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Mind control question

When someone has the power “to control all animals,” what rules out humans?  We’re animals too.  Is it really the power “to control all animals that aren’t sentient/sapient/civilized”?  That’s actually a pretty big gray area. 

Is it maybe control over “all animals that are genetically distinct from my species”?  That would do it, but if this is a world with that kind of superpower/magic, there’s a very good chance of other intelligent species running around.  That would just be awkward.

“I have the power to control all animals!  …Except for gorillas, chimpanzees, dolphins, orcas, octupi, African Gray parrots, and my uncle’s pig.  She’s really smart.”

“So… the power to control most animals.”

“I forgot!  I can also control that alien guy, the elf dude (he hates it so much), and the kaiju that showed up last week.”


“I’m gonna name it Fluffy.”

(Alternate answer: he can actually control anything living, but he’s a bit of an idiot and hasn’t tried yet.)

A snippet of a Klance-ish thing that I might be writing right now with like alien mind-control parasite-eque things.

*flings this into the internet and jumps back into my trash bin*


“Leave Lance alone. Get the fuck out of him, you piece of—“

Pidge!” He lets out a mocking gasp, a scandalized hand over his chest. “Watch your language, young lady!” Shiro has to hold her back from him by the collar, his eyes steely.

“You heard her.”

“Well, seeing as you asked so nicely—“ He breaks off again, laughing as he ducks to avoid a swing from a fuming Keith. “Okay, now this is just getting irritating. Here, how about I don’t dodge your next blow? Let’s just get this over with. Or you, Pidge, care to use that little bayard of yours on me?”


“Go on! Do it! Hurt me, and him along with me. That’s what you’re threatening to do, right?”

Pidge stutters, uncertainty in her gaze.

He smirks. “Exactly. Let’s just end this little charade and acknowledge who’s really in control here, shall we?” He takes a step towards Keith’s blade, smile widening as he pulled it away slightly, the anger on his face being replaced slowly by fear. “I’m as good as untouchable to you in this body, aren’t I, and I’d just hate it if something were to… happen to it.” He traces a fingernail down the veins in Lance’s wrist; Hunk looks sick to his stomach. Lance laughs, throwing his head back in a way that was far too familiar, too friendly, too Lance. Suddenly, he stops, and stares at Shiro like a predator, a dangerous glint in his eyes. “Lovely. Let’s have a talk, shall we, fearless leader?”

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wedding: impossible (pt.2)


michelle jones/peter parker - college/future fic (wip)

Against his better judgement, Peter has agreed to be MJ’s fake date to a wedding so she can usurp the bride, or something. Considering how much he’d like to be her not-fake date, he’s not really looking forward to it.

Despite all her apparent indifference to them both - and, really, most of her peers - MJ had become a close friend to Ned and himself. So much so that he freely told her his big, spider-themed secret. (She’s actually the only person he’s deliberately told, which is a milestone he’s not keen on analyzing too deeply.) 

She’d reacted pretty calmly, actually, only hitting him with a medium-sized Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche novel, rather than the special edition hardcover that was also in reaching distance.

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RANGER BAND AU AHHH your addition was on point, and also your tags like what kind of clusterfuck genre bending these hoes are gonna pull, godddd them wearing the ranger colors and just being the hugest little shits about it i LIVE. ITs too good man, it fits stupidly well. p.s. have loved your blog and fics for aaaages now and i am SO HYPE that youve jumped on the ranger train bc its my most recent obsession as well.

LISTEN, anon, I am so into this Band AU I can’t even TELL you. Like good lord, I am 100000% there for it and I have been thinking about it all morning. It would be more accurate to say that the Power Ranger train has HIT ME IN THE FACE rather than me doing any voluntary jumping. (But thanks ;D)

But let’s talk more about this AU and how I am now willing to sell my one (1) soul to someone if they write/draw/manip/WHATEVER it. (Or body swap. I also REALLY want body swap.) Important things to consider:

  • What is their band name? 
    • I feel like every time Zack suggests a name it’s ‘Zack and the ___s”: Zack and the Screw Ups, Zack and the Zords, Zack and the Rangers, Zack and Some Other People and Also Billy
  • Alpha 5 on triangle is inspirational, but I would also put forth Alpha on woodblock a la George Michael in his brief stint in  Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution
    • Alpha: “If you want me on wood block, I can keep perfect time. Some call me “The Human Metronome.” You notice how I’m always on time? I’m never late for things”
    • Like, okay, I’m trash so I’m going to say it: obviously there is shipping. And ship wars. 
      • Trini is a little shit whose totally sarcasm encourages things
    • There are always trolls and the Rangers all get them, but one time someone says something mean about Billy and it is an INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT. 
      • Trini challenges the twitter user to a duel
      • Jason says the band is Cancelled until a formal apology is issued 
      • Kim points out that it would be easy to find the dude’s address and swing by with the zords and everyone worries a little that she might ACTUALLY do it
      • Zack writes a song called ‘twitter user GateGamerGeoff is a dick’ 
      • (A formal video apology is issued to Billy)
  • Everyone knows SOMETHING is up with them and the theories are crazy (aliens, mind control via music (Josie and the Pussycats style), secret agents, etc.) 
    • There’s like one person who is just THEY ARE OBVIOUSLY THE POWER RANGERS and has like… height comparison charts and super detailed excel sheets about the time of incidents and when the band all mysteriously disappeared but everyone is just like OH THAT WEIRD KOOKY FAN who thinks they are Power Rangers how HILARIOUS
  • There is definitely a song called ‘to the moon’ or something and it’s definitely about slapping Rita into space. Everyone thinks it’s some beautiful romantic metaphor. But it is not.
  • Kimberly Hart in an over-sized, slashed, pink tank top, okay?

