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Sadly, yes. The guy who came up with the Reptoid Hypothesis, David Icke, is a huge crypto-fascist, in spite of also being a New Age guru. Some of his defenders claim that his stuff is really a Swiftian satire of neofascism, but, well, how well does the whole “it’s just satire!” thing ever work out? Suffice it to say, while there are some folks who, when they talk about shape-shifting lizard people from Alpha Draconis, they really mean shape-shifting lizard people from Alpha Draconis, there’s a very large contingent for whom “secretly a lizard” is a code-phrase for “secretly Jewish”.

(Same deal with the “ancient astronauts” nonsense. The leading authority on that, Erich von Däniken, dreamed it up in order to explain away the architectural achievements of non-white cultures, particularly those of Northern Africa and the Middle East. He explicitly cites the inherent superiority of the white race as the reason the Romans wouldn’t have needed help from aliens.)

so playing andromeda and drawing kaleans got me thinkin’ on another minor complaint i have about ME and it’s this:

dang they can’t figure out how to make digitigrade legs work on a humanoid character and they end up adding extra joints to the legs to try to make it make sense

like i watched the animation cycle of that angara working out at the resistance camp and when he started doing crunches and his legs made an M shape i was just like smdh

i mean i think they handle it better with the angara since they have those weird little hand-feet (angara are so cute i cannot stand it) but the worst offender is probably the salarians

anyway i love the concept of humanoids with digitigrade legs so here’s some notes about it. it’s not beautifully formatted or anything but maybe it’s helpful!

basically the main thing to get out of your mind is that you’re not going for “backwards knees.” i am sure backwards knees could work and would be an interesting design, but it’s gonna change how this character moves and sits, it’s gonna affect the character’s center-of-gravity, it’s gonna be a much bigger overhaul of the anatomy than creating a digitigrade leg requires.

when you’re thinking of a digitigrade leg as having backwards knees, it’s probably because the joint you’re thinking of as the knee is actually the ankle

both plantigrade and digitigrade legs will have four major points of articulation:
the hip
the knee
the ankle
the toes

and a digitigrade leg isn’t a plantigrade leg backwards, but on its tiptoes:

that’s basically all you gotta do! then you exaggerate the effects by changing the proportions of the leg, starting with making the knee-ankle length shorter, and the ankle-toe length longer.

the benefit of drawing digitigrade characters like this is that they can sit in chairs without looking ridiculous!

and finally, if your character doesn’t have paws or hooves or talons, they probably want to wear shoes! hell, even if they do they still might wear shoes. the ground is nasty! think this through and let it be another cool design opportunity. a good place to start if you’re stuck is looking at wedge heels, then drawing them without the heel!

aaaand here’s some aliens

now get outta here and draw some weird-ass legs aight

Some people were replying to my original post saying I should include ALL romances, so here they are, all the Mass Effect romances laid out to make a point about the glaring lack of mlm.

(Sorry they’re in no particular character order, I just tacked on the other romances.)

14 M/F, 9 F/M, 10 F/F, 4 M/M

What if there was an alien species who didn’t ‘get’ music? They have no sense of rhythm or anything like that, so from their perspective humans occasionally just randomly change the pitch of their voices while talking about random things. They find it insane that there’s a whole human industry devoted to making instruments and other humans fluctuate the pitch and speed of their voices into a recording device.

Eventually the humans explain music to them and they learn to just put up with it as another 'crazy human thing’.

Now imagine a ship where half the crew is human and half is this other species. There’s a bit of a friendly rivalry between the two species and they often play pranks on each other. So one week the humans hide magnets all around the ship, knowing that this messes with the magnetic crystals in the aliens’ brains that help them find their way around. The humans have great fun watching their crew mates keep bumping into things and the aliens swear revenge.

The next week some music is played over the ship’s intercom. But it’s not just any music. Every song that the aliens have ever heard referred to as “annoying” or “catchy” is played over and over. To the aliens it’s just white noise, to the humans it’s torture.
It gets worse, however. For days after the incident, the aliens dilate their breathing flaps in amusement whenever they hear humans complain about “that stupid song!” They’d heard about the human concept of 'songs getting stuck in heads’ but didn’t think it would work so well…

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Sith Tattoos

One distinct practice that’s seen within the Sith Order is the adornment of Sith tattoos. Although the designs and placements of these tattoos vary between species, as well as individuals, the tradition itself can be traced back to the days of the Ancients.

The original Sith “tattoos” were not tattoos at all but temporary, decorative marks. These markings have their roots in an old tale regarding a goddess and a long extinct animal of Korriban.

Stories of the Great Mother are considered to be the most well known source of “origin myths” of the Sith people. The story states the very first Sith being began life as a mowhef, a fierce, predatory animal native to Korriban. But through one final wager the mowhef found herself blessed, was given a name (Marserha) and became a Sith. When she turned into a Sith, she also retained the stripes on her arms and legs.

Even though she was the mother of all Sith, none of her children inherited the stripes.

Initially, the lack of stripes was a non-issue for the Sith. But over many generations, her children (which mostly refer to the Kissai caste) began to adopt and decorate the Mother’s Marks onto their own arms and legs.

The markings were painted on with a paste made from a native plant that would stain the skin but were temporary and faded with time. These markings were seen as way to honor their Mother and ask the gods for blessings.

Surviving records show that the marks were only ever worn on the arms and legs (and by extension, the hands and feet). This was an obvious link to both Marserha and the connection to the mowhef, but it may also have some basis in the saying: arms wield weapons and legs carry you into battle.

