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Sorry for the lack of updates recently - I’ve been moving to a new apartment. Here are some WIP assets intended for the touchscreen (on the 3DS). Due to the lack of VRAM, I’m trying to make it out of very small parts, which can be repeated and animated without taking up too much texture space.

I have done similarly styled animations before, but one single animation strip could be over 2000 pixels long(!), so I’m going to have to do some trickery to achieve even remotely similar results on a 128x128p image.

Here are some of those old animations:

Meanwhile: Kada (the programmer) has been hard at work getting networking to work! The basic framework is now in place, and it’s possible to move about and see the other player!

@blueboxfever : “I’m trying not to bombard you with (fluffy) prompts but your art just lights up my day like fireworks. I was wondering if you could draw Ripley and Samuels sharing a mug cake or some other dessert or maybe even a cup of tea/coffee?“

I don’t mind you sending me many fluffy prompts at all, because they light up my days as well. \o\
Also oops this one got out of control but I like the outcome. Ripley in a cafeteria on a space station, having breakfast with her fav synthetic with whom she shares her cake for the sake of it. (And also to confuse station dwellers even more who aren’t sure if that Samuels guy is an android or not)
I may have or may have not designed some cool alternate clothing for them.

Ronald McDonald wants you to CONSUME food that is high in fat, salt, sugar, preservatives and low on nutrition. Ronald McDonald is the most evil clown that has ever lived.

OK, so this is breaking news right now so there isn’t  much information on it.

This astonishing image of the strange “seven mile long” structure can be seen in a video posted to YouTube by Streetcap1. The 57-second clip, titled “Buildings in Tycho Moon Crater”, shows zoomed in snaps of the “building” taken by NASA’s lunar orbiters from 56 miles away.

The structure was found in the Tycho crater – one of the moon’s most prominent craters on moon. It’s actually very detailed and you can see many sections of this structure.

This is actually important not just for UFOlogy, but for humanity in general.

If this is an abandoned alien base, then this could be the perfect location for the next NASA mission. Imagine an entire base of structures 5-7 miles across. It would be a crime not to utalise such a useful waypoint in space.

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