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(Un)lucky Numbers

Humans are weird right? We have weird diets, we don’t know how to let the environment kill us, and we believe the oddest things. Like a day can be unlucky because of a number, or saying something makes it more likely to happen, or certain things bring bad luck. I just don’t see some of these things passing as we go into space.

Alien: Human friend, why have you locked yourself in your room?

Human: Because it’s Friday the 13th.

Alien: What does that have to do with anything?

Human: Bad luck, something always happens. I’m just going to sleep, see you tomorrow.

Alien: I… okay? *walks away perturbed and confused*

Alien: Human friend, have you made contact with your, ah, “Parents” recently?

Human: Shhhhh, don’t say it.

Alien: Say… what?

Human: Nothing, just… nothing.

Alien: … Do you mean, refer to your “pa-”


Alien: But… why?

Human: They’ll call and then I have to deal with them and explain why I ran away to another space ship.

*comm rings*

Human: I’M NOT HERE!

So you know how some sci-fi stories feature alien races or animals that like live in space and eat space dust or whatever? Well sound doesn’t travel in space therefore: deaf aliens. And better yet, aliens that don’t have vocal chords or ear drums at all because there’s no point. Aliens with crazy sharp eyesight so they can see signs from miles away if there’s nothing in their way. Aliens with MULTIPLE eyes so pick up information from all directions. Aliens that glow who send messages across long distances using biological light shows. Aliens with extremely complex languages made up of nothing but signs made using all parts of their bodies. Space aliens that actually live in space.

To try to stop people from nit picking this apart, let’s break this down.

Pan = All in Greek

Omni = All in Latin

They both mean “All + sexual”

“But what about aliens and things like that?”

This is why we have fetish terminology! Anyone of any sexual identity can have likes/dislikes within their orientation’s own scope. A bisexual person might have a preference for girls, but that doesn’t suddenly change their sexual orientation (just like a pansexual/omnisexual might have a preference for nonbinary people).

Some fetish terms to consider:

Xenophilia: fetish for the unknown (commonly used to refer to aliens/non-earthly creatures)

Astrophilia: fetish for stars, planets, outer space

Agalmatophilia: fetish for mannequins, puppets, things of this nature

Mechanophilia: fetish for robots, machinery

But what about that red/blue/black flag that’s sometimes posted with omnisexual?

Whoever posted that originally jacked the polyamorous flag, and took off the “pi” sign (math). The different poly terms (polysexual, polyamorous, etc.) are in NO way synonymous with pansexual/omnisexual

Claiming these two terms (pansexual and omnisexual) are somehow different, is like saying “rojo” (Spanish for red) and “red” are somehow different colors. 


*wipes sweat and tears off my tablet* what do you mean that isn’t even all of them?

10 Things to always remember about this finale

1. Show in show in show on show on show on news report on show inception
2. Lee is the new OJ
3. Lana Winters is STILL A BOSS ASS BITCH
4. The Roanoke people give no fucks. They will come for everyone and everything
5. Don’t ever go back to that fucking house if you made it out alive once
6. Don’t kill yourself for an ungrateful little daughter who told on you in court and then almost killed herself to go hang out with her ghost bff forevz
7. The cinematography of the last 8 minutes was the only time all season that the cameras weren’t being held by a person within the AHS universe
8.Again. The Roanoke people give 0 fucks and the butcher has a hell of an arm. That final scene before “ROANOKE”. Dead.
9.There were SEVERAL asylum references including Alien costumes next to the pig costumes in the audience at the shows opening panel of stars.
10. Whether you hated the season or loved it we all know that 10 episodes was not enough!

Used #56 off the palette sheet. The only time I varied off it was for the stars, which were yellow and soft blue.

I’m guessing a nice watery planet with a mellow climate that happens to sit near a pretty green nebula. This is the night-side, and if there are any moons they aren’t in view. The bright yellow sun is in the star system, probably out past the orbit of Pluto, but providing a little warmth and light to see by.

Rumor has it some very weird things lurk inside the clouds of that nebula. Travelers tend to take the longer route to avoid it, and keep a copy of one of Lovecraft’s books or stories for a perverse sort of good-luck charm.