank you,” he said. “I should probably go.”

“There’s no way you’ll make it back to your apartment,” you said. “Stay with me tonight, we can call May tomorrow.”

Peter nodded after a moment. He slid into your bed behind you, pulling you into his chest. Though neither of you said it very much, you were grateful for each other.

Peter held onto you like you were his rock in the middle of a roiling sea, his head pushed into your neck. You sighed, knowing that whatever Peter had to face, he could handle it.

And so could you.

Here’s My Heart (Part One)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: No, but taken from this post
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: Homecoming Spoilers, Food Mention, Kinda Swearing??
A/N: Shoutout to @hands1766 for sending me this post to begin with :)
A/N #2: It’s insinuated that reader uses female pronouns
Part Two Part Three Part Four

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*ignore the caption*

Peter Parker was pretty sure he was in love with you. Ever since the first day of sophomore year, when you had been assigned as his lab partner, he knew he would be smitten for you. You had made a science pun within the first few minutes of class to him, and honestly, what more could Peter ask for?

But then you had become friends, and he had gotten to know you, and he realized there was so much more to you than a beautiful smile and dorky humor. You were generous and kind, and you were shy but outgoing when you were comfortable with someone.

You had grown to be comfortable with him, and Ned, and Peter fell in love with your personality even more. You still made cheesy puns at any opportunity you could get, and while Peter would grimace and say, “C’mon, that was so bad”, he secretly loved them. You laughed in response, knowing the truth.

Sophomore year had come and gone, and the three of you had been attached to the hips. You were your own little group, with Michelle sitting with you guys at lunch but never admitting she was a part of the group.

It was now junior year, and the three (four) of you were as close as ever. Peter was excited to hear that the two of you still had science together this year, and he was hoping you would be paired up as lab partners again. 

And, thankfully, you were assigned his partner. You walked over to him with a bright smile on your face, and Peter’s heart nearly stopped in his chest. It was the exact same image he remembered seeing on the very first day of sophomore year. And here you were, a year later, your hair grown longer and your smile even bigger as you walked towards him. You sat down, and he still stared at you with admiration. You stared at him back, and muttered the same pun that was one of the first things he had ever heard you say to him.

He laughed the same laugh, quiet enough to keep the moment only between you two in the back of the classroom. In that moment, he didn’t know what he would’ve done without you if you hadn’t come into his life a year ago. You made his life lighter, you gave him the strength he needed when he felt like he was failing everyone—the city, his aunt, his friends, and even you.

He was thankful you found out about his powers when you did—the night of Homecoming, when you had helped Ned take down his attacker. He knew he should’ve been more worried about Liz, his date, who he had abandoned to go apprehend her father, but he couldn’t help himself from panicking about you, standing in front of him with an alien weapon in your hand.

“(Y/N)!” He had yelled, rushing over to you as he completely forgot the Spiderman attire he was dressed in. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” 

He pulled the weapon from your hands, placing it on the ground before he rested his hands on your shoulders, and you laughed a little shakily as you looked him up and down. “So, Ned told me you’re Spiderman,” you said in response, and he gasped as he remembered he was in his suit.

“I, uh,” he didn’t know what to say. He didn’t care that it was you who Ned had told, but still. He didn’t want his secret to put you in harm’s way. “You didn’t answer the question,” he said instead, and you smiled.

“I’m fine, Pete,” you had said. “Now go save the day.”

You leaned in to give him a hug, and it wasn’t the first time you two had hugged, so he could tell you were holding on tighter than usual. “I’ll be fine, (Y/N),” he whispered to you, quiet enough for Ned to not hear.

“Yeah, you’re right. You will,” you pulled back from him, his body no longer touching yours. You took a few steps backwards, and he thought he could see a glassiness in your eyes, but you looked down too soon for him to be completely sure.

“Bye guys,” he had said before swinging off into the distance.

That was the night Peter realized he had fallen for you.

