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I’m gonna hop on the “Humans are Weird” train before it completely dies. I haven’t seen anyone post something along these lines, but apologies if you have, and I just haven’t seen it.

So imagine if their was an aliens species that didn’t cough or sneeze. Only creatures from Earth did that. Maybe they don’t breath the same, or they clear their throats differently, doesn’t matter.

So, on one human’s first day as a crew member of the alien’s spacecraft, there is a quiet moment, and you swallow your spit wrong. It’s happened to all of us at least once before, but the aliens don’t know what’s happening.

So, now all the aliens are coming together to drag him to med bay, and he can’t tell them that he’s fine, since he’s coughing so hard. So he'sjust resisting them and trying to let it pass, but everyone else is just like,
“We must take the human to the doctor before he dies of this horrible disease!”

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i like cross as a character but i find it hard to believe he really cares for allen in light of recent chapters...

I think for that you need to specify what you exactly mean under “caring”. Is it sympathy? Empathy? Compassion? Or is it acting for someone else’s sake? Because the two doesn’t go always hand in hand.

Cross loves Allen as his own son and feels horrible that he is bestowed such fate. Still, he allies with Neah, because then he can have greater chance for victory. In his eyes Allen is a lost cause, an inescapable casuality. Therefore, he doesn’t act for Allen’s sake and to be honest, there’s no guarantee he could save Allen from this fate. Does that really means that Allen isn’t precious to him?

Link and Lenalee are in the same boat. They both care for Allen deeply, but when the time of choice came, they both decided to sacrifice Allen for something else, something more important to them. They had to abandon Allen even if they didn’t want to. 

How is that any different from what Cross is doing? If we define “care” as “acting for Allen’s sake when he needs help” then they don’t care for him either. Based on this definition, it would be hypocritical to claim that Lenalee and Link care for Allen and Cross doesn’t when they don’t actually do anything for him either. 

Cross could cry and beg for forgiveness, he could hold a dramatic speech where he discloses how sorry he is and how much Allen means to him, but that’s not going to change a thing. Loving Allen is not going to save him. 

But Lenalee’s and Link’s feelings are recognised and their actions are justified. They’re sympathised with more because we know what other important thing they have that they want to protect at all cost. Cross as well, without doubt has something precious that he wants to protect at all cost, we are just unaware of his motives yet.

  • Idk if this has been done yet but imagine alien memes about humans
  • Just dragging us on their own internet
  • -
  • <b> Local Researcher:</b> Now, this species has copious amounts of fur, both to keep itself warm in this frozen climate and to frighten predators. They're incredibly dangerous, howe-<br>
  • <b> Human:</b> I caught one<br>
  • <b> Human:</b> I'm gonna name it Fluffy<br>
  • <br>
  • -
  • <b> Human:</b> I like this planet.<br>
  • <b> Human:</b> *immediately tries to make it more like Earth*<br>
  • <br>
  • -
  • <b> *generic alien species*:</b> So that's what our culture is like on our planet! What about yours, human? What is your culture like?
  • <b> Human:</b> Uh. Which one?<br>
  • <b> *alien*:</b> Well, how many do you have?<br>
  • <b> Human:</b> uhhhhhh

I want an episode about Coran and Lance getting stranded/going on a mission together:

  • Whatever can go wrong goes wrong they fuck up so bad the whole episode
  • Lance knocks over a priceless sculpture
  • Coran accidentally insults some aliens because he uses old slang
  • Lance flirts with a cute alien.  The alien flirts back.  Coran drags him away by the collar. 
    • “Coran let me go back!” “Not unless you want to end up handcuffed to another tree!”
  • Good job Coran because whoops the cute alien is a Bad Guy and he’s gonna get the blue lion from Lance and Coran if it kills him.
  • They’re cornered they’re in danger it looks bad Coran says “At least there are no flying whirsnups around!  We would be in real trouble!”
    • guess what shows up
  • During the battle Coran says “I know you can do it!” and Lance just turns to him broken looking and says “I can’t!  I’m not as good a pilot or fighter as Keith and I never will be! I can’t do it Coran!”
  • At some point Coran loses consciousness and Lance thinks he’s dead and loses his shit.
  • He’s super badass he destroys the enemy and rushes to Coran’s side and he’s freaking out and crying and Coran (who’s actually really hurt) smiles up at him and says “I knew you could do it”
  • I feel like an ep about Lance’s insecurities would be cool with Coran since Lance already opened up to him about the things that make him sad
  • Idk guys i jsut want an adventure with Lance and his space uncle

“it has also led to some debates about whether you can speak english”

i love how eiffel and the dear listeners are finally having a direct conversation and the first thing the aliens do is drag him for his constant pop culture references now that they have access to a vocabulary beyond constant pop culture references 

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hey!! i just came across your blog and wowowowow!! i love your art style and all of your work!!! i followed right away!! please keep drawing!! also it would be super nice if u could draw some fluffy tensuga?? or just tendou if tensuga is not smth u like!! ♡

this is a rlly cute ship im

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it's kinda surprising to me that pidge actively defends shiro in regards to the kerberos mission; even though we know it wasn't his fault, pidge didnt, and it would be a pretty typical response to grief to try to blame someone. do you think she thought it was extraterrestrial intervention, even before she started picking up alien radio chatter?

Probably because in declaring it pilot error, the Garrison was not insinuating that Shiro was a reckless or malicious person who slammed them all into Kerberos for the hell of it.

I’d really recommend looking up actual historical failed missions because even when they’ve been able to narrow it down to a specific cause or a specific person’s oversight, it is not as if that person is treated like a murderer.

Shiro would be regarded respectfully, as a victim of the situation. He was depicted respectfully:

Look at this. They’re using professional, official images for all three of them. Shiro’s even the one not in a space suit so they can see his uniform and the, y’know, medal hanging from it.

The Garrison handpicked Shiro and the Holts for this assignment. If they made out Shiro to be incompetent, not only would this be dancing on the grave of one of their own coworkers who as far as they know suffered an unpleasant death in space via explosive decompression, suit failure, asphyxiation or starving- it would be mocking Shiro to his grieving family (unprofessional as hell), and it’d be pretty damn blatant to anyone who knew Shiro.

Not only is it not something the Garrison would pull, not something that we have any evidence the Garrison did pull, but if somehow they performed the necessary yoga exercises to get their head that far up their ass and do it anyway, a lot more people than just Pidge would eat them alive for it.

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