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on the topic of humans being the intergalactic “hold my beer” species: imagine an alien stepping onto a human starship and seeing a space roomba™ with a knife duct taped onto it, just wandering around the ship

it doesn’t have any special intelligence. it’s just a normal space roomba. there are other space roombas on the ship and they don’t have knives. it’s just this one. knife space roomba has full clearance to every room in the ship. occasionally crew members will be talking and then suddenly swear and clutch their ankle. knife space roomba putters off, leaving them to their mild stab wounds.

“what is the point?” asks the alien as another crew member casually steps over the knife-wielding robot. “is it to test your speed and agility?”

“no it doesn’t really go that fast,” replies the captain.

“does it teach you to stay ever-vigilant?”

“I mean I guess so but that’s more of a side effect.”

“does it weed out the weak? does it protect you from invaders? do repeated stabbings let your species heal more quickly in the future?”

“it doesn’t stab very hard, it gets us more than it gets our enemies, and no, but that sounds cool — someone write that down.”

“but then what is its purpose?”

“I don’t know,” the captain says, leaning down to give the space roomba an affectionate pat. “it just seemed cool”

Lena vs Mon El: Their impact on Kara’s life

Lena Luthor’s impact on Kara’s life

+ Saved Alex’s life
+Inspired Kara to become a reporter
+Helped to save J’onn and dozens of other victims of Roulette
+Saved Kara’s life by taking out the alien guns
+Disabled the Medusa virus and saved all  the aliens in National City(including J’onn) and takes down her own mother which makes Kara very happy
+Offers unconditional support, affection and appreciation for Kara Danvers and Supergirl. Calls Kara Danvers her hero
+Helped Kara save both Alex and all the kidnapped aliens at the risk of her own life

- Breaks Kara’s heart for about 30 seconds when she pretends to join her mother

Mon El’s impact on Kara’s life

+Gave her a tip about Draaga
+Sex.Getting laid is nice

-constant disappointment
-Nearly gets her killed because he strands them on an alien planet due to the fact that he refused to listen to her and go get back up
-Nearly gets several cops killed because he doesn’t listen to her
-Nearly gets her killed after he, James and Winn decide they need to prove they are big man and can take down Kara’s enemies by themselves
-Forces Kara to resort to a nuclear bluff that could have gotten her killed because he refused to listen to her and wasted the one weapon they had against Mxyzptlk,
-Breaks Kara’s heart when he reveals that he has been lying to her for months -Breaks it even further when he reveals that reason he was lying was because he was a selfish coward who didn’t want her just how much of a horrible person he used to be
-His family and their drama nearly kill Kara several times

What I got from this episode:

- Alex was fucking lit and kicked everyone’s ass, literally everyone’s.
- Maggie is ride or die for Alex Danvers
- Alex actually let Maggie use her alien gun *insert that’s love bitch gif*
- There was actually quite a lot of cute/dorky/loving/supportive Sanvers
- Lena and Kara are DATING and explore new restaurants/things together.
- Kara ditched Mon-El’s ass faster than what that spaceship would’ve traveled to save Lena.
- Kara literally carried Lena in her arms - the scene we were robbed of.
- Kara and Alex shared a beautiful, heartbreaking, inspiring scene together.
- James is still the Guardian and he returned from the war god bless.
- Space dad is still Space dadding, hugging his children and trying to protect them.
- There was actually pretty little of Mon-El screentime for once.

anonymous asked:

You know how Winn fanboys over superman can you do a prompt of Alex fangirling over Wonder Woman. I think I'd be interesting to see cool Alex freaking and also Wonder Woman is so worthy.

“So technically, she’s not an alien,” Maggie read through the file in the middle of the DEO command center. She dropped the page she was looking at. “But she is super strong and has weapons that are obviously not of this world.” She looked over at Alex who was distracted by her favorite alien gun in pieces on the table. She had a soldering iron in one hand and some kind of alien version in her other hand.

Maggie looked toward the entrance to the DEO when the door opened. She heard Kara talking and knew their special guest with the mystery file had arrive.

“So Kal-El is your cousin?” an elegant voice asked that was both powerful and comforting.

“Yeah,” Kara smiled. “My little baby cousin.”

“Alex,” Maggie poked Alex’s arm.

“Hold on,” Alex grumbled. “Can’t believe it got smashed.”

Maggie didn’t look away from their guest as she hit Alex with the back of her hand. “Alex, look.”

“One sec.”

“Alex!” Maggie finally moved her hand up Alex’s head, her hand patting Alex’s face. “Alex, look.”

“What?” Alex looked up from her beloved gun to the approaching group. At first all she saw was J’onn and Kara, then she saw her. The light coming in the glass door lit up their visitor like a halo, making her face seem like a dream. A smile lit up her face as she stepped forward out of the light and Alex’s eyes adjusted.

“You’re Wonder Woman,” Alex blurted out. The tools in her hand clattered onto the table and she walked quickly around the table.

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