The Doctor was one of the most complex people you had ever met. Sometimes he was a gruff old soldier, and sometimes he was just a big puppy. Sometimes he was closed-off and defensive, and at other times he seemed to wear his hearts on his sleeve. He was a genius, but sometimes he did the dumbest things. He was the poster child for sucking up and dealing with the issue, but he could also be so sensitive. He didn’t like people touching him, but he liked hugs.

Yes, the Doctor was all of these things, and you loved him for all of them, but you knew that there was one thing the Doctor was not, and that was cuddly.

Or, at least, you thought you knew.

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Conspiracy Theories

So I have been watching several videos and listening to audio recordings concerning Ted Gunderson and his allegations. The evidence is overwhelming - do any of my followers have any information to share regarding the ‘Illuminati’ or any conspiracy theories, I would love to make some contacts and share my research.

“I got it!” Chad shouted to his friend who through the football past some of the brush on the beach. As Chad went to get the football, he saw a small creature that appeared to be an octopus on the sand. He thought it might have just washed up from the ocean. The football was right next to the creature. He squatted down and gave it a poke. As he was about to pick up the football, his hand went numb, then his arm, then the rest of his body. He fell backwards onto his back. The creature started to move across the sand and up Chad’s leg using it’s tentacles. It found its way up his board shorts and to his penis. It latched on to the head of Chad’s penis with it’s mouth and engulfed it completely. Just then Chad felt an incredible wave of pleasure, but he was completely immobilized. The creature used the nerve endings in Chad’s penis to the transmit signals to his brain. First it was pleasure, then it was submissiveness. Chad regained mobility, but the creature had taken over. He stared out to the ocean with a pensive look on his face. “Yo, bro! Are you coming or what?” “Yeah.” Little did his friends know what was in his pants. 

Catspaw, (a Spirk story)

Kirk is standing in front of another one of those all-powerful aliens bent on mind control and funny costumes. He’s stolen the Macguffin wand from her and she shows up all lovey-dovey, trying to sweet talk him

 and she’s sort of creeping towards him, offering to share power and teh sexytimes with him and Spock literally says

and she

and then Spock

Chaos and Dancing Stars 2/?

ABO AU - find part one here. Mind the cut.

Five years ago

It was an easy thing to hijack SHIELD’s communication systems. Tony was listening into the transmissions within ten minutes of Agent Coulson dropping a steaming pile of crap in his lap and walking out the door with his PA. He almost crashed their party when he learned that Dr. Banner was on board, but decided that he could scoop Banner up later when they didn’t have nosy SHIELD agents crawling all over. He almost sent them a virus as a welcoming present when he learned that a defrosted Captain America was on board, but Jarvis had distracted him with another of Dr. Foster’s YouTube secretly-recorded-by-me-Darcy-because-someone-else-should-hear-this-and-Dr.-Foster-is-social-network-illiterate-seriously-she-doesn’t-even-know-she’s-internet-famous lectures.

“Sir, I’ve located the target leaving a café in Stuttgart, Germany,” Jarvis reported, pausing the lecture. Tony flicked his fingers to put the video in the background and keyed up the program. Dressed in gloriously well-tailored pants, and a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up above his elbows and the first two buttons undone at the throat, Loki looked like a traveling businessman on a break from high-powered meetings. Everywhere except the face – he was sallow and sunken-cheeked. He looked ill and more than a little bit crazy.

“Has SHIELD come across this yet?” Tony asked.

Jarvis was better and faster than anything SHIELD could get their collective thieving hands on, so Tony wasn’t surprised when Jarvis answered, “No, sir.”

“Not a team player,” Tony muttered as he brought up a new screen and neatly hacked into the satellites over Stuttgart. He could have just called Fury directly, or Agent “Phil” how-is-your-girlfriend-the-cellist Coulson, but that would actually require talking to one of them and he didn’t really feel like wasting the time. It was so much faster to just direct the outdated facial recognition software to Loki’s location. He was strolling down the street with a paper cup in one hand, a newspaper under his arm (seriously, was he trying to stick out?), and a tall, sandy haired man on his left. “See? I’m a team player.”