And still, many months later, he couldn’t find it in himself to confess. He thought that you felt the same, or maybe he was just reading into things too much. But every time you blushed when he swung his arm around your shoulder when you walked, or when he would catch you smiling at him as he spoke and you would look away quickly when he noticed, or when you would stay awake for him until he texted you that he was back at his apartment after a night of crimefighting, he questioned whether your feelings for him were truly platonic.

He didn’t want to get his hopes up, but he could just tell. It had to be true. He had built himself up into thinking you felt the same way too much that he would crash and burn if it weren’t the truth. He had tried to think of ways to ask you out before his confidence in your feelings could waver, but with every idea that came, he knew you deserved better.

You deserved the best. He needed to give you the best.

As the two of you finished class together with the teacher simply explaining what he had planned for the next year, the two of you parted ways in the hallway to go to your respective classes.

“What do you have next?” You asked him as you walked out of the science lab. 

“Um,” Peter hummed, pulling out his schedule to check. He hadn’t had any time to memorize it due to his Spiderman duties. “History. You?”

“English,” you frowned, a sad look in your eyes.

“What about after that?” He asked, looking back down at his schedule. 

“Gym,” you said, and he smiled, looking up at you.

“Same,” he said, and a smile lit up on your own face.

“I guess I’ll see you there then,” you began to walk backwards, smiling even wider at him. “Bye, Peter,” you said and turned around.

“Bye, (Y/N),” he whispered, more to himself than to you. He needed to tell you. He didn’t think he could take this any longer.

So in his next class, where he thankfully found Ned sitting in a seat in the back, he tried to make a plan. He plopped down in the seat next to Ned, saying, “I’m gonna ask (Y/N) out.”

Ned didn’t look up from his book. He had heard Peter say this on many occasions. “Oh yeah?”

Peter shook his head, although his friend wasn’t paying attention, so he slapped his arm. Ned recoiled, finally looking up while rubbing his arm. 

“I’m really gonna do it this time,” Peter said excitedly, practically jumping in his seat. 

“Alright,” Ned said slowly, still rubbing his arm. “How are you gonna do it?”

“Well, that’s why I need your help,” Peter elaborated. “I don’t know how to do it. But it needs to be special.”

“Special,” an eyebrow quirked on Ned’s forehead. 

“Yes, Ned, special,” Peter replied, exasperated. “So help me out. Do you have any ideas?”

As Ned opened his mouth to speak, the teacher entered the room, announcing her name to the class. Peter sighed, annoyed, but turned towards the front of the class to pay attention.

For most of the class, Peter zoned out, thinking about ideas to ask you out. He thought of a sign, and asking you out in front of the whole school, but he discarded that idea immediately. You never liked having everyone’s eyes on you.

He thought about a cake, or pizza, in the shape of a heart, but he thought that was too cheesy. Although, he could make a pun with the pizza. 

‘I know this might be cheesy, but will you go out with me?’

No. Definitely not. He tried to think of something else.

But with everything he thought of, he knew none of them were good enough for you. Everything was too lame, or it had been done too many times, and none of them were special enough. He wanted to do something special.

Before he knew it, the bell rang. He leaped up from his chair, asking Ned what class he had next. “Gym,” he answered, and Peter smiled excitedly.

“Great, great,” Peter said, grabbing his arm and dragging him out of the classroom quickly. “Did you think of any ideas for (Y/N) during class?”

“Wha- no!” Ned exclaimed, pulling his arm away from Peter’s grip. “I was paying attention to the teacher. It’s the first day of school, Peter!”

“Yes, but this is really important, Ned,” he begged, grabbing his friend’s arm again. “Just help me think of something!”

“Why don’t you just ask her out?” Ned said, as if it was as simple as that.

Peter stared at him, disgusted. “I said special, Ned. Special.”

The two continued to bicker on their way to the gym, and when they arrived, they retrieved their gym clothes before going to change. Peter finished changing first, and he walked out to see you sitting on the bleachers with some people around you. You laughed at something someone said, leaning forward with your hands on your knees as you smiled widely.

Peter sighed, admiring you. You were beautiful. He didn’t think he would ever get used to your beauty. 

