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Coming to you live from space radio.

Deep space radio signals might be trying to tell us something. IBM and the SETI Institute are working together to analyze six terabytes of these complex signals to listen for patterns of life. Researchers are using IBM Analytics on Apache Spark to sift through signals gathered by the Allen Telescope Array, and cognitive machine learning to determine which signals are from humans, and which might be from aliens. Maybe they’ll ask us to call-in.

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Researchers confirm that mysterious radio waves are actually coming from outer space

  • The truth is out there — somewhere. Researchers at the Australian National University’s Swinburne University of Technology have confirmed that short bursts of radio waves that had stumped astronomers since their discovery are actually coming from far, far beyond Earth.
  • The Fast Radio Bursts, or short, intense pulses of radio light, were first picked up at Australia’s Parkes Observatory nearly 10 years ago, according to a statement released Monday by the Swinburne University of Technology. 
  • According to researchers, the FRBs are “about a billion times more luminous” than anything that’s been observed within our own galaxy.But for a long time, scientists couldn’t determine from where, exactly, the bursts were originating. Read more. (4/4/2017 10:03 AM)

Voltron Heist AU:

Keith was taken with his mother as a baby and grew up in The Blade. Meanwhile, Pidge never attended Galaxy Garrison and lived out in the desert picking up alien radio transmissions to get clues to find her family.
(created by @internetfeet )

here was my take on how this trio meet! it was really fun to write and draw, so i hope despite the AU i wrote their characters believably/properly

*i also want to note, bc i may not have made it clear and dont want to paint lance poorly: he was using his phone not to take a creep shot of a woman but bc (unlike in canon) they didnt have any sort of binoculars to zoom in, so he was using his phone’s camera feature. just of course, like canon, he was momentarily distracted.

anyways!! go talk to internetfeet about this au bc it’s really cool!!

The largest SETI initiative ever is reviewing 11 promising signals that probably aren’t aliens

Breakthrough Listen is checking in on its initial results. You know, just in case.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has been going for nearly 60 years now, and there have been plenty of false alarms in that time and nothing substantial. Now, a giant SETI initiative is looking into its initial round of data to follow up on 11 signals that they think could be aliens … but admit probably aren’t. Good to check, though, just in case.

Two years ago, billionaire Yuri Milner put $100 million into a decade-long search for aliens known as the Breakthrough Listen initiative. It was the widest-scale SETI project announced since Project Phoenix in 1995, which itself was the successor of a cancelled 10 year, $100 million SETI effort by NASA.

Breakthrough Listen is spearheaded by SETI Berkeley and taps into the wider SETI community to listen in worldwide for radio signals that might be artificial. They’ve also opened up the data to the public at large to look for narrowband signals — those in a specific wavelength that are more likely to be from a non-natural source. There are 692 targets in the initial rounds of data.

The news is coming out of a two-day conference in California from the Breakthrough Initiatives organization, which is also sponsoring Breakthrough Starshot, a project based on using laser propulsion to power tiny spacecraft to the Alpha Centauri system (specifically Proxima Centauri) in a matter of decades.

A live broadcast will take place today on Facebook at 6:10 p.m. EST (3:10 p.m. PST) with Andrew Siemion of SETI Berkeley discussing the initial results. You can

watch it here

Image: The Robert C. Byrd Radio Telescope at the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia is one of the primary receivers looking for promising SETI signals.
    Credit: Jiuguang Wang


Harvard scientists say alien space travel may cause those mysterious fast radio bursts

  • Researchers at Harvard and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics are investigating whether fast radio bursts — radio emissions from unidentified sources in space that are very strong and last less than five milliseconds — emanate from “extragalactic civilizations.”
  • So if there are in fact aliens generating spurts of radio activity from a structure with twice the diameter of the Earth, as the research proposes, the question remains: Why?
  • The researchers first note that there is a possibility they are broadcasting beacons to inform of their presence, whether it’s a cry for help or a way to tout their technological achievements.
  • But this explanation is “rather implausible” due to how much energy needs to be expended to send the fast radio bursts, so the researchers explore an alternate explanation — that these extragalactic beings are using FRBs to power light sails. Read more (3/10/17 10:46 AM)

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Unexplained Fast Radio Bursts Could be a Sign of Alien Civilisation

These Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) were found 10 years ago back in 2007 and while they only last for a fraction of a second they seem to be coming from very far away and are about a billion times brighter than anything we have seen in our own galaxy. They also form some sort of strange pattern and have come from one specific which leads some people to believe that they might be messages left by aliens.

Scientists managed to pinpoint the location of what they think was the first FRB and based on the age of the galaxy suggested that it didn’t come from early star activity but instead an explosive event like the collision of two neutron stars. An event that couldn’t repeat in the same place.