“Of course, sir,” Jarvis agreed wearily. “Shall I prepare the suit?”

“You know me too well, dear. Queue me up some tunes while you’re at it.”

“Anything in particular?”

Tony tugged his tank off and dropped it in the appropriate section of his laundry hamper. “Something with a beat,” he decided. “Something loud.”

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Dib wears the wrong pants… WITH DEADLY CONSEQUENCES!!  Can the Earth survive an invasion from the waist down? (Spoiler: Maybe!)

Tell your LCS you want to get your grubby hands on my variant cover with the code DEC151491 (or DEC151490 for the main cover). Cut off date for pre-orders is Feb, 29th. Thanks for letting me do this @onipress!

PANTS! is a legendary “LOST EPISODE” of Invader ZIM.  A story that finds Dib battling an invasion of disgusting alien pants with mind-control powers, it was originally shot-down for reasons that are now lost in the mists of time.  But writer Eric Trueheart never gave up carrying the torch for the trousers.  Now Trueheart, series-creator Jhonen Vasquez, and artists Aaron Alexovich and Dave Crosland finally bring the pants out of the closet and onto the page.  A tale as funny as it is creepy, PANTS! will delight old-school ZIM fans and newcomers alike, and make you never look at your legs the same way again.


my birthday present to myself

As a SHIELD agent, codename Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes is part of an elite team that hunts vigilantes. He’s used to the unusual; mind control, aliens, gods, he’s seen it all and lost an arm to it. What he’s not used to is it interfering in his personal life, like the fact that his sister’s roommate Daisy Johnson may be an Inhuman. More importantly, she may be the Inhuman vigilante Quake.

honestly I’ve come to hate that whole ‘different species’ talking about which species the asari most resemble’ conversation in Eternity bar in ME2 because so many people take it out of context and run with it. I mean, interpretations are one thing, but it seems like most of the fandom (mainly the straight dudes) now believe that the asari ‘manipulate/mind control people in to finding them attractive’ when like… people see the asari in pictures and they look the same, and straight women and gay men would see the asari as more typically ‘male’ looking if this were the case. If a few fans had interpreted this way that’d be one thing but it seems like most of the fandom accept it as canon and believe the asari to be some kind of parasitic demonic siren race who ‘mind control’ aliens in to finding them attractive, and these days it seems like most conversations about the asari are dominated with this theory, when it’s much more likely that the conversation in Eternity was just meant to show that aliens project their own ideals of beauty on to the asari, rather than the other way around. Like, they focus on what makes them similar to their species. Idk, the fan theory about them ‘mind controlling’ just reeks to me of fear of female sexuality/sensuality as inherently evil which is a really boring trope/stereotype at this point.

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Winn & unexpected team leader :D

Please be advised: The following fic is basically complete nonsense.

The first thing that strikes Winn, upon his arrival, is how very…quiet the DEO is.

Not that the DEO ever really rivaled CatCo, in terms of sheer noise level. Not even the threat of planet-wide invasion could compete with a pressing print deadline.

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In 1968, the Star Trek cast and ocrew were filming the episode “Plato’s Stepchildren,” which featured aliens using mind control to force Captain Kirk (William Shatner) to make out with Communications Officer Uhura (Nichelle Nichols). You know: standard classic Star Trek stuff. Star Trek just wasn’t Star Trek if Kirk wasn’t being goaded by an alien god into some sort of sexual harassment. But when it came time to shoot that scene, the director and some NBC suits got uncomfortable – not because of the weird consent issues (this was the ‘60s, after all; slapping a woman was considered foreplay), but because Nichols is black. Up until that point, scripted interracial kisses on television just weren’t done. The actors wanted to shoot the scene as it was, but since they weren’t in charge, there was only one thing they could do: sabotage.

Show creator Gene Roddenberry had suggested a compromise: they’d shoot two versions of the scene, one with the kiss, and one with a hug, and use whichever worked better. Everyone knew which version NBC was going to want to use, but luckily Shatner had a plan. See, a director can’t see exactly what the camera is picking up – only the camera operator can. So while they were shooting the versions of the scene that would preserve the purity of the white race, Shatner positioned himself so that the director couldn’t see his face, stared right into the camera, and made a bunch of stupid faces.

The director, thinking he’d won, immediately called a wrap and sent everyone home. It wasn’t until they were going over the dailies that they realized what had happened. They were forced to run the scene as originally scripted, resigning themselves to having to face an explosion of controversy that (twist!) never happened.

Truly, it was a leap forward for human rights, although whether Shatner was fighting for the progression of society or just couldn’t stand to miss an opportunity to get busy on national television is anybody’s guess.

6 Sneaky Ways Movies and TV Shows Outsmarted the Censors