“Hey, Parker!” Peter heard, and he sighed again, this time not in a good way. He turned to see Flash walking towards him, a smirk on his face. His yell caught the attention of a few other people in the gym, including yours.

“What do you want, Flash?” Peter said, aggravated that it was only the third period of the new year and he was already being harassed.

“I’m gonna need to have a chat with your little buddy, Spiderman,” he said, walking closer to him. Peter’s heart began to beat harder in his chest.

“And why is that?” He asked as Flash stopped a few feet away from him.

“He trashed my dad’s car. The thing is completely smashed up,” Flash said with an angry voice, but his face didn’t look bothered at all.

“Yeah, well, that’s not my problem,” Peter replied, and he knew he was asking for it when Flash took another step forward, his eyebrows furrowing.

“What was that?” Flash clenched his hands into fists to threaten Peter.

(He was not at all threatened.)

“I said, that it’s not my problem. I don’t even know who the guy is.”

Flash took the final step forward for them to be face to face, and he tilted his head slightly when Peter stood his ground.

“Hm, you seem to have gotten awfully confident this past summer, Parker,” he stared at him up and down, eyebrows still furrowed. Peter kept staring straight into his eyes. “We’re gonna have to fix that.”

“Hey, guys!” A cheerful voice said loudly, and Peter felt an arm swing around his shoulders. The two boys looked to their sides to see you standing there, a blinding fake smile on your face as you glared at Flash. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing at all,” Flash’s eyebrows were no longer furrowed, and his hands were now unclenched, hanging loosely by his sides. “How are you doing today, (Y/N)? How was your summer?”

It was Peter’s turn to have furrowed eyebrows and clenched fists. He had always known Flash had a crush on you—he was incredibly obvious. But to see him flirting with you now, just minutes after Peter was talking about plans to ask you out?

It pissed him off.

You laughed Flash’s flirting off, not answering his questions. All you said was, “I just came to get Peter. Now, if you would excuse us.” And then you slid your arm from around his shoulders and instead grabbed his hand. Peter sucked in a quick breath of air at the feeling of your fingers interlocking with his.

“He’s such a dick,” you muttered to Peter, and he could only find it in himself to nod in response.

The two of you chatted until Ned joined you, and then the three of you talked until the teacher arrived. Peter was jittery the whole time, still stuck on how to ask you out in a special way. The teacher made his way into the gym, announcing his name before ordering all the boys to pair up and practice sit-ups. Ned groaned as him and Peter jumped off of the bleachers, and Peter laid down on the mat first. Ned kneeled in front of him and held his feet.

“Did you think of anything?” Peter said quietly to Ned as he began to do the sit-ups. He glanced behind him quickly to see you talking with the same people you had been when he walked in. He looked back at Ned, continuing the sit-ups.

“You’ve gotta think of this yourself, dude,” Ned said, and Peter groaned. “If you want it to be special, then it needs to come from your heart. Not mine.”

Peter laughed quietly, and Ned replied with a quick, “Shut up.” He had never heard his best friend sound so sappy before.

Your loud laugh suddenly echoed through the gym. Peter smiled, turning around subtly to see your face. You were covering your mouth embarrassedly, and the girl you were talking with laughed in response. Your cheeks were blush red and you looked down at your lap, not meeting anyone’s eye.

“I’m just saying,” Peter heard you say to the girl next to you. “I think it would be a cute idea.”

“You sound so old!” The girl next to you laughed, and you slapped her arm lightly, shushing her. Your cheeks were still red.

“No, I don’t! It sounds sweet, shut up!” You defended yourself.

Peter smiled at your affronted expression. Ned began to say something to him, but he quieted him immediately. He wanted to hear what you were talking about. Maybe it could lead to a good idea, a special one.

“A cassette tape? Come on now, those were a thing in like, the sixties.”

“Well yeah, but,” you scrambled to find the right words, cheeks growing redder. “It’s cute!”

“I don’t think so,” the girl shook her head. “They’re old.

