alien smoking a joint

Save Points around the US


  • save points: any in-and-out burger
  • HP: a street puddle (the ocean doesn’t count)


  • Save Point: small organic restaurant bistros
  • HP: chew on pine needles


  • Save Point: weird rock formations that don’t look like they should be that way
  • HP: an alien sighting


  • save point: fist-bumping anyone smoking a joint outside
  • HP: roll in the snow


  • Save point: your own existential feeling of emptiness
  • HP: find another human being and caress them


  • Save Point: Hell is Real sign
  • HP: The Corn God, pray to him, he may listen

The Rust Belt:

  • Save points: none, make deals with local industrial God NPCs and extend your gameplay
  • HP: that goddamn pizza with too much cheese

New England:

  • Save Point: someone complaining about the weather
  • HP: physically fighting someone over the patriots  

New York City: 

  • Save Point: any subway entrance
  • HP: nearest rat. grab it with your bare hands

The South: 

  • save point: ‘Jesus Saves’ bumper sticker
  • HP: chug that sweet tea boii


  • Save Point: tourist with a sunburn
  • HP: getting bingo

Texas: if you die in Texas you die in real life