alien nail

Humans are Weird

So I stumbled on this tag and I literally cannot get it out of my head it hilarious.

So can you imagine what aliens would think of beauty practices and stuff. Like:

Alien: Human Aiden, what is it that you are doing to your head particles?

Human Aiden: my what? Oh, my hair! I’m straightening it.

Alien: But how do you straighten it? produce chemicals that allow you to change the form of the particles that grow out of your scalp?

Human Aiden: No I straighten it with the straightener. I basically make two peices of metal really really hot and then I put my hair between them and they become straight.


Human Aiden: Yeah it’s pretty.

Or how about nail polish.

Alien: Human Daphne, why do you coat this substance upon your calcium based peices that grow out of your phalanges? Does it make them stronger, and better for battle?

Human Daphne: Nah it’s just pretty. It’ll come off in about three days.

Alien: …what

And don’t even get me started on makeup.