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..It might have became a habit! ヽ(*⌒▽⌒*)ノ


-Don’t fall for Namjoon. You will break more bones than you’re supposed to.

-Don’t fall for Jin. He would only care about your pretty dress that you might have ruined now.

-Don’t fall for V. He will probably think that you wanted to highfive the ground with your face.

-Don’t fall for Jimin. He would trip over you and fall next to you.

-Don’t fall for Jhope. He would causally walk over you with his hooves.👌

-DON’T fall for Jungkook. Just don’t.👆

Bts reaction to you jamming out to there song at 3 A.M when they come back from work (not requested)

Jin: he would hear you singing butterfly and he would just smile to himself when you sang his part. He would think it was so cute.

Suga: when you were jamming to save me so much he was proud because you were showing that you loved his music. Like what he had created. Be would get all smiley and warm inside in his tummy.

Namjoon: you were jamming to fire and he was looking at you like you were a bigger weirdo than he was. Like how did you two losers ever score each other.

J-hope: all he could hear when he walked the ought that door was “THEY CALL ME BAEPSAE!” (Idk if that’s how you spell it). He would lean back and watch you try to dance to

Jimin: you get a few parts of danger down and he was so proud of you. He saw you singing. He would interrupt saying “you have to move your arms and torso like this. Like late night dance lessons

Tae: You were listening to just one day and he was staring at you all cute. He couldn’t stop laughing. He came up to your and you had headphones in. He hugged you from behind and kissed your cheek.

Jungkook: you were singing house of cards feeling all elegant and shit until this literal meme walked into your shared room right when you were singing his favorite part. He just smiles and blushes and sings with you.

Hey guys it is 2:46 am and I actually have shit to do tomorrow. And I am silently jamming hardcore go BTS. Just my usual late night jam sesh. And I’m tired. But I’m also BTS af so, what is sleep? What doesn’t it mean? Teach me how to do the sleep please. Anyway pls send help. GEU SONEUL NAEMIREOJWO SAVE ME SAVE ME. No srsly send halp pls. ~admin Lizzie

Cute Things About Princess Jin

1: Jin blinks a lot when he gets hungry.

2: Jin has a collection of figurines and even plushies that he tends to regularly.

3: Jin went to an all boys school and he still got chocolates on valentines.

4: Jin could kick your ass at Mario Kart but would gladly let you win a few rounds.

5: Jin has a Mario and Peach sticker on his cellphone.

6: Jin wears character socks.

7: Jin is a huge film/anime nerd and stays up to watch movies.

8: Jin loves to eat even more than you do.

9: Jin has the distinct characteristic of laughing his ass off when someone gets hurt while simultaneously rushing to help them.

10: Jin has more sweaters than Spongbob has bubbles.

11: Members have said that Jin has the best body and all he’s shown us are his neck muscles.

12: Wait that last one isn’t cute, it’s actually depressing.

13: fuck

14: What is he hiding under those sweaters.