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dude please how much is a light year?

A light-year is the distance that light can travel in one Earth year. One light-year is roughly 5,878,625,000,000 miles. Travel to a planet ~40 light years away is not feasible with current science, but radio transmissions travel at the speed of light, so if there *were* technologically advanced alien civilizations on such a planet, it’d be possible to communicate with them in one lifetime.


My human Aradia headcanon. Appreciation post.

  • She’s latina (from Mexico) but she studies in (an imaginary state)
  • She believe’s in ghosts and aliens.
  • Bad at technology and gadgets, she prefers to use simple tools. (like her shovel)
  • Her smartphone was a gift from Sollux but she really doesn’t know how it works. She only uses Pesterchum to talk with him.
  • She studies Archeology. First year.
  • She usually digs arround the campus, looking for “treasures”. (MAYBE AN UFO)
  • She is a person who often break the rules. Not with bad intentions but you know, you shouldn’t sneak into the museum at night.
    It doesn’t matter if the movie you watched with your classmate Jake shows that the museum come to live at night. Not even to look for ghosts.
  • She enjoys roleplay games! She usually plays teaming with Tavros, against The Scourge Sisters (hehe)
  • She loves SUPER SPICY FOOD. Don’t let her cook for you if you have a sensitive stomach or you will regret it.
  • She’s a witch. She can talk to spirits using the ouija. She also knows how to curse people but her favorite game is “The Hussie Hussie” game.
    [In this AU Hussie exists as a ghost (for secret reasons).
    Is one of the seven misteries of the University and both, Aradia and Rose, can see and listen to him. (Vriska can feel him but she can’t see him so, sometimes she goes crazy)]

She’s an sleepwalker. (Third picture.) It represent ghost Aradia.
When she’s asleep she’s really rude and violent. She uses to bury or break things to release stress but she can’t remember none of that.
She has tried to attack people (coughthespiderbitchcough) and man, she’s strong. She’s digs every day, If she goes to you with a shovel you’d better run.

You can send me an ask if you want to know more about her!

I like to imagine aliens that have no concept of creative expression. Aliens that design technology only for efficiency and ease of life. Them having books and movies only to convey information. Imagine how baffled they be by humans. They’d be like “what are art museums? You just go to a building and look at pictures?” “Yeah they’re pretty!” “What do they mean?” “Art means different things to different people. It depends on the person!” And they’re just so confused. Or “why are there… why does this cellular phone, as you call it, come in multiple colors?” “Because people like different colors” “but…. why? Does the rose gold phone have a different purpose?” “No they’re all the same, just different colors” “but??????” Or my personal favorite: humans trying to explain the concept of a person having a favorite color. “Why do humans have favorite colors? Do different wavelengths of light mean different things to different people?” “No they just look pretty. I like green. Green is a pretty color.” “But why??????” “Just because.” And they’re just so perplexed and frustrated