“Yeah, but it’s like your own playlist, but a physical version. Imagine if someone took the time to create a mixtape for you with songs specifically for you. I would love that,” you smiled dreamily at this point, and Peter’s eyes widened. He looked at Ned, his eyes wide as well.

“A mixtape!” The two of them whispered to each other in unison, and Peter’s face held a triumphant grip.

“Is there anyone you’re crushing on, (Y/N)? Because it seems like it,” the girl smirked at you, and you grew flustered.

“I, uh, what? No, that’s- what?” You stuttered, and Peter’s eyes grew impossibly wider.

Before the girl could respond, the gym teacher called out to the class for the girls to switch to the boys. As Peter and Ned stood up to go sit on the bleachers, you and the girl stood to hop off of them. 

And as they sat down, Peter and Ned shared a glance with each other. Peter still had a grin on his face.

He would ask you out. He would finally do it.

Hi my dudes. So this was gonna be a one part, short little thing. As you can see, that did not happen. I really really like this one, so does anyone want a second part? Let me know! Requests are open :)


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Humans Are Weird (and innovative)

Humans have advanced in a short period of time on Earth, what if we advance faster than the already technological geniuses of the aliens?

“It has only been 2 months since we have discovered a species who call themselves ‘Humans’ and already we are surprised at the alarming rate in which they create new and innovative technologies. Soon enough they’ll be on par with the rest of the galaxy.”

The report of the scout surprised his chief commander. No other species advance that fast. Their own tech needed centuries to develop, and millennia to mass produce. Surely this scout is bluffing.

“Reports show they have only recently developed space flight and they are already colonizing and terraforming planets that were considered ‘inhospitable’.”

Terraforming! Such a thing surely doesn’t exist! “What evidence is there that a species that has only discovered how to fly in space know such baffling technology?! Do not play with me!”

But it is as real as it gets, the humans are advancing as a civilization quickly. “Sir! I would not make up a report! I suggest we observe them and research their methods.”

Soon enough, humans are the ultimate force in the galaxy, and they are oblivious to it. Humans pioneer everything, and the aliens hide their fear behind welcoming gestures and pretend happiness.

Compared to humans, alien ships are tin cans beside human behemoths, alien weapons are slingshots beside human star blasters, alien medications are just placebo pills beside human miracle pills.

No one talks about how advance the humans are and their happy to keep it that way because humans still think the aliens are somehow more advance. Its probably their motivation as to keep making new things. Granted, species now advance just a little bit faster because of them, but they’re still afraid that the human will end the universe because they wanted to harness a black hole’s energy.

angelycdevil  asked:

I'm starting a new convo because that one got really long...but can we talk about the fucked up way SHIELD dealt Steve? Here's this guy, this 26 (???) year old who was frigging DEFROSTED from the ice he was in for 70 YEARS and they put him in a house in the middle of nowhere before bringing him out to fight ALIENS using HYDRA weapons. Like. What. The. Entire. Fuck.

Ookay so yeah. I stopped watching Agents of SHIELD awhile ago but when I heard about that, I checked out the episode. I was really heartbroken. I don’t have the psychological knowledge to have an opinion on how to handle a situation like that, but I feel putting someone in isolation who has been through something as significant as that wasn’t the best plan?

I want to know, did they ever ask him if he even wanted to be Cap again? Was he even given a choice? I mean, clearly, he’d still say “yup sign me up.” But…did anyone ask if he’d want to go back at it? Or was he just “you have a mission and here you go the end.” It’s been so long since I’ve seen Avengers I kind of forget what Fury and Steve talked about in the gym with the punching bag. (Oop, looks like I need to watch again!) haha 

I would’ve liked someone to have been his friend. Just a person to talk to and hang out with in the cabin. I don’t care if they’re even a professional psychologist. I would’ve just liked him not in isolation. He had all that time to hate himself and miss Bucky and wonder where Peggy was or how she was or wonder about all the people he knew and what happened to them. I just think that’s so sad. 

Not to mention the effects of solitary confinement on anyone detained….. like …. it’s not easy for anyone and it’s certainly not something anyone should subject someone to (but here we are IRL detaining people in solitary…. I’m not bitter or anything…. -_-)

But anyway, Steve. 

