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Would you rather?

So I find myself coming up with these kinds of questions often. And I just decided to start posting them to see what everyone else would do. I’m currently watching Predator 2, so I came up with this question. Would you rather have to fight a Predator or Aliens?

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Vices and Virtues

This sort of made itself tbh and I just went with it, I was going for a fuck off big conical glass for the bong, and you can’t tell me Rick wouldn’t own goofy alien boxers when he was younger.


MUN: (Oh my! Thanks a lot for wanting to give her a new weapon, but i don’t think such a gun could exist in One Piece. I’ve taken a look and even the most cool looking guns in the Manga/Anime/Movies, look old pirate style.)

(Cannot add it to the Storage. But thanks for making me draw this meme xD)

Whoever doesn’t get it, Google “ALIENS meme”.