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Aliens/Predator: The Deadliest of Species

There is a bizarre af comic called (in case you didn’t read the title) Aliens/Predator: The Deadliest of Species wich is quite an experience.

Please notice that the title has a “/” rather than a “vs”, probably because the story isn’t really about both species fighting but rather a story that happens to involve them (latter reprints do use “vs” though, but still).

It was the second comic crossover ever involving Aliens and Predator (after the simply named Aliens vs. Predator) and apparently it was treated as a big deal at the time, back in 1993. It was a 12 issues miniseries that was released every two months, meaning people had to wait two years to read the whole thing.

It was written by Chris Claremont, famous for his iconic run in Uncanny X-Men. There is even a famous easter egg involving Predator trophies that look uncannily familiar…

It takes place in the old “Aliens universe” that Dark Horse Comics made for itself, where the aliens invaded Earth and made it almost inhabitable for a while after the events of the movie Aliens. The setting is a giant spaceship city that orbits around Earth.

The main human character from the story, “The Renegade”, was intended by the writer to star in more stories of her own after this crossover. It didn’t take off, but before this comic was released she did star in a side short story named after her, released in the anthology Dark Horse Comics. Regardless of what avpwikia may say, I’m still not convinced wether it is a prequel or a sequel to the comic.

It preceded Alien Resurrection in certain themes. Sometimes I wonder if this comic served as inspiration to that movie, at least a little.

But probably the most notable thing about this comic is that the Predator main character is a female, who is trying to save its kids from being experimented on by humans. Her name is Big Mama.

It’s weird. Very VERY weird. But fascinating. I find myself coming back to it from time to time. If you have come to find Aliens vs. Predator stories somewhat formulaic and tired, this may be the comic for you, but I’ve been purposely avoiding spoilers so read it at your own risk…

You know what, if Dark Horse ever gets to produce AvP animated movies based on their comics, DC style, I think I would BEG them to try this comic out. Just to see what happens.

Also, almost forgot, the covers are awesome. I took them from this post and this post.