I didn’t like that :( 

a little gift;

summary: for the last couple of months, a certain friendly neighborhood superhero has been leaving you your favorite coffee every morning when you get to school. you don’t know how he knows you (or your favorite coffee order), but you’ve got a funny feeling you’re gonna find out soon.

relationship: lee jeno/reader.

genre: spiderman!au, romance, fluff.

words: 8.6k

warnings: mentions of violence and blood. language.

Originally posted by 813jm

a/n: you can tell I had fun with this. inspired by spiderman homecoming and a lot of love for lee jeno!

It’s there again.

The first time you’d ever seen the drink stuck to the front of your locker door with an intricately weaved webbed cup holder, you had honestly thought you were hallucinating from being awake so early. You had poked at the web for several odd minutes, completely enthralled in just exactly how it was made before you realized you recognized that weird material. You’d seen it strapped around the bodies of criminals hanging from traffic lights and you’d seen it holding together broken car doors for citizens affected by the fact that there were just… people running around, wielding alien weapons these days. It belonged to your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, only… you couldn’t quite understand why it was here, holding your favorite coffee to your locker door as if it was a gift from a friend.

There wasn’t even a note to explain what it was there for; all you had to go off of was that it was seemingly for you, and no one was around to tell you otherwise. You probably should have been more cautious about drinking a strange drink (even if it looked fairly normal after you’d examined it for another set of minutes) from a masked hero you’d never even met personally before, but you were also a high school senior, and you were tired, and there was your favorite coffee waiting for you to consume, waiting to wake you up. I mean, why would Spiderman want to poison you? You couldn’t find too many reasons not to drink it.

And weirdly enough, that was the first, but not the last time.

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Love Is Not A Victory March - Cap RBB

Stucky, M, 14.3k, A03
Canon compliant through CACW
Artist:  SulaMoon
Author: flowerfan2

Thanks to @sulasaferoom for creating the amazing artwork that inspired me, to my beta @perryavenue for being the world’s best beta, and to everyone at @capreversebb for running this amazing challenge.

Summary:  A few months after the civil war fiasco, Bucky and Steve have started a new life together in New York.  But when Steve gets hurt, all their plans are threatened.  It’s up to Bucky to figure out what to do next.

Bucky feels like a cliché as he hovers next to Steve’s hospital bed, waiting for him to wake up.  He can’t relax with Steve in this condition – fuck relax, he can barely breathe, barely function at all.  Steve is ripped apart and broken and Bucky doesn’t understand how he isn’t dead yet.  Although they are keeping him heavily sedated, Bucky can see the pain etched into Steve’s face.  He’s not sure how to weather it, alternating between pacing back and forth across the airless room and sitting next to Steve and holding his practically lifeless hand.He’s not the only visitor there, of course.  No one is about to leave a recently de-triggered former assassin alone with Captain America, even if Captain America himself would insist that there’s no danger.  But Steve isn’t able to insist on anything right now, and that’s the entire problem. The first time the doctors ease up on the sedation Steve wakes up moaning, a horrid, animal noise that sends Bucky into a blind panic.  Bucky comes back to himself curled up in a ball on the hospital floor, Natasha crouched down next to him, a hand bravely kneading the back of his neck. “It’s okay,” she murmurs.  “They gave him more painkillers.  He’s okay now.” Bucky lets Natasha help him up, but avoids meeting her eyes as he resumes his place at the side of Steve’s bed.  He doesn’t need her pity.  Bucky just needs Steve to wake up.  He can’t fathom what will happen to him if Steve doesn’t wake up.

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  • Lena: *in a crowd and can't find Kara* this calls for drastic measures
  • Lena: *uses hand as a microphone*
  • Kara: She's not! She stopped the gang with alien weapons 👏 She saved Alex's life when Corben tried to kill her 👏 Helped me find Roulette, and the missing aliens 👏 She went against her mother, stopped her 👏 and saved all the aliens yes she did THAT, a true hero 👏
  • Lena: there she is 😭