alien portraits

I recently reached a milestone of 20k follower here, so this is a thank you to you all; me and one of my dogs, aha! This is Gemma, and often seen lying around in my Instagram stories, she’s so beautiful I can’t help it. But seriously, thank you all!!!

Hey guys! Something a little different for ya today! I wanted to do a little illustration to announce I’m finally doing my twilek and togruta color books!! I have been planning them forever and now I have time!! It’s still in the works so keep an eye out for more info in the future!!

Possible Amedot Hint?

So, I’m sure we can all agree that Room For Ruby was one hell of an episode! But I would like to take a moment and look in detail at the episode to this possible amedot clue…

So, we can recognize the few obvious symbols instantly, like the TV, confused alien peridot(A self-portrait, I would say.) CPH/Canadian flag with a star in the middle, and the whole earth itself. Blah blah blah, simple earth stuff we’ve watched her grow accustomed to. But then there’s this little heart, small enough that you might gloss over it, but still there nonetheless. And as we can tell this chalkboard illustration was clearly drawn by peridot herself, that heart is clearly a sign that there is certainly someone she is crushing on. But wait, theres more! What’s below the heart you ask? A chicken. Now, when was the last time we saw a chicken?

That’s right. So since Peridot already has Amethyst on her mind while creating this board, she seems to have drawn the two symbols representing that special purple rock…

Anyways, thus concludes my little theory. Thoughts?