Over time the Six Pointed Star of Ahmurn was added to the marks since he was considered to be the father of all Sith. The marriage of the star and stripes also symbolized the union between Ahmurn and Marserha.

While the simple designs were the norm for a while, eventually the stripes began to morph into more and more intricate, artistic designs.

By the time the Exiles had arrived on Korriban, the Sith markings came in countless variations, patterns, and designs but still only worn on the arms and legs.

In the present day, some Sith purebloods have adopted tattoos but most continue the tradition of decorating their limbs the way their people have throughout the ages. Since the old gods, including the Great Mother herself, are no longer worshiped the marking are usually considered as a way of honoring the ancestors and Sith heritage.

Most of the the detailed and time consuming designs are worn during special occasions in one’s life, such as: becoming an apprentice/Lord/Darth, getting married, anticipating the arrival of a new child, in preparations for a major battle, and anything else that may be considered personally important to a Sith. There are smaller, simpler designs that are also worn, but these are mainly for decorative purposes.

Aside from the purebloods in the Sith Order, the human Sith have their own marks.

Unlike their pureblood counterparts, most human Sith have actual tattoos that are worn on the face and red in color. Both human Sith and Imperial scholars are unsure of the “when and why” this has happened. But the most accepted reason behind the tattoos seems to be that they signify traceable Sith blood within that person’s family line.

In recent times, the Sith Order has allowed aliens to join their ranks. Some of these aliens, such as Zabraks and Mirialans, have their own cultural traditions regarding the tattoos they wear and should not be confused with Sith tattoos or markings.

Others, like certain Twi’leks, come from varying backgrounds or simply do not have a significant cultural identity of their own due to personal circumstances in their lives. Some of these aliens, particular red-skinned ones, seem to cover their whole body in black tattoos. This adoption of “Sith tattoos” among the aliens are seen as a bastardization of old customs by some purebloods while others do not seem to mind one way or another.

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I read a post about a human ambassador telling the alien representatives about humanity having risen to the top of the food chain without our predators dying out (hence why they shouldn’t fear us eating them but still should not try to fuck us over), and there was another post about how the aliens must never find out that the dinosaurs died out while they weren’t looking.

Now combining the two of them…

“Quirrnick, stop shaking so much.” Stephan told the alien in xir LifeSaverTM pod, adjusting his grip on the egg-like structure yet again to stabilise the pod. “I won’t leave you to fend for yourself, you won’t leave the pond for anything, and nothing will enter the pod because the darn thing is basically fortified against everything!

Quirrnick tried to limit xir movements, nervously scanning their surroundings with xir eyes and the (apparently not Deathworld-compatible) sensors of the LifeSaver. Xe was aware that xir human companion could claim familiarity with their surroundings (his ‘hometown’ being miles away from their current location - which, to him, was walking distance as it turned out), but xir knowledge of the Earth fauna still made xem afraid for his life. There were not that many predators in the area, according to Stephan, but xe did a little independent research (the LifeSaver had a built in database about the dangers of the human home planet) and was less than impressed by xir companions attempt to hide things from xem.

Then again, humans were known to downplay things to hide their own fears - xe thought Stephan might have been trying to reassure them both with his downplay of the local fauna.

Xe was not reassured.

“But what of the Eotyrannus, aren’t they local?” Xe squeaked out, one half of xir afraid of breaking the man’s confidence, but the other half needing to hear his answer to the (potential) treat. Grayish-green eyes blinked at xer slowly, then the human shook his head in what seemed to be amusement, and went back to dragging the hovering pod towards civilisation.

“Reserves, my friend.” he called back over his shoulder, “They are all in the Jurassic Reserves now!”

first of all, Hanzo’s dragons have been nicknamed Noodle and Poodle against his will

secondly, they have adopted McCree’s clothing against HIS will

all of his clothing. it’s not unusual to see McCree’s hat slowly making a break for it down a hallway. at first Mei tried to take the hat off to help Noodle get wherever they were trying to Go but that only resulted in a very pissy and sulky dragon because that hat was theirs so now whenever she finds McCree’s hat in an odd spot, she just sets a treat down in front of it and  s l o w l y  walks away, using her compact mirror to look behind her until


the prey is mercilessly struck, just like lightning, and dragged to its doom beneath the hat

Noodle especially likes starbursts

Poodle is much more mischievous though, and can be found in any and all of McCree’s clothing items. they like popping out of laundry baskets of dirty clothes to scare people and burrowing into fresh laundry baskets straight out of the dryer

they’re also not picky about whether the clothing is in a pile or physically ON MCCREE’S BODY and if Poodle has gone “missing” they can usually be found somewhere in McCree’s poncho, regardless of whether or not he’s wearing it

unfortunately, this “burrow and pop” situation once resulted in Poodle getting inside McCree’s shirt, and it turns out the only thing worse than ants in your pants is a dragon constricting your tits, and all of McCree’s hollering got Morrison to come running, who only saw McCree clawing at his chest and yelling before a DRAGON burst through one of his buttonholes like that scary 1900s movie Morrison crept behind the couch and secretly watched with his parents when he was a kid and had nightmares for weeks but could never admit it and–

technically, Morrison only had a few light heart palpitations, which is what he snaps at every Overwatch member whispering old Soldier 76 had a heart attack

Reyes taunts him about it in battle for weeks, until Hanzo hits him with his ult, and then he’s mocked in turn for getting wrecked by two bleppy little spaghettis named Noodle and Poodle

We don’t know who they were
We don’t know why they came
We only know
They changed our view
Of the universe
This universal sacred site
Is dedicated July 1997
To the beings
Who met their destinies
Near Roswell, New Mexico
July 1947.
—  Memorial at the site of the Roswell incident