The truth is, we have no idea what these could be.

doug effiel head cannon

• hair always in a messed up bun
• tattoo on hip of pizza slice
• floating pigment eyes, mostly blue but sometimes a flash of yellow like an exploding star
• intentionally allows people to underestimate him
• practices the waltz to the alien radio when alone
• sometimes leaves out snacks for the plant monster


October 30th 1938: ‘War of the Worlds’ broadcast

On this day in 1938, Orson Welles broadcast his radio play of H.G. Wells’s 1898 science-fiction novel The War of the Worlds on PBS. Coinciding with Halloween, the play was broadcast as a realistic series of news bulletins, detailing a Martian invasion of Earth. Millions of Americans were listening to the radio that night, but did not turn over to Welles’s broadcast on CBS until 12 minutes into the show, after a popular ventriloquist show ended on NBC. By this time, the play was underway, taking the form of orchestral music frequently interrupted by news updates about an alien invasion. Welles described his fictional Martians vividly, expaining how their “eyes are black and gleam like a serpent”, and detailing their use of walking war machines and heat-ray weapons. The popular story goes that the frighteningly realistic broadcast caused milions of Americans to believe that a real alien invasion was occuring. People supposedly fled the fictional crash site in New Jersey, and took to the streets in mass hysteria. The CBS studio heard about the panic, and Welles reasured listeners that the story was fictitious. While Welles and CBS feared that the confusion would damage their reputation, CBS was cleared of wrongdoing, and the play launched Welles’s Hollywood career. The story of the mass panic caused by Welles’s War of the Worlds remains popular, but recent research has suggested that the extent of the commotion is far more limited than the myth allows. Newspapers at the time greatly exaggerated listeners’ panic - most of the show’s audience understood the play was fictitious - as a way to discredit radio, which was emerging as a serious competition to newspapers.

I don’t want to rain on anybody’s fandom fun but I find it kind of hilarious everybody pegs Keith as resident conspiracy theorist when like

Keith, in episode 1: So I just felt weirdly compelled to go out in the desert and look for something, found carvings that led me to anticipate some kind of arrival and I knew I had to go meet whoever was coming and get them away from the Garrison. It turned out aliens were involved but that’s really not that important? Also I’ll just talk about it like all of this is normal and be mildly put-out when someone makes fun of me. Weird pseudo-clairvoyance is just a normal thing that happens to everyone, right?

Pidge, in episode 1: I infiltrated a government space exploration program by falsifying my identity and secretly built equipment to listen for alien radio chatter which I regularly sneak out of the dorms to do. I did this because said government space program is definitely lying to me about the disappearance of this space mission and the one time I told someone about it, I specifically told them that the world as they knew it was about to change.

I mean, in general, Pidge puts an incredibly high priority about finding information and getting answers- the whole green paladin ‘inquisitive’ thing- while Keith is much more that he has a vague, but strong-held feeling of something that’s right and he’ll pursue that single goal, details don’t matter to him nearly as much. People talk about his “conspiracy chart” but all he really had there was pictures of the carvings and a map where he seems to have narrowed down exactly where the energy was coming from. 

So I guess, proposed alternative measure: Pidge who is determined to chase weird stuff and Keith who is just. the incredibly ride-or-die friend about it. 

Pidge opens the door to Keith’s room at 3AM “KEITH C’MON I THINK THIS PLANET HAS A GHOST”

Keith is like. half awake and already putting on his jacket. “jeez, okay, let me find where we left the camera last time.”


Not at all anon! I actually had a lot of fun with this one since I’ve always wanted to do something like this, so thank you for your request! I’m really proud of this one! Feel free to send another one! 

Click here to see the palettes if you want to send me one! And don’t be afraid to send in more than one; I’d be ecstatic to do them all!

anonymous asked:

okay but trans girl pidge explains why her pseudonym is so ridiculous. "screw it, katie took nearly solid eight months to come up with i'm not doing that again!" and then she made her fake first name the name of the hamster from her third grade class and her fake surname the name of tire company and is like "brilliant. i am brilliant."

this is beautiful. I love it.

(and I feel u Pidge, I was drawing a great big blank when I tried to pick a name. “Melissa” was a gift from a friend)

Honestly Keith and Pidge would get along so well because they’re both crazy conspiracy theorists.
-Pidge built a machine and sat on the roof of the garrison for countless nights listening to alien radio chatter.
-Keith dropped out of the garrison just to hunt for aliens
-in their time period humans are more evolved with space travel, but still seem to know as little about aliens as we know today
-therefore, everyone would have thought they were insane
-Conspiracy club. TINFOIL HATS